Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Many Kinds Of Stuck! BabyE Video

The English language
can be very confusing..
for instance-
we have
of stuck....

and we have
of stuck.

And then we have
of stuck!
Or maybe the
worst kind of
stuck ever!
google image

Thank you Lord for
of stuck!

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Gabriele Agustini said...

Stuck on youuuuu. I love that song and this post!! :)
Grandchildren and a wonderful husband is what makes life worth living!! Throw in kids too and it's a win-win!!

Anonymous said...

I like your kind of stuck,,

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Baby E is so sweet! Pushing the door that is stuck and his little grunts to prove just how stuck it is ~ precious!

And the photo of your and your husband stuck is priceless! Beautiful couple :)

Anonymous said...

"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am - stuck in the middle with you."

Yeah, I love that last kind of stuck for sure.


Jettie said...

I like that kind of stuck, but the others, I'll pass on, thanks anyway. Those bearded beauties are a little much, me thinks.Love ya,

ShabbyESP said...

Very sweet picture of you and your husband!!!
I like that kind of stuck!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I think your kind of stuck is the best! What a lovely picture... and post!

Julie Harward said...

Love the last picture..very sweet you guys! :D

One Shabby Old House said...

Don't you just love the song, " Happy to be stuck with you" by Hughie Lewis. So perfect for your post.
Glad you have the best kind of stuck!

Gina said...

LOL! The last kind of "stuck" is my favorite!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful couple and baby E is adorable!

Pam Kessler said...

What a beautiful picture of you two!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love your kind of stuck--and I LOVE this picture of you and your husband--you are such a beautiful couple!! (And I adore your suit!)

Pamela said...

BabyE is so adorable !!!!!

I love your photo it is beautiful Diana!!!!

Pamela xo

michelle said...

Oh my goodness I want to hug him!! He is so ADORABLE!!!
The picture of you and hubby is beautiful, that is a perfect 'stuck'. :)

Debbiedoos said...

So sweet Diana...I love that picture of you and the Mr...that is a good stuck!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a cutie pie and a cute couple! And no. not the ones in red! Yeah for stuck!

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Diana,
Look at you two sweeties, stuck like glue :-)) Love is a wonderful thing :-)
I open my mail today, oh.. about time I know!!! YOU are the sweetest, to think of me!!! Your Mr is lucky (don't let him forget :-)
Big Hugs for you:-)