Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I grew up in a small 
Irish community in the 
mountains of Pennsylvania.
I don't remember the 
first time I ever heard
this but I heard my Father say
it many, many times over the years.
For all of you that have never
heard it- I think it just might
give you a laugh-
image from here
Ready to smile?

Did you ever walk into an
Irishman's shanty
where money is scarce and whiskey a'plenty?
A three legged stool with a table to match
A door on the shanty without any latch.
Walk into the entry
you're up to your knees,
Walk into the parlor 
you're covered with fleas,
Walk into the pantry
and look at the pies
and see the green maggots
roll up their red eyes.
And with THAT happy thought I will leave you.
You get a five point bonus if you 
can find the
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Remember- If you are lucky enough to be Irish
you are lucky enough!
I. Am. Lucky. Enough.

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  1. Top of the morning to you Diana. I had never heard that rhyme before. I know if I were a kid I would have repeted it. LOL Hope you have a great day. xoxo,Susie

  2. Happy St Pat's day.. I am part irish but have never heard that poem before....think Ill past on the pie

  3. I'll pass on the pie also!! Happy St. Patty's to you!! V

  4. I've never heard that poem, but it sounds like one my grandfather would've said to us, with a twinkle in his eye. He wasn't Irish, and neither am I, but Happy St. Patty's day! Oh, and no thanks...I just ate! ;)


  5. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Diana!

  6. Happy St Patrick's Day! Have yourself a glass of green beer and a plate of corn beef and cabbage. Or maybe just a shamrock shake?

  7. Are your lips chapped from kissin' the Blarney Stone?! My daughter married a wonderful young man a few years back and he gave her the perfect last name so she's now Caitlin Kelly - how much more Irish can you get?! Have a great green day! -- Jan

  8. I am overwhelmed with awe at that poem - never heard that one before! Have a terrific day!

  9. I am lucky enough to be half Irish. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  10. And sick enough... gross on the maggot part. Have a fun day and rest some.

  11. And I am lucky enough!!...thanks to my dad...and the luck went further as my granddaughter was born on St. Patrick's Day!

  12. Hope the luck of the Irish shines on you today and and the year long!

  13. Loved your poem...and a Happy Saint Pat's to you! Hugs, Penny

  14. sure and I have that luck you know.
    but I never have read that poem!
    green hugs to you happy girl!

  15. Happy St.Patrick's day! I am a mixture of Italian and Irish and French from my Moms side.On my Dad's side I am Hungarian.So I do have a wee bit of Irish in me!

  16. Happy St Patrick's Day - I wonder if I will ever get that Shanty image out of my head, though. Maybe some green beer will help?

  17. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And I guess I'm only somewhat lucky, because I'm only a little Irish - and a little of just about everything else. A complete Heinz 57 Human! LOL And before I look too hard - what are the points worth?

  18. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Diana!

  19. Happy St. Pat's day! I think I'm Irish but it may be Scottish. However on this day EVERYONE is Irish!

    Not sure I want to elaborate on your father's catchy tune!!

    Have a great day! Hope the girls are feeling better and you don't get it!

  20. Had never heard that one before. But I have heard the one: There once was a Lass...Oh never mind, lol.

  21. Happy St. Patty,s Day to you too. I'm a little (quarter) Irish! My mother was a Milligan, that has to be Irish desn't it? smile..


  22. That's a new one that I have NEVRR heard. Have a great St Paddy's Day.
    Have the Corned Beef on...

  23. I am lucky also! Happy St. Pat's Day to you.


  24. Happy St. Paddy's day to you. I have a bit of Irish in me, too. I may never eat cherry pie again.

  25. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you. May the sun come up and bless you.

  26. Oh Diana,
    What a wonderful heritage this is. I don't know if I told you that my kids were part Irish on their father's side? No, I'm not lucky enough to be Irish, but I was married by a jolly Irish priest many years ago. Loved the poem on here, and I bet you're so happy when this day comes around......AND YOU SHOULD BE!!!
    Much love to you on this Irish day,

  27. I think I see half a maggot; does that count?

    gag! but laughing...

  28. Nope, never heard that little Irish saying LOL! No bonus points for me, I could not find Waldo...Or the Maggot!


  29. Happy at Patrick's day !!! I hope your having a great weekend ! Boy that slice of pie looks great !

  30. Hi Diana, Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Nice poem. I am Italian but I am married to an Irish/English man and I think I am very lucky. Hugs, Anna

  31. I know I've asked you before where in Pa you grew up..I don't remember if you told me..Where are the Irish in Pa??

  32. That rhyme is a new one on me, Diana! There is a bit of Irish ancestry in my background, so I do all I can to honor that on this day.:-) Corned beef and cabbage with Irish soda bread (whole wheat). No green beer, though.:-)

    xo Nellie

  33. I haven't heard that one! I'm a wee bit Irish on my dad's side! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  34. ...and I am lucky to know you, beautiful and kind Irish Lady!! Happy St. Patty's to you and all your Irish laddies.. Have a wonderful week, sweetie.

  35. I know you had a Happy St Patrick's Day and everyone around you too :)

  36. haha - that is awesome!! How did I never hear it before? I. Am. Lucky. Enough. too!! Thank you for your sweet words about my mom!!


  37. Happy St. Paddy's day to you. I could not get on the computer until late so I hope you had a great day today.

  38. Not Irish... but still celebrated!! I'm so glad I didn't see the maggot, but I didn't look very hard : )

  39. Never heard it until now! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  40. Never heard it until now! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  41. I love it, Diana! You did make me laugh.
    We lived in East Tennessee "Scots-Irish Country" for thirteen years. A couple times my hubby and I went for long country drives and found ourselves turned around. I'm almost positive we visited a holler that was chocked full of the folks you described. No teeth, big ole hound dogs, a still and outhouse within spittin distance.
    I your post!
    Toothless Smiles,
    Carolynn xoxo

  42. you write great post, diana!

  43. Hilarious. I am part Scots-Irish. Hope your day was a fun one.

  44. Ha ha Happy St. Pats day! I hope you had a good one...


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