Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toots & Turtles In The Tub~SweetCheeks Video

One of the best times
at our house when
the girls stay
overnight is
Bubble Bath Time.

It is so much fun to
watch them play
even Lulu,
at 8 years old,
still loves
Bubble Bath Time.

Ria was at a sleepover
at a friend's house
so it was just
and Lulu...
alone in the tub.
How many toots
does it take to
fill a tub
with that many
Prize awarded for
the closest guess~;>)
your photo name


  1. Those were the days. I loved when it was tub time in my house the boys would have a blast with the bubbles too! I have no clue on the toots.

  2. Miss 11 says "Sweetcheeks and Ria are so cute" Actually she said it was like her and her best friend when they used to be small enough to have bubble baths together. Fun times.


  3. Im not even going to guess as I know I'd be wrong, anyway. But bathtime is a favorite here, too!

  4. ah thats so cute!I give up,, how many?

  5. I think I'd run out of toots trying to make that many bubbles!
    You are so blessed, Diana!
    I get to spend the weekend with my little ones...cannot wait to see them all.
    Luv ya.

  6. Oh Diana Sweetie...
    So priceless. Truly priceless. I love this share. If we could just keep them at this age forever. Memories are so precious, and yes this does take me back to my Heidi Girl and her cousin Sweet Amy Girl when they were together. What fun they had.

    Toots, oh I would so at least a 100 or more. I would run out before I hit a 100. I don't know how you do it.

    Thank you for the beautiful share sweet one. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

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  8. How many toots? I'm not sure but there were a lot of bubbles in that tub. Tubby time is my favorite too. Especially when they get out and put jammies on and they are so clean and fresh and sweet and then they go to bed.

  9. Oh, Its so lovely that they can still play in the bath together!!! I am sure these days will fly by Diana, but at least you will have so many gorgeous memories!! You know, i can remember trying to make myself covered in bubbles into a snow girl too!! Just kind of vaguely though!!! was some time ago!!!
    Laura xxx

  10. Oh that takes me back about 12 years ago! Boys love to "toot" in the tub! I will say about 742 toots!

  11. They seem to be having lots of fun, even with the toots! lol

  12. Bath time has to be same all over the world! So cute!!
    I miss Sam having bath time!
    Thanks for the memories Diana!!

    Pamela xo

  13. Oh, such sweet memories of tooting and making bubbles come up in the tub!

  14. I have NO idea, but I will try it out tonight. (Without video.)
    Love those girls!! And their Nana!! <3

  15. 99...hey if it works for bottles of beer why not toots?!!

    I just love their giggles!


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