Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart

I am so blessed.
I am blessed to be a Mother.
I am blessed to be a Grandmother.
I am blessed to be Nana..
just Nana...

My children honored me with
the most wonderful, thoughtful
gifts.  I was not expecting
it and there are several
pictures of me bawling..
which I will NOT be showing
because, trust me,
they aren't pretty!

I am apologizing for the pictures
ahead of time-I did not
realize how bad they were
until I loaded them into the blog...ugh...

Here is a tea set of
bone china.

I have never seen this pattern
before, have you?

It looks Irish but is made in England
as you can see by the mark
(or not-you know my photo skills)

It is beautiful and I love anything Irish.

I received a wonderful purse..

and a bracelet..

and a great ceramic
"watering can"
that has been planted with
a miniature rose.

And 3 wonderful cards-

But my
gift of all..
came from my
It is etched with the words.
"My favorite people call me Nana"

SweetCheeks informed me that
I could wear it IN the shower
but I could NOT wear it to bed.
Hmmm...she'll never know!
I don't think I will ever
take it off!
I Am
your photo name


  1. wow I'd say you did very well in the gift department for sure,, I'm sure sweetcheeks would be very happy if you never took your necklace off.The card that says,, its your chance to be queen for a day,, whats the inside line say,, just curious,, I love funny cards,,

  2. Awwww these are such lovely presents, they did good. I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Looks like you had a nice Mother's Day & that you were perfectly spoiled...enjoy your goodies!

  4. You are so blessed Diana! so many gorgeous treats!!! And just looking at your last post with sebby, i let him watch baby e, he loves your little videos!! he loved baby e saying Uck!! now he is going around saying it!!! How cute are you and your hero!! you are both so gorgeous and sweet, a picture perfect couple!!
    I was meaning to write and tell you that I have been in touch with Lisa... but now i understand why she needs to fucus on her faith. I have friends in the same faith and have done bible study with them in the past... But I think she has made the right decision for her and hope that she is happy with her decision- I am sure she will be....
    Hugs to you my Us girlfriend!!!
    Laura xxxxx

  5. Very thoughtful gifts indeed...and I LOVE that Teaset!! Have never seen that pattern, very pretty.

  6. You are indeed Blessed, & the beautiful, thoughtful gifts are tokens of the love from & in your family.....

  7. Such lovely presents Diana. That necklace is extra spec.


  8. Beautiful thoughtful gifts. So nice that you had a great Mothers Day!!

  9. Just beautiful gifts the necklace especially! You are so appreciated by your children and grandchildren♥

  10. You ARE blessed Diana, but that's because you are such a blessing to so many.
    That china is AWESOME! but the necklace is the best.

  11. Love it all! You are so blessed, but not with the things they gave you, with their love for you. I wouldn't take the necklace off ever! I can see why you cried!
    I have not seen the pattern on the china before, but it is so you.
    Have a great day!

  12. LOL...i got so tickled at your comment on the white sleds getting lost in a snowbank. Never thought of that! I was thinking how cool the white sled would look on my white fireplace with a green wreath this Christmas. :) You sure received some wonderful Mother's Day gifts. Love that laurel wreath china!! Happy day to you Nana.

  13. You are blessed to have them and THEY are blessed to have you! What a special Mother's day! :-)

  14. You are a lucky gal!!!
    Suzann ~xoxox~

  15. What wonderful gifts, Diana, for a wonderful Mom and Nana! I love the china. I've never seen that patter either, and my first guess was that it was Irish. And all of your other treasures are wonderful, too! Love the necklace and purse. Now, we just need to see photos of your "bawling" face! tee, hee!!!

  16. You are so greatly loved...isn't that good to know?!


  17. You reap what you are a wonderful
    Woman... Xo

  18. Wow....what precious love that sweet necklace with the engraving!
    Happy day!

  19. That's a really sweet necklace. I know how true those words are, because my favorite people call me Grandma! (well... with the exception of Brilyn and Olivia who are not yet talking)

  20. You are blessed! This beautiful blog, is a true testament of the love you have for your family! It's a wonderful daily gift to them! Your Mother's Day gifts are fabulous, especially your Nana necklace! Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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