Friday, February 22, 2013

Father Daughter Dance Sweet Cheeks And Company

When Lulu started kindergarten
my daughter and a couple of 
her friends thought it would
be nice to start a new tradition.
That tradition was a 
Father Daughter Dance.
Lulu is in 5th grade this year.
Six years of dances for her.
Four Years of Dances for Ria.
Three Years of Dances for SweetCheeks.
No Dad at home? No problem!
You can come with an Uncle,
a big brother, a surrogate dad
or a family friend.

This is the first year that I missed
being here for the big night.
But my daughter took some pictures
at her house when the girls
were dolled up and ready to go.

Here they are with their Daddy.
Isn't he a handsome Daddy?
Aren't they sweet?
One with Lulu & Daddy.
One with Ria & Daddy.
One with SweetCheeks & Daddy.
Uncle Jason was SweetCheeks date
but I don't have a picture of them together.
Here is~The dynamic duo.
Let's take a really nice picture
for Nana, Okay?
Thanks So Much!
Remember your mother telling you
that old saying about 
your face freezing that way?
Well, now these faces are
forever frozen in time.
What beauts!
You make a Nana SO proud!
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  1. Darling pics. You certainly have beautiful granddaughters. Such a fun tradition. This was Josie's 2nd father/daughter dance and it was a Hawaiian theme this year. We were able to recycle her flamingo dress.

  2. What a nice tradition. They are so gorgeous!

  3. Those girls are growing up before our eyes!

  4. What memories they will have of this special time! And the pictures, keepsakes for that last one, too cute! :)

  5. Good Morning Diana, Your girls look beautiful with their daddy who is looking mighty handsome himself. Isn't daddy going to have fun when they get old enough to date? Pictures are such wonderful memories for us. They plowed our street and my driveway is plowed shut. I am not going any place I guess it doesn't matter. Have a wonderful day. Stay warm and safe. Many Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend

  6. beautiful photos, your grand daughters always wear the best dresses, they are such pretty girly girls,

  7. Beautiful girls and a handsome dressed up dad, what more can you ask. Oh, yeah, a photo of a bunch of clowns.

  8. What a fun tradition! Your granddaughters are so beautiful, and your SIL handsome for sure. I love the last picture the best!


  9. Awww. That is so sweet. What could be sweeter than Dad and his daughter? Dad and his daughters! Beautiful family.

  10. So so sweet! These make such special memories for both girls and dads.

  11. Such special pictures of special granddaughters, Diana! You are truly blessed with your wonderful family.

    Have a good Friday! xo Nellie

  12. They all look so pretty dressed up for the dance. Our elementary school hosts a father/daughter dance every year too. I don't have daughters, so we don't participate, but one night while going out to eat, we saw a huge group of fathers and their young daughters eating together at a restaurant. They were all so adorable. You could tell they felt so special that night.

  13. I love this post. The girls are just beautiful and their daddy looks so happy!

  14. I wish all fathers participated in this tradition with their daughters. It's just the sweetest. I can just imagine these photos on wedding day.
    True treasures.
    How's FatBaby this morning?
    xo, Tina

  15. I love it. Oh to have a do-over with my girl and her daddy! Our tradition was that he took her out for Valentine's Day Dinner alone on the February 15th...lots of sweet pics!

    Love to you~


  16. I am a bit jealous - my father lived in Chicago and we lived in the west so I never went to the father daughter functions ever.

  17. Those girls will never forget their dance night with dad or an uncle, a beautiful tradition and your granddaughters are just as lovely as can be.

  18. Healthy Family Fun! Cute post, Diana. Your SIL is a handsome day to three beautiful young girls. What a sweet family!

  19. I never knew this was Tara's idea and what a fantastic one-I always love seein them all dressed up wih their Daddy.

  20. What beautiful photos Diana and what a beautiful family you have!!!
    Love that they're all dressed up formal ( there's so few reasons to do that anymore, sadly )

  21. Aren't the girls adorable. That's such a special treat for the girls (and Dad too). I'm tearing up a little thinking of it.

  22. What BEAUTIFUL girls, and what a sweet idea! Now, while all of the photographs are stunning, I would suggest framing that last one for sure!!!
    Stay warm up there!

  23. Sooo cute Diana!... such darling girls with their daddy... there is nothing like the bond between a daddy and his daughters... xoxo Julie Marie

  24. Our Church organizes a Father Daughter dance every year...this year Ryan wasn't able to take the girls, but it is always so much fun for both of them. The last picture is SO FUNNY!!

  25. All framers !!!!!! OMGOODNESS can we say PRESH !! YOUR a cool and wonderful soul my friend..> HUGS from The Rusty Pearl

  26. Loved this post -- LOVED that last picture! They started doing an annual Father Daughter Dance at my granddaughter's elementary school last year. It was a HUGE success and I was extra lucky to get to be there as the unofficial photographer! I think the Dads had as much fun as the girls did. Can't wait for this year's.

  27. The girls look so beautiful!!! They will never forget these times. What a wonderful tradition!

  28. What beautiful granddaughters and what a cool tradition.

  29. Priceless memories! Lulu's funny face is the funniest. When I was young and wanted to make a funny face, using the index finger of both hands, I would pull down on my eye lids so that my eyes became distorted, stick out my tongue and with the little finger of my right hand, I would flatten the tip of my nose and make ridiculously funny noises. Today, I'm embarrassed to admit that sometimes, when I played with my children when they were young, I would do it for them. They just loved it when I did that for them.

  30. That is the sweetest thing ever!! What beautiful girls :)

  31. Now we know where the dimples come from..What a nice looking family..

  32. Daddy-Daughter dances are the best! My daughter went for the first time this year. This year I will go to the Mother-Son dance, too! (Last year I did not, I don't remember why, but it was something). The girls look so sweet! What a beautiful memory!

  33. Great idea starting family traditions, the last photo is the best shows they are having fun.

  34. What a great tradition! The girls will remember the dances forever! They all look so pretty in their dresses:)

  35. How adorable. what a great idea. :)

  36. What a wonderful tradition, Diana! The girls look soooo adorable in those sweet dresses! These are memories that they will cherish forever. :)

    xoxo laurie

  37. They all look so pretty, Diana! Every time I read about father-daughter dances I get a bit sad my daughter doesn't have that kind of memories!:(
    That's a beautiful tradition!

  38. Hi Diana, what a lovely tradition. Those pictures are so cute, the girls are so pretty all dressed up for the dance. Father's of doughters are so precious and special, what a blessing for him. I come from a family of 4 girls, we loved him so.

  39. Those girls are so precious. I love the father daughter dance idea. Lovely tradition.

  40. Beautiful! And I would say perhaps sweet cheeks got those cheeks from her daddy??

  41. These pictures brought tears to my eyes for several reasons. Mostly because they are beautiful.

  42. What a gorgeous family Diana,
    Loved each pic and those smiles are priceless. Truly making memories here.
    Bless you all.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  43. What beautiful girls. Don't they just melt your heart? Each so special and so beautiful, yet each so different. God must love you a lot to have blessed you with these sweethearts!

  44. Love this tradition!
    Also love their would have been fun to see some of their dance moves too!!


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