Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wisconsin Dells Welcomes SweetCheeks

Last week we went to a
Medical Conference.
The conference was
held in Wisconsin Dells.
We stayed at the
ChulaVista Resort..
a huge waterpark..
The conference lasted for
2 days and then
we were joined by
SweetCheeks and Company.

When they first got there
they inspected the room where
they would be staying.
Then we did a little walk about.
We saw the Lazy River.
We saw the big slides.
We went into a little eating area.
I looked over and saw a
look of horror on
SweetCheeks' face.
What's the matter I asked her.
Luuk UP, Nana!
Thass skeery..cuz the plahnts
are growing down frum the
ceihling...and I dohn't like it.
That's kinda a skeery looking guy
there, too, SweetCheeks.
She insisted she had to go potty.
(I think to get out of the
Plant On The Ceiling Room).
The floors aren't always clean,
Make sure your clothes don't
get on the floor.
I knohw THAT, Nana!
(as you can plainly see)

I gonna wassh my hands..
I gotta wassh them twho tihmes
cuz I did twho things in there!
Time to go back to the room
and get ready for the water park.
Ria smiles and asks,
Nana, will you take a picture
of my toes?  I just got
my toenails painted!
Uh...Nana...could you take
a picture with my shoes on
cuz they look even cuter that way.
Speaking of cute..
SOMEONE is ready to go
Time for Nana & Papa
to head home.
Y'all have fun~
I know WE will----
ah...peace and quiet....ah..

ps.  Anyone know a way to edit off the
"tails" of videos-a simple way?
You know- simple things for simple minds.
Uh-huh..that's right-
I AM talking about myself!
your photo name


Anonymous said...

I agree with sweet cheeks,, creepy ceiling,, a little to much for me too!Love sweetcheeks,,

Jen Kershner said...

Those are sweet memories you are making. We love water parks here but have never done an inside one. I'm gonna have to put that on the list.

Anonymous said...

have a good day ,, don't work to hard at work,,lol,, hopefully the day will pass quickly for you so you get home and relax,

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Cutes suites..looks like a fun time!~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a nice water park. I know they had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those plants hanging down are weird. I don't like them either. Laughing at how she decides how many times she needs to wash her hands, and Ria is a sweetheart. What a fun time.


Pam said...

Who wants plants hanging over their plates when they eat? I agree with SweetCheeks, yuck!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I would have loved to have seen that ceiling, I know mine would have been creeped out too:) The toenails are adorable and so are their bathing suits!
Thanks for stopping by, always glad to have you!


Patty Patterson said...

That's a cool looking water park. Didn't you stay and enjoy it with the girls?

And I don't know how to edit the tail off a video. I sure wish I did, though. I have several cute ones that are cute until the end - and then the baby spits up and I turn off the camera and run for a burp cloth. *LOL* I don't remember my babies spitting, but I'm sure they did. We just normally only remember the good times - or the very bad. The semi-bad is overlooked.

Tete said...

Love the plant room and isn't that you on the slide? Maybe not. Never mind.
I'm going to have to remember to wash my hands twice when I do two things. Mom never taught me that one.
I have no clue on how to edit a video. I have a simple mind, too. Someone else will have to help with that one.
I just got out of bed...and it's after 9am. I so need to wake up!
Hugs- Tete

Suzann said...

Did they have fun swimming? What a treat for them to join you on your conference.
Thank you for sharing the sweet pictures of your grandchildren, they must sure be a delight.
Suzann ~xoxo~

laura said...

Dont you love how they think they are doing exactly as you told them, when they are doing exactly what you told them to Not do!!!! At least she meant well!!! Love the matching costumes !! I bet they had a fantastic time in that swimming centre! I know a couple of little boys that might like it there! (and a big one too!)
Laura xxx

Rebecca said...

Oh make me laugh sooo hard. That bit about the yellow and black paint and the teacher (your comment on my post) had me in hysterics.

I love your muse. You lift my spirits and make me smile...always.


sissie said...

What a smart little girl. I agree that plants hanging from the ceiling is kinda creepy.

Love her painted toes.


Heaven's Walk said...

Her toes put mine to shame..... lol!

xoxo laurie

Anonymous said...

How fun to mix business with pleasure! The best kind of trips! I love the green ceiling lol! and just how cute are those SUNSHINE Polka dot swimsuits! TOO Cute!
ps. why do I believe you when you say you stole the pies in school! ;)

LDH said...

That is an awful lot of green above ones head!

Oh, taking little ones into public restrooms... Don't touch anything was my usual chant.

Love the pretty toe nails too :) Sweet!

Lindy said...

Cool water park, cute kids -- my kind of weekend!!!!

michelle said...

So cute!!! Hopefully no nightmares about the hanging plants. :) What a fun time and they are just adorable in their yellow polka dot suits. :)
Have a great weekend!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow!!! I can't believe those plants--Sweet Cheeks is right--they ARE scary! lol What great pics of your trip and I love her sandals and nail polish--she's a true "girly girl" like her Nana!!!

Pamela said...

Hey i totally agree with Sweetcheeks good lord i would be freaking too looking at those plants!
Didn't you go down the slides with them too lol ?
Pamela xo

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

There is nothing cuter than a yellow polka dotted bathing suit except maybe a pink one. Looks like a good time at that water park, but I would definitely keep my clothes off the floor!