Friday, February 15, 2013

Future Roller Derby Queens

What do you do 
when you are at Nana's house
on a day
when it is too cold and  windy
to play outside?

Some might watch movies
while doing contortionist moves
with an arm over the head.
Some might color.
Some might play games.
But at OUR house 2 of the 3 girls
I hear some giggling and 
in the downstairs hall 
 I see this!
Hmmmm....better here than on the
hardwood floors on the main level.
MyHero would be having a heart attack
if he were here....shhhhhhh...
What are you doing girls?
Hmmm....looks like skating in progress
to me-
Watch this, Nana!
Maria whizzes along like a pro.
Look at SweetCheek's face
Okay-it's YOUR TURN, SweetCheeks.
Ohkay! Here I come...
How are you doing, SweetCheeks?
I hahte skating!
I am gonna go watch Snow White.
Snow White doesn't like skating eihther!

Yes- But did you have fun?

Oh- Good- I am not quite
ready to go sit and watch the 
girls roller derby yet anyway!
Maybe I will put MY skates
on and practice in the downstairs hall.
Do they have roller derbies for
old ladies? Just wonderin'.......
your photo name


  1. Oh boy! Watch out! I think they do have roller derby for the mature crowd but lots of pillows are involved! :-)

  2. I am sorry about your brother, Charlie. Loss is hard especially during holidays.

    Watch those girls skate! Some day they will be young women and too old for Nanna. Ouch!


  3. Oh, this is so funny. That Sweet Cheeks is going to have a comedy show on TV, I just know it.
    Did you roller-skate too? Do tell!
    (That was all there was to do in Conyers in the 1970's!)

  4. Dianna,
    Thanks so much for visiting!!!

    I am glad to see that you are back to blogging. You are still and always will be in my thoughts and prayers....


  5. Good Morning Diana, I am up after getting to sleep at home last night. I enjoyed your post this morning. Girls aren't much different doing things then my boys at times. I have a grandson like Sweet Cheeks didn't like skating, but you ought to watch him now. It can change. Thanks for stopping by. I have had a very rough week that much is for sure. Have a wonderful day. It is cold and we had a little snow last night. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  6. teeheee......whatever it takes to KEEP UP with those kids! I am a teacher in elementary and I tell ya, you best be in shape to run around with them! WHAT FUN!

    THANK YOU so much for coming to visit and for understanding that my post was just a fun and frivilous opportunity to translate with words and pictures! Have a great day, Diana! Anita

  7. Yes, good thing they are not on the wood floors. So glad you are back.

  8. What entertaining visitors you have Diana. Love the skating, but not sure I'd survive it.

  9. I honestly think you should rethink about strapping a pair of those on. With your ankle and butt, it might not be a good thing. I don't think they make good protective gear for nanas yet, so you better just grab a chair and take photos.
    LOL at SC! Finally something she can't do! Was this before or after the starbucks run?

  10. Diana, There needs to be more padded items to wear while training. I know what you mean about the floors. I just knew they'd be skating in the garage. Yikes. You can roll with the best of them nana, just not on skates.xoxo,Susie

  11. No, you might break your hip and we don't need that! I hate roller skates, much prefer ice skates, because it seems to hurt less when you fall on the ice.

  12. and that's *exactly* what I was thinking...Roller Derby!
    shudder. I don't want to even try and imagine...

  13. So good to see you back, Diana! Looks like the girls are having too much fun. Now we know what you do in your spare time. That WAS you in the last shot, wasn't it????!

  14. I look like Sweetcheeks whenever I've put on a pair of skates, Diana! LOL ~ I hold onto everything! I'd rather watch Snow White, too. : )

  15. now that looks like fun! I have never roller skated, just ice skating, I say go for it Diana! Take video though for us please,

  16. Your granddaughters are so cute!! I used to love to roller skate when I was young. Lots of fun.

  17. LOL Donna says that was you in the last shot! I hurt just thinking about roller skating ( and at 53 that's a little pathetic, right? )
    Bet you wouldn't have let your kids roller skate in the house, aren't the grandkids special? With special rights?
    Have a good wknd Diana!

  18. You're the best...what fun these girls have at your house!

  19. I used to skate like Maria... not I skate like SweetCheeks. How'd that happen, I wonder!

  20. I never liked skating, not even ice skating. Your girls will have such wonderful memories of visiting at your house!

  21. Oh, your the kind of Nana I always wanted to have. They must have had a ball. OMG remember the roller derby girls, yikes. Glad you would rather watch Snow White. My roller blading days are over, but I used to love roller blading with my girls when they were little.

    You always make me giggle. I love your style.


  22. Hi Diana, I think your sweet girls just know how to have fun and be creative on a cold day. They are so cute. I did love to skate and ice skate when growing up.
    It's always fun at your house.

    Have a warm weekend,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  23. Roller skating was one of my favorite things to do as a youngster - they look like they are having fun!

  24. So cute! I need to get Gracie some quads. They're much easier than inline skates and you can tighten the wheels to make them roll slower giving kids more control. I used to love skating. Now, I'm afraid I might fall and that concrete is HARD. So is the ice. Nope.... I probably shouldn't attempt it.

  25. Those girls will always remember skating in grandma's house! Cutie patooties!

  26. Better stay out of the way of those roller derby youngsters! Looks like they are well on their way to somewhere!

    You have been missed, Diana. It is really good to have you back.

    xo Nellie

  27. What the Capt. doesn't know won't hurt him will it? I thought, wow, SC is getting so tall.....roller skates, hah.

  28. I used to rollerskate in our family basement for HOURS!! Throw on the disco music and I was a happy camper!! Cute pics.

  29. They are certainly mischievious, aren't they? Surely they didn't think they could hide doing that from you! LOL

  30. Poor PoutyCheeks...
    No roller derby for you, Miss Thang!
    xoxo, Tina

  31. LOL-such exuberance. Tell me next time J is gone and I'll bring my skates over-that way we could hold each other upright.
    Tell me, is cleavage part of the derby uniform-appears it is ;-)

  32. :D What cuties~
    I can tell that they are all about the mischief! They are too much *fun* They look like they're entering the Fun Olympics and going for the gold! Good for them!


  33. This is just TOO precious! What adorable, beautiful girls! Maybe...ICE SKATES for you?????

  34. I bet roller skating on the wood floors would make it "age" pretty well. It could be a job one day :)

  35. Diana,
    I'm so glad you're back...and if anything can bring a smile back to your face, it will be your little Sweet Cheeks! Hugs and Love to you. Still praying for you.

  36. You're nicer than I am...I'd be going...outside! That's what I would say to my kids...but to granddaughter Betty...I would say...DO IT!

  37. I'm sure they probably do! I bought skates when my daughter was very into it as a young teen. I wore them once, outside and fell...hard. I scraped my hands (I even had wrist guards on) but mostly it rattled my brain at such a painful level that I scared myself. So much for that! Oh, to be young again!

  38. I DO think they have roller derbies for the 'more mature'....but please remember your helmet! LOL.
    Those girls are too cute. It looks like it is always fun at your house!!

  39. Wow, I never knew a little girl who didn't like to skate!... SweetCheeks will change her mind one day and love it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  40. Wow Diana they are pretty frisky little I could see how their Grandpa would have a heart attack if they were


  41. LOL! I used to have a really big garage and my girls and I would skate in there. It was a lot of fun to have our own skating rink! Hugs, Leena

  42. YOU are the COOLEST Nana ever!!!Looks like fun!Can I come over :-)

  43. Oh my, what a trip! I would expect this from boys... LOL


  44. Cute, cute! I'd love to ride the rink with you my friend. That one looks like she could be me. lol!

  45. those roller derby chicks look rather scary. I think we could take 'em. They got nothing on us old ladies right?!

  46. Your comment form wasn't taking my comments.
    This is a cute post Diana!
    In Wisconsin we do what we have to do to survive the long winters.
    Addison rides her trike inside our house and it hasn't hurt a thing!

  47. I have skated and I know what she is thinking... !!!

    Flora Doora

  48. I would have loved to have had a nana like you but I am glad the Lord blessed me with your friendship.I loved to roller skate but never had the pleasure to iceskate.
    Those girls are just awesome and never will they forget their days at Nana's and Grandpa's. I bet Sweet Cheeks was so glad to have you home.
    Hugging you and praying for you

  49. I remember skating in our basement as a child! It was so much fun! Your place looks like a wonderful place to have fun! That Sweet Cheeks is a mess! Wow, they're growing up fast!

  50. So cute..and what a fun way to chronicle their journey...imagine one day when they can look back on this! You are doing something priceless for your darling grandchildren, Diana!

  51. we built out house open in the basement and upstairs so the kids could do laps roller blading...
    I have thought about you and your family so much during this time. I am so sorry about your brother. You have to feel the prayers coming your way...there are many...


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