Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Tara!

As most of you know by now
this blog really started out for my family...
and I got a little sidetracked along the way..
If you don't want to see someone's past
in pictures please feel free to
come again another time.
Now...without further ado...
I present the life of
Tara Lynn
(known in Blogland as TPot)
Here is the little hippie house
we bought from a cute hippie..
right after we were first married
and I got moved to this
God-forsaken frozen mean..
to Wisconsin.
See that little window above my head?
Yeah? Well....that was the
Magical Room where you
came about...
Forget that other story about the
furniture store I told you..
Yeah..ONE of those stories is
just a joke. For your first birthday MyHero
(your Daddy) was walking across
the kitchen floor and fell down
SPLAT! You laughed and clapped..
He moaned and groaned.
We celebrated with a cake for you
and traction for him..
I don't know which one got
spoiled the most...
but he didn't want to come home.Your next birthday came and went
and we found Santa Claus that
You pulled something out of his beard..
Not sure what it was...
Don't really WANT to know.
Your big brother thought you
were pretty cute...Pretty soon you were joined by a little
sister. You were SOOO naughty that
if I hadn't already been pregnant by the time
you were one I would have stopped having kids..
Yes..indeedy...You were REALLY
naughty- Throw the milk down the
laundry chute naughty..
Write on Mimi with a
magic marker naughty..
Not sure WHAT you were feeding Mimi...
Hoping it wasn't dog food...
which you were wont to do.
The next year finds you and
Mimi dressed for Trick or Treating.
Notice the face hanging over the back of your
chair? Yep-that is BIG BROTHER..
who doesn't think you are quite so cute anymore.You loved to swing..and run...and play...You also loved to dance.
Your Dad rented out a building to a
Dance Studio and lessons for you
were part of the deal.
However...he forgot how expensive
costumes were and grumbled
and moaned when he had to
pony up for this one.You were Grandmother Clare's first
great grandchild and the only
one she ever had any
real hands on with.
She adored you.You loved pumpkin picking in the Fall...And, after a long hard day of
Pumpkin picking you came home
and fell asleep like a bookend
with your baby brother,
MamasBoy.Another Christmas rolled around..
I made you all matching outfits
for pictures with Santa.
Each year you got taller and taller
as you stood next to Santa.Soon you were biking to school
all by yourself when we lived
in Palm Beach Gardens, FLLike magic you went from
singing in the backyard
to singing at a Christian
gathering. You had a wonderful
voice and it blessed people
just to hear you sing.The years flew by and soon...
you were old enough to graduate..
Your Senior year was one of
fun and promise..
You, who had been so naughty
as a child, turned out to be
a good girl as a teenager.
(Well, pretty good...except for getting your
friends in trouble by encouraging them
to short cut the school walk by sitting under
a tree and cutting through some back yards
to be close to the head of the pack)You attended a ball and are
flanked by two friends that went
with you.
I see that you thought you looked
like Madonna or some
slick chick in this photo.And even though you were classy enough
to go to a ball...
you could still have a ball
with your younger sister.You met TheBrawnyMan by chance..
when you were least expecting it..
He hung around you even when
it meant freezing his butt off..And could it be?
You and TheBrawnyMan had a softly beautiful
magical wedding.....Even after you got married
you did not forget how important it was
to attend a Packer Game with
your sister...
your friend...
your Mimi...
because, as you know, family is
one of the most important
things on God's green Earth...
you REALLY understand...
because you have gone
from baby to
child...from child to woman
from woman to wife..
from wife to mother..
Now you know..
know that you are blessed
in this life...
blessed to have
a family to call your own.And even though you are grown up..
and a woman..
you will always be
my little girl.
Happy Birthday...
Little Girl...
I love you!
And what better way to show it
than with flowers
and Starbucks?
ps...just wondering....while you are reading this...
uh...what is SweetCheeks doing?..
She is ALMOST as naughty
as you were!
your photo name


Jettie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Tara. You are blessed with a wonderful mom, and 3 wonderful and special daughters. One of which took after your mom, no matter how naughty she says you were as a child.

Tete said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful lady. I hope you have a super special day. I am so glad you were a naughty child, but don't tell Diana I said that! I can just she her trying to keep up with you. No wonder she does Starbucks now.
Loved all of your photos. It was so fun seeing you grow up.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet sweet post, Diana...words like this always make me cry. You are a blessed momma. What a beautiful daughter. Naughty or not!

Love to YOU!

Pam said...

That photos of her in the pumpkin patch looks so much like SweetCheeks. Almost like they are related or something? You have the sweetest way of embarrassing your family on their birthdays. Happy Birthday T-Pot!

Pam said...

PS - I saw that Matt Lauer was at Lambeau Field this morning. I'll root for the Packers tonight for you, since the Browns aren't on.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman,, brough tears to my eyes, this was just lovely,,

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

What a lovely family you have! It is obvious that they are the loves of your life. The photos are so cute. The one with Santa reminds me of one my Mom has of me at Christmas. The dress in your photo looks like the red one with a big white collar that she made for me. Happy Birthday, Tara.

LDH said...

Happy Birthday, Tara!!!

SWEET TEA said...

What a sweet post!!
After reading it I realized I was smiling the entire time. What a wonderful family!

Rebecca said...

Well...I LOVED THIS POST! Family pics or not. Happy Birthday, Tara! Your love shows.

I'm home ALONE tonight as the hubbs in taking a final. :( Gosh Miss D...I'm so lonely for my guy. How am I EVEAHHHH gonna make it till December 12? :( I'm pouty tonight.

Love you~


The DIY Show Off said...

Awe...Happy Birthday, Tara!

Nancy's Notes said...

Diana, what a special and touching post, I could feel the love you have for your precious daughter, thank you for sharing her with us! You are blessed to have such a remarkable daughter, wonder where she learned to be such a good mom?

Happy Birthday Tara! You've got a sensational and charming mother!

Hugs to all,

Suzann said...

Hello Diana,
What a sweet tribute to your daughter Tara. She is very beautiful and she has a wonderful family!!
Thank you for sharing your Tara with us, Happy Birthday Tara!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Cindy said...

What a sweet first I just couldn't stop enjoyed reading this! Yes Tara, you will always be your momma's baby...that will never change! Happy Birthday Tara and Diana it was a pleasure reading this tribute to your special!!!
Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Tara!!

Carol Ann a Grandmother from Canada. Blessings. Enjoy your flowers and your coffee.

Enjoyed your Moms pictures of you.