Saturday, September 10, 2011

What A Surprise!

We drove to Milwaukee on Sunday
to visit with Mimi. TheIslandScout
 & BabyE.
Yes! Her hair is
that color and curly
Makes you want to cry, doesn't it?

We decided to drive to
Cedarburg for lunch.
 is a historic town
between Green Bay and Milwaukee.
There are some beautiful old houses
We ate lunch across from this one.
We sat out back under a canopy of
trees surrounded by gardens.
Rustic little utility shed on the river bank.
(Coulda moved the garbage cans
but this is real life, folks)
My two sons-in-law hamming it up..

Lulu covering her braces..
sitting next to a friend of Mimi's, Nicki.
Ria is always happy to smile for Nana.

And SweetCheeks always sits as
close to me as possible.

At the end of lunch,
we all separated to go different ways
but posed first for a group picture.

I'm almost 5'8" so you can see how
tall everyone else is-some of them
are squinched down for the picture.

The surprise!
Are you wondering what the suprise is?
When we got in the car and looked
in the back seat we found something
very special there.
Something for us to keep and enjoy
for the weekend.
How did THAT happen?
It MUST BE magic!

Magic AND Magical!
What more could a Nana ask for?

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Anonymous said...

We have a friend who has gorgeous hair like that.
Love the group photo. I'm 5'8" and it's very rare for me to be surrounded by a group taller than me. Lucky you!!


Nancy's Notes said...

Morning Diana! You have had a busy week of celebrating and now lucky enough to have that little Sweet Cheeks too, you are on a roll! What beautiful hair, yes, indeed! What a great looking group, wonderful photograph!

Have a great day!

Karen said...

WOW you guys really are TALL!! I think it's awesome, the thigns you to together as a family.

Anonymous said...

what a great post!Looks likesuch a great time, you are truly blessed.Thanks for sharing this.

ShabbyESP said...

Love the family picture!!!
Lucky for you with the surprise you found in your back seat.
Love her curly hair, why is it people that have curly want straight and people with straight want curly.....I want curly!!!!
Enjoy your weekend.
Suzann ~xoxo~

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a beautiful family!!
I'd take that surprise any day!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family ! !
Have a Great Weekend!

Gina said...

I bet that was the best stowaway you ever saw!

What a nice family picture! It cracks me up that you're the short one at 5'8". Of my Mom, sisters & brother, I'm the tall one at 5'1"!!

Debbie said...

Oh, what a nice family picture! You guys are always doing fun stuff together.
What a great surprise!
You are so blessed, Diana.

Tete said...

You guys are so cute! Happy you all had the chance to get together. Stow aways are a lot of fun.
Bet you had to give her back.
Have a great weekend...we are puttering. Just cooked off a small pot of pears and are they good!

Unknown said...

sounds like you have had a great time busy but fun

Debby said...

She has beautiful hair. My SIL is like that...not the curls but the color.
As she ages the color gets prettier. It started out very red.
I can see the ladies scrunching down.....some really talk folks.
I love your surprise.

patrice said...

Looks like you had a perfect time. What a sweet family...
Getting to take one of them home for the weekend.... Now that is a special treasure! Enjoy.

Donna said...

What a great family photo, Diana! Lovin' all of the aqua! Sounds like you had a great time, and looks like Sweetcheeks is pretty content, too:) Oh, you are so lucky to be so tall!!!! I'm jelous!!

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Di,
Just wanted to stop by and say hi and invite you to stop by my new blog, Simple Pleasures /formerly Michelles Cozy Cottage.

Pam Kessler said...

Have a great weekend with the little one. I am assuming you weren't referring to the ice cream cone as the weekend surprise.

Daniella said...

What a lovely day and a wonderful surprise in your car!!! Enjoy!!

Heaven's Walk said...

You have the BESTEST family ever, D! I loved seeing a photo of you (finally!), too! Now I know where your family gets their good looks. (and no....I'm not brown nosing you so that you'll come for a visit this month....). ♥

xoxo laurie

Cindy Adkins said...

Aww, what a BEAUTIFUL family, Diana!!! I hope you all had such a good time!!!

Leo said...

What a beautiful looking family you have!! And the kids look like they are having much fun!

Patty said...

What a nice surprise! I have a surprise spending the weekend with me, also. Grandpa has taken her to run errands as it's a busy work weekend, too - so I need to finish a little editing. Almost finished - so now, I can play until 4, when I leave to do a Hello Baby.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

What a cute surprise! :)

Blessings ~Wendy

Debbiedoos said...

It does not get any better than this. So nice to see the two brother-in-laws hamming it up together. You have an awesome family!