Friday, May 6, 2011

Lulu Goes To State-Imagination Destination

Lulu is in 3rd grade.
This is her first year of
being part of
Destination Imagination.
To qualify you join a
small group.
I think there were 6 kids
in Lulu's group.
A panel gives you
a problem to solve,
5 mintues to figure out
how to solve it,
3 or 4 props to work into
the solution,
and a "zinger" written down
on a note that you can
see after you start your skit.
You have 5 minutes to use
all your facts,
your props
and your "zinger".

Lulu made it through all the
local rounds and was
one of 3 groups
(out of around 600)
going from this area
to state in
Stevens Point, WI.

I went along with her Mom,
Lulu and my other daughter,
Mimi, and BabyE met us there.

Before their round they
were a little nervous.

After their round they
felt pretty good.

Lulu was all smiles~

BabyE was excited too!

Sadly, Lulu did not get to go on
to Nationals...but she did a great job
just getting this far.
Next year, she will be older,
and wiser about the whole
But for this year,
swimming in the hotel pool
was reward enough.

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Anonymous said...

what an excellent concept, said...

Hey sweet friend! Im sorry I havent been around much at all the last few weeks...Im still fighting these shingles and now Ive caught a bad headcold...Happy Mothers Day weekend!


She did GREAT! Thats awesome and im sure you are a lil proud!

Love of the Sea said...

She did amazing to make it to that level. So she is a champion ....even if she did not make it to The Nationals. How fun of a trip that must of been. I am sure you were and are very proud!!!

Rebecca said...

Are you kidding me? It is no less than FABULOUS she made it to that level! I'm sooo proud of her! Tell her for me! OK?


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I'm so proud of her!!! That is HUGE to have gotten so far!!! Wishing you a beautiful weekend AND a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Wooo hoooo! Congrats to smart little cookie!!!! She must get THAT from her Nana, too.....???? lol!

xoxo laurie

SavannahGranny said...

Hi Young lady, Good to see you. I am so tardy in responding let alone reading. I got the cast off a couple of days ago and I have six weeks of cleaning to do. Bob kept me fed and the laundry done but housekeeper he isn't. However, he is a keeper.
Just read about LULU, What an honor. I know you are proud of her, I know I am. I couldn't solve my way out of a paper bag. Tell her to keep it up. I may just get to meet the first woman president. We need some smart woman to figure out all this mess.
For now Sweet Lulu, enjoy the pool. Hugs, a Savannah, Granny

A Cottage Muse said...

Congrats to LuLu!!