Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mimi Makes A Memory- No Drooling Please

Well, I was GOING to say..
Mimi bakes a cake..
but that sounded kind
of lame-
and uninspiring-
Does THIS look
uninspiring?  I think not~

because I DO think this
cake is a memory maker
I am proud to display
my youngest daughter's
(Mimi The Most Beautiful)

where was I?  Oh yes..
her talent...
or...ONE of those talents...
She's a pretty good baby-maker
too but we won't embarrass her by
talking about that here now, will we?

Kristin went to school with
both my girls.
No...she wasn't slow and held back..
it was a small school and ALL the
girls hung out together-
Freshmen, Sophs, Jrs & Srs..
imagine that!
There were deep friendships formed that
have stood the test of time...
marriages, un-marriages,
births, deaths.

But...this day..
we are celebrating the
marriage of Kristin.
She is marrying a wonderful man,
a policeman,
a gentlemen,
a gentle spirit.
performing the nuptials.

Because they have both
been single for many years
they have all the usual household items.
So, my daughter, TPot, decided it would
be fun to throw a
Patio Party Shower
at a local park.
She got many lovely gifts..
but my Mimi outdid herself.
She made this cake out of
rolled and formed fondant.
Is this phenomenal, or what?

Patio chairs for the sitting.

A topiary for prettiness.
All made from fondant, mind you.
Bigger topiaries
made by my wondeful
love-filled daughter, TPot
Topiaries filled with
white chocolate covered strawberries.

A thirsty bride-to-be
with my smiling daughter, TPot
And, here's what I think
REALLY takes the cake.
And I can say this because this is
and I don't know this person...
But what really takes the cake is
~the person that sat and
texted during most of the shower-
not even looking up when I was
taking her picture 5' from her
using flash!
(I took 3 shots because you
know how I am with cameras)
Nuff said.

Blessings to Kristin..
who loves the Lord,
her family, her friends
and her Taylor!
your photo name


Karen said...

What an awesome cake!!! WOW that took a lot of work and creativity!.. love it..

And yeah.. the texting thing, rude. Very.

Gina said...

That is a beautiful cake! I can only imagine the time (& love) that went into it.

Blondie's Journal said...

The cake is wonderful...I'd hate to cut into it! Hurray fir Kristin and Taylor!


sherry said...

**beautiful** and creative cake!
what a blessing this surely was to
the bride-to-be.

that texting thing? despise!

Anonymous said...

Love that cake,
So pretty and super talented! and the girls are beautiful,big congratulations to the bride to be!

I did see the baby Seagull last year,very cute but oh my you could hear it first,so loud lol,

Love to you Kristina xxx

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful cake and such a beautiful job.She's very talented.You always make me smile when i come here,, I always wish your posts were longer, they're that good!

Debi WeeFaerie said...

That is an awesome cake!!! You have such a talented daughter! Congrats to the happy couple and best wishes on their upcoming wedding!

Patty Patterson said...

That's so pretty! Congrats to the happy couple.

Lin said...

Your daughter is amazing, what a beautiful cake :) Congrats to the bride-to-be too!

michelle said...

WOW that cake is AMAZING and looks so good!! You had me at white chocolate covered strawberries! :) What a sweet thing for your daughter to do and what a fun party.

June said...

That cake is so darn cute Diana! What a great theme for a shower too. Hmmm, makes me want to get married again!

Julie Harward said...

A beautiful lady, wishing her much happiness..and a beautiful oh my, that is a great job! :D

Pamela said...

That cake is outstanding!! What a wonderful person your daughter is. Is she the one with the three girls or the boy? I get confused...doesn't take much!
Is your hubby a minister Diana?

As to the girl who was texting not too rude!!!

I have to take another peek at this amazing cake!!
Pamela xo

InMyOwnStyle said...

What a unique cake - I love the detail it is amazing and perfect for a bride who will be starting a new life and home. It looks like a fun day was had by all in attendance - except the texter who should have stayed home or put her phone away so she could have enjoyed the festivities with the rest of you.

My best- Diane

Sweet Tea said...

What a great gift. She's got some special talent goin' on too (besides the baby-makin' skills). What would we do with out our special friendships. Girlfriends are fantastic - especially when they come bearing cake!

Tete said...

Now, I just love this kind of a post. The cake is adorable, and I understand the time and the stress that went into it. I used to do cake decorating. This one is good and very inventive. Mimi has a great imagination and the talent to work it. Congrats to the bride and groom, and what a warm feeling that your Hero is doing the service! We have a very small school here and know that everyone is close, and it doesn't matter here what class your are in. What a great friendship they must have.
I think that is just rude. We are all in MY living room, talking, laughing and joking and all of a sudden- we have to hold that thought! ARG!
Ok- I said my piece on that even though it's not my blog- LOL.
Hugs- Tete

Leo said...

What a beautiful cake made with such love! Your daughter put so much time into the thought and preparation - I would have been overwhelmed to receive such a beautiful cake...I don't know if i would want to eat it. Well - yup, I would want to eat it but I would feel bad with the first cut in.

LV said...

What a very nice tribute to your friends. I have to say that cake takes the cake. I have never seen one like that. Well done. Wishing the couple the best.

Simple Home said...

What a beautiful cake! How wonderful that your hubby gets to perform the ceremony. God bless the bride and groom :-)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

That cake takes the cake!!
Congrats on this joyous occasion!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I think I now know someone who should be on "Ace of Cakes". Regarding the cell phone lady...RUDE