Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Storm

We have had a very long winter.
Weather wise and
This latest storm was 
accompanied by high winds
and below freezing temps.
Looking toward the playhouse 
I see this.
Can you see how hard the wind
is blowing and the drifts?
Here I am looking to the other
side of the yard.
The wind is wicked coming in off the bay.

Here is the screen and the door as it opened.
That's one way to get my floor clean.
After the storm passed the sun came out.
As you can see by the flag,
 the wind is still blowing 
but the storm has passed.
It is kind of like the storms of life, isn't it?
We are blown about and find ourselves
drifted in sometimes
but if we wait it out,
and trust,
there is always some
Sunshine after the Storm.
But, meanwhile....
while I am waiting for
the snows of life~
and the season to pass~
you will find my butt parked
right here!
Care to join me-even though 
I DIDN'T make THAT coffee?

ps.  Donna contacted me last night
and said to say
THANK YOU to everyone for
praying for them over their loss
of Emily, their sweet Cocker Spaniel.
your photo name


  1. I'd love to join you. Wouldnt it be great to sit and chat..:)

    the snow and storms will pass and spring will be here soon.

  2. Good Morning! I would join you in a heartbeat. That looks delicious! I am about to enjoy my coffee now, but would rather have that. LOL! I was just thinking how beautiful your storm pictures are. Too bad it is not as easy to see the beauty of other storms that also pass in our lives while in the moment. There is nothing as gorgeous as a blanket of snow is there? Hope you stay warm and snuggly all day!

  3. Diana, I thought about you and your family as this last big snow storm went through. Glad you are safe and sitting by the fire. A lot of our snow melted yesterday and today is to be 52 degrees. wow.So things are looking up here.Hope your weekend is a good one. xoxo, Susie

  4. Oh wouldn't that be great, sitting and chatting and enjoying a treat. We could solve the worlds problems and have fun at the same time.

  5. I'm joining you in spirit! We had a big snow Tuesday of this week. Today we are expecting an inch of rain!!!! I predict muddy dog paws in my future! Have a super weekend Diana. Jane

  6. Diana you have had your share of storm this year.
    Spring is a coming! You will soon see the signs, the flowers outside and inside will begin to bloom, and the sun will rise again!

  7. I'll gladly join you, but I'll wait for a summer day. Snow is beautiful from afar. Happy Saturday. xo

  8. It has been a very long winter. Gorgeous pictures. Our snow piles are slowing melting. I think our ice rink is officially done. Wishing you a cozy Saturday.

  9. I know, I know... It is beautiful to look at, & for some, fun to play in... BUT enough already...
    Just across the lake from you, we have had 60" just in Feb.
    I am SOOoo ready for the weatherman to say, "75 & sunny"
    Here's hoping it is sunny where you are this weekend... : )

  10. Oh, my how I'd love to join your warm and snugly home! However, as beautiful as that snow looks..I feel blessed that we missed that one! 😊 What a great message you shared...(thank you!)

    Stay in and stay warm!


    PS your photos are beautiful!!

  11. Diana, what a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing and I would LOVE to join you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Gail

  12. Just plain Brrrrrrrrr! Looks too cold and way too familiar for me!

  13. That would be me, Diana! In the house drinking hot chocolate and either reading a book or watching a movie. Thankfully ours has already started melting. Today is supposed to hit 50-52 so that should help.

  14. The snow drifts are so beautiful with the sun shining on them! It was 75 here yesterday and I enjoyed being outside..hugs, Penny

  15. Good Morning Diana, I thought about you yesterday when they were talking about all of our snow. Ours is melting and we are getting rain right at the moment. It is 44 degrees. I would be in front of the fire, but my cup of coffee would look a little different then yours. I need to get myself going and run my errands that have to be done each Saturday. They are predicting a mix for tomorrow. Your picture with the snow blowing into the house reminds me of a house we lived in during my growing up. We first thought it was funny, but soon got an education from mom and dad. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your coffee. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  16. Looks like a good time to sit around and drink coffee! The snow is pretty, but I'm glad it's pretty at your house and not mine! I'm ready for summer sunshine!

  17. I love the picture of your playhouse with peaceful!


  18. Good morning Diana, love your photos. We had about ten inches of snow yesterday . The forecast for the next week will be near the 50's. Yes! I did have google + so I changed over to old blogger.I hope it worked. Thank you for your help. Hugs, Anna

  19. What a storm Diana! Today it is raining here.Lots of snow on the ground but now some is melting because of the rain.We are suppose to hit the 40's over the weekend!That coffee looks gggoooooddd!

  20. I will gladly join you in both this winter's storms and the the life ones passing! A little down time is a wonderful thing.

  21. I know all the folks with snow are over it, but for those of us who rarely get any, that is just so dang pretty. I could stare out the windows at it all day. Gorgeous.

  22. Diana, judging from the lovely fire and nice cup of hot chocolate, I'm reminded that life does have its nice moments. Yesterday, it finally hit me that although I love winter, I am no longer in the winter mood and I can't wait for it to be over. I don't know if we will have more storms. Time will tell. I really, really hope not.

  23. lol! I ditto mindy.
    we are so in need of moisture. we're moving into a three year long severe and extreme drought. we got little in the way of anything this winter of water in any form.
    wish that wind would just blow it all this way!
    you have spring in your heart I can tell. no weather will ever stop that! xo
    I can also tell I need to spend time in your archives. I have no idea where you are. so... i'm off with my cup of coffee to explore nana diana's blog! see ya in the trenches!

  24. Well it is a lovely serene scene. I adore that little playhouse. I want one for me.

  25. I feel like hunkering down with a warm fire in the fireplace (wish I had one) and a cup of hot chocolate with all that whip creme on top.

  26. Our snows have mostly we are waiting for the spring of life.


  27. That is a lot of snow! I think you need a trip to sunny Florida. ASAP! When summer does arrive, can I move into your playhouse? It is adorable!

  28. Amazing snow pics. Praying that you will have a peaceful weekend.

  29. Wow! You really got hammered by that last storm! I love the way the snow looks in the sunshine though - so pretty! Hope spring comes soon! Here's hoping that life's storms will settle down soon too! xoxo Leen

  30. Brrrrrr......can't imagine dealing with all that pretty white stuff. We had a day of rain, which was needed, so I opted to park myself beside a cozy fire most of the day. '-)
    Stay warm and cozy. I think you have the right idea!

  31. I do believe that the day after the snow has fallen and the sun comes back out is my favorite time! It's fun to get outside and walk around in it while the sun is beating down and the skies are blue. Everything looks so clean and white. I HATE that we didn't get any snow this winter or last. I don't want much, just a few inches for one day. Is that asking too much? LOL I guess mother nature thinks so. I think your backyard area looks beautiful right now.

  32. Those pics are gorgeous and II love that playhouse.
    So true about the storms of life and the sunshine. It is a good thing that we see more sunshine than storms. I think a visit with you would be lovely ... With or without the coffee.
    (Are you still able to go about life as usual with these snowstorms?)

  33. Looks like you still have winter- most of our snow melted yesterday and last night, but I am not up to going outside. Sending warm up there for you.

  34. Wow, you have more snow than we have. I`m glad we don`t have storms like this, but it is beautiful when the sun is shining again.

    Hugs from me

  35. Well, now - we've not had the stormy season that you have had, and even I am more than ready to join you in that wonderful cup of deliciousness!

    xo Nellie

  36. I didn't know you got it so bad. I know the East had a lot of wind, but not here.

    You made me get a little chill with what you said about the storm and after. So true.

    Have a warm, cozy day!


  37. Amen Diana. You are SOOO right about the storms of life. Eventually, the sun DOES come out again, and sometimes even shines down on you enough to warm your skin. All in God's time, right? Love the visualization of your photos, and well said. I would love to join you for a cup of that coffee! Take care.


  38. Diana I would love to join you in some yummy coffee!!! Wow, I can't believe that snow y'all Look at those drifts!

    I hope the weather improves. Brrrrr!!!!

    LOVE your photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!


  39. Wow all that snow. Reminds me when we lived in Ohio by Lake out on a farm. We were snowed in a lot and I hated that. I think that's why I move to sunny CA.
    Your pictures are beautiful and the play house is so snowed in.
    I'm with you by the fireplace with a good cup of hot chocolate with some whipped cream. Yummmmmmmmmmm.
    Have a hopefully warmer weekend.

  40. Hey, I think we have your snow storm here today-we are under blizzard conditions; hard to believe a week ago I was in warm sunny weather. I am ready for spring. Glad Donna is doing better-still a long road ahead.
    Hugs today.

  41. What a snow! It is pretty. But I know the cold, the dangers, the inconvenience.... Winter is lingering, but Spring is in the wings!

  42. that is so pretty but i can't imagine myself living with that much cold! today it is about 75 degrees outside and fairly sunny (i sound like a weather=girl) are open to bring in the fresh breeze...

    however that fire and drink look very inviting!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  43. Stay warm my dear friend. You are Special you and Hubby and family.

    I love your topping on a winters day on that coffee.


    I went in also to make comment on your friends blog of the loss of the doggie.

  44. I am not a snow lover, but I surely am a coffee I would totally enjoy parking myself by the fireplace...anytime

  45. Stay warm, friend. That coffee looks divine, whoever made it. :)

  46. It was so warm here today - and it's supposed to be just as warm tomorrow - not bragging but
    Ok I AM LOL

  47. We got the snow but not the wind this time which is rare. Most of our snow is gone now except for the big balls my kids left all over the yard! It was a balmy 51 degrees here today. I'll take it over snow but I have my heart set on some warmer weather in a few weeks!

  48. I'd have some hot chocolate with you! Going to have a fire tonight! It's been raining today and feels cold in the house. I'm looking forward to spring so much this year!

  49. Ok im your newest follower thanks so much for the nice comment . i hope you have a great rest of the weekend ! Wow i love that little building

  50. wow! that is a lot of snow...we got flakes only!

  51. I would love to join you too! That storm looks fierce! I have had a very hard winter too. One of the worst emotionally. Hopefully spring will lift both of our spirits!!!!

  52. Look at those drifts! yuck! Stay warm!

  53. We had quite a bit of snow yesterday too Diana, but it's almost all gone today!

  54. So true! I always say, this too will pass...But, I think of you often because I am so close to my brother too...I just can't imagine.... It would be a really tough one!


  55. We had some cold weather blow through here yesterday. Day before I was in shorts and t-shirt but then lots of needed rain arrived along with the cold (58degrees), wind, thunder and hail... by late this coming week it'll be 80! That's Az for you. I would love to pop in and have some of that pretend coffee and share sorrows and joys with you. Blessings to you Diana +: ) Julie

  56. Wow! It sure is beautiful though. I guess I think it is because I don't live in it! I'll join you for a fire and coffee. :) xo

  57. Sometimes you just have to step back and live each day as it comes. Things will be better soon. Spring is near! Sweet hugs!

  58. That's a lot of snow!! We have gotten our share too and I am over it. That little house is the cutest thing ever!!! Definitely staying in and drinking something warm and cozy is a good idea!

  59. So, Lucie is sitting next to me as I am scrolling down and she asks about the house. I said, Lucie can you believe that's a playhouse! I got a big, "Whoa!" She'd love to play with SweetCheeks. I love you analogy of the storm. It is tough to imagine it will end when you are in the middle of it, but you are so right. They do all end. That coffee looks great!

  60. Whoa...that was SOME storm! I can't even imagine that as I sit here with 70+ degrees and sunshine. Spring will be upon you before you know it. And you are so right about the storms of life. Storms do give way to sunshine at some point. Waiting for that sunshine is what is so hard.

  61. We have actually had quite an easy winter, but got all our snow toward the end. Now, when I'm ready for spring, I look out and see melting snow, slush, and puddles. Where are my crocus? I want spring!

  62. Diane, you are so right. God is always true to his promise. We are sheltered by his love and for that I am ever thankful.
    I will join you for one of those coffees, I don't care who made it, they can make another.

  63. Maybe this will be the last snowstorm of the season for you up there. And the last emotional snowstorm for a long time. Stay warm an dry!

  64. Wow all that snow! Im originally from NJ and I miss snow (ducking LOL) but I don't miss the shoveling (not that I did much of that anyway) does look beautiful though and that coffee an fire? I"ll take 2 please.. LOL

  65. Oh Diana how nice it would be to join you for coffee. That mound on top of the cup looks like the snow!!

  66. What a beautiful snowfall you had this year although I know you are ready to end this season and move on to springtime.
    Your pics are gorgeous though and I would love to visit with you over a cup of coffee.
    Have a good week ahead.
    XO Celestina Marie

  67. Dear Diana, it's been a long emotional winter for us too and not over yet. I would love to join you for that cup of coffee. xoxo your cute funny post always put a smile on my face. thank you

  68. I sure hope it's warmer now. I'm just catching up and that snow looks awful deep. Stay toasty.

  69. The photos are beautiful! So much truth to this post as I face some of life's storms. It was 60 degrees in Michigan on Saturday and today it is 30 and snowing. Life is that way too. Just hang on....and the storms of life will pass through and a new day/perspective will emerge.


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