Sunday, September 4, 2011

Give Me Some Sugar

I don't give the kids much
sugar when they visit me..
but we do use
on their
Three Bears Cereal
in the morning.

says she hears noises...
(in her head)
as she is eating the sugar
off her cereal.
She must be operating on

Personally, I think the
"noises" are just her,
talking to herself.
And because she gets
 very little
most of the time,
she needs
(ps..listen for my husband scolding
me in the background- he is very good at it)
I love that sister, Ria, tells
SweetCheeks that she
needs to brush her
teeth after she eats sugar!
She's going to be a great Mom someday!

Someday SweetCheeks
 will be whispering
in someone's ear and Dad is
already worried that she will
tell some poor smitten fellow..
Give Me Some Sugar!
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Anonymous said...

she just is the sweetest thing, sugar or not!

Debby said...

She needs to be in the movies. She is hilarious. Your husband is funny. It is amazing what sugar does to little ones.

Gina said...

LOL! Who doesn't love sugar?

bj said...

hahhhaaa...yes, as cute as she is, she is going to have a lot of SWEET NOTHINGS whispered in HER ears, too. Too bad about dad. :)))
xo bj

Donna said...

That is too hilarious, Diana! I know just what Sweetcheeks means about noises in her head:) And personally, I think sugar gets a very bad rap! We all could use a little more of the sweet stuff in our lives!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is SWEET!!


Tootie said...

Sadly I have to agree with Sweet Cheeks, we need more sugar. :)

Your little Baby E is precious and of course Ms Ria is a doll.

Pam said...

Sugar Bear used to advertise some cereal when I was a kid. Super Sugar Crisps I think. And wow, did they have a lot of sugar in them. Sweet Cheeks would be bouncing off the ceiling with that stuff (more than she is now). Cute video.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

My son encourages me to be a true Grandmama and give the grand girls extra sweet treats when they visit. Stuff they wouldn't get at home. HMMMM....does that make me bad or good? LOL....Diana, I swear, you sound just like my dil's Mom, even the laugh. You laughing made me chuckle. Just love sweet cheeks!

Heaven's Walk said...

She doesn't need more sugar, D! She's got YOU! hehehe!

xoxo ♥ laurie

CIELO said...

So very cute... and you are such a good Nana; they're lucky to have you! yes!

Hugs to you my dear


Marydon said...

So full of sugar! that sweet dumpling of yours. You always brighten my day ... & at this very moment I needed this.

Have a beautiful holiday ~

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh yes, Sweet Cheeks should be in the movies!!! She is so adorable!!!

Linda said...

Grandkids are the cute!