Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're Off To A Wedding.....

A friend's daughter is getting
married today.
It is a special day for her and her Mom.
They have had their share of
grief and loss in the past
couple of years...
but today..
Today is a day to celebrate.

She is getting married in a
little chapel hidden away
in Door County, Wisconsin,
It is a dear, little place,
homey and holy at the same time.
There's an arbor dressed for Fall.

And a lovely altar area
After the wedding,
we head North for about a 30
minute drive to
Where we will find a beautiful dining room..
And fine chefs prepare dishes
fit for kings
(or queens)...

But nothing will be finer
than the beautiful bride and her groom.
(Pictures to follow-I promise)

Now-I am off to powder my nose,
comb my hair and put on my
dancing shoes...
cuz ya just never know
when I might want to kick up my heels!
I WILL be wearing shoes though!;>)
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  1. What a beautiful setting for a wedding. Have fun!

    Blogger is not letting me post this today. I will try the anonymous setting.

    But it's me --Zoey

  2. what a lovely church, its a beaitiful time of year for a wedding too.Have a great time shoes or not,

  3. Beautifully written! I will be thinking about this all day! Enjoy yourself and kick up your heels, drink a champagne toast!

    Flora Doora

  4. What a beautiful setting for a fall wedding.

  5. YES! Wear shoes! Shoes were a invention! They help make you look taller!

    :) Tee Hee!

    Love the photos and that chapel....tooo sweet!

    Steveo and I moved 14 times in our first 2 years of marriage. We were married 14 years before we bought our Briarwood home. I hope to nevah evah move again!


  6. Hello! Hope you have a great time this weekend and I loved your fall decor in the post before.

  7. What a beautiful wedding! That chapel is out of a picture book it is that beautiful!
    And you go girl!! Kick up those heels!! Or, if you dance too long and your feet hurt, take off your shoes and continue to dance!!

  8. What a beautiful setting for a wedding, Diana! Hope you have a wonderful time, and do be sure to kick up your heels while you are at it!!!

  9. Have fun at the wedding and do a little "bootie shakin'" to celebrate.
    Princess (16 yr) keeps saying she is going to get married in the "Fall" someday. She thinks it is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and I totally agree...I'll be watching for wedding photos!

  10. Don't forget the FatCat*Happy Dog.....!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!



  12. Gorgeous setting! I can't wait for the wedding pictures to arrive Diana!

  13. You're just so cute! I love the stories you share here. Sad today because my son and his friend could not go to the Packers/Bronco game. He had to come up with the money for his health ins. or get kicked out of school with 4 months to go! We had to lend it to him and we really could not afford it either! :( We will watch the game to T.V. all together so it will be a great day! Enjoy the wedding. Hugs Anne

  14. The chapel & dining room are both wonderful. Have fun!

  15. Have fun Diana! Nothing is more fun than dancing at a wedding! :)

  16. Beautiful Chapel! Such a lovely place to get married. You are trying to tease us! That IS you in the last pic, shoes or no shoes. I could recognize those toes anywhere. Hugs, Ginger

  17. You are just way too cute...look forward to seeing pictures of the wedding...i know it was beautiful.

  18. i love door county. born in waukegan, illinois (jack benny's birth place) and grew up in winthrop harbor, illinois. love those places and most of wisconsin, 'specially cedarburg and door county. yes. i'm a midwest gal living on the left coast. hm.


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