Friday, February 1, 2013

A SweetCheeks Zinger

SweetCheeks has this
way of giving you the 
perfect little zinger
without really meaning to.
That is why this is the
perfect card for her.
It says ZING.
Here's her latest little zinger.
She looks across at Papa
who is sitting on the sofa-
remote in hand.

Papa, she says ever so sweetly.
Papa, she repeats-because he
doesn't answer
Papa: Yes, SweetCheeks?
SC:  Papa~How ohld ARE yohu?
Papa:  I'm 62.
SC: (digests that for a minute)
Soooooo.....yohu are OLHD AND FAT?

I start laughing hysterically because 
I am usually on the receiving end of her
Papa:  That's not nice, SweetCheeks!
SC:  Sorry, Papa.
SC: (looking towards me-stage whispers)
That's true though, isn't it, Nana?

Any problems with being egotistical?
I can send her over to fix you!
She works cheap-
you can pay her in glitter and glue.
your photo name


  1. Bwahahahaha- you know, she was polite to him. She didn't mention the hair...LOL.
    Keep her up there. She would have way too much fun here.

  2. oh she's too funny!!!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Out of the mouth of babes LOL!! My youngest and her would get along fabulously!!

  4. Diana, That is funny..I have my own little zing slinger, Emma. She tells her papaw, let's get some peanuts to snack on, then tells him he has peanut breath :):) Kids have a way of telling the truth. I loved SC valetine.xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh yeah. We have a little zinger flinger here at our house too. They really do say the darndest things. Isn't it so cool the way they personalize them? ;-)

  6. LOL My oldest son used to be just like her, never knew what it was going to come out of his mouth. Got me in trouble a few times! Too funny!

  7. She's hilarious that little sweet cheeks - does she know Nana keeps a record of these LOL ?

  8. Bwahahahaha! Out of the mouths of babes... comes the stuff of great blog posts!

  9. That girl... : )
    I check in here daily just to see what SC has said now...
    Kiss her on the cheek for me & tell her that she always brightens my day... : )
    (though I haven't been on the recieving end of one of her zingers

  10. Gotta love her, she never lies even to make people feel better. Thanks, but I have one that works really cheap, and has come up with a few, herself.

  11. Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Did hubs get off the couch and go for a walk? xo

  12. Oh, how funny! She is adorable! Right now her Papa might not think so...but she really is😅 (laughing till I cried!)


  13. Kids are fun, aren't they? I remember when Andrew was little and we were standing in the checkout line and a really REALLY fat man was in line behind us. Andrew asked him, "Hey, Mister. Where do you buy your underwear?" The man looked at him funny but gave an answer - naming a store that Andrew had never heard of and Andrew replied. "I thought you'd have to go to a special store to get some that big because they don't sell giant ones here." I about died of embarrassment, but the kid was just curious. He really didn't mean anything negative by it. He was my sensitive child and would never intentionally say anything hurtful, but he was also very honest - and the truth sometimes stings a little.

  14. Oh boy, I think we all have little zingers in our lives. Love it!

  15. HAHA. What a kid! Love it. And isn't she a cutie! So Papa, put that in your pipe and smoke it. lol

  16. Thank you Sweet Cheeks for giving my first laugh of the day. Honesty is the best policy Papa. :-)

  17. Little stinker. Gotta
    Love her.

  18. oh my gosh, I have said it before but Out of the mouths of babes!! Your poor hubby gets from both sides!

  19. Her "Zing" makes all hearts "sing" (and smile!)
    Happy weekend, sweet D!

  20. Oh that girl... what ARE you going to do with her?... love her to pieces of course!... xoxo Julie Marie

  21. Maybe with her honesty she could motivate me to lose some weight. I need some kind of kick in the pants.

  22. Out of the mouths of babes! lol. She's a thousand laughs, Diana. I think you should have a sweet cheeks homemade valentine giveaway! Put that creative mind to work!

  23. Who does she take after?????
    I forgot.

  24. She definitely would fix an ego problem for sure. I'd work for glitter and glue too. Makes life more fun.

  25. Too cute. She is so amusing! Tell your husband that he's young. How I wish I were still only 62. Believe me, it makes a difference!

  26. LOL, Sweet Cheeks will keep you on your toes!

  27. Diana, This is so cute! You'll be able to share these adorable post with her when she is older.
    xx, Sherry

  28. OMG! I can soooo relate to this post BUT my lovely boys will say stuff like that to total strangers. I have FINALLY got through to them that it's hurtful to people when they say that. Oh, the things that come out of those mouths.... xo

  29. Out of the mouths of babes...I think I'd be scared of her! She is a cutie though:)

  30. Only little kids can get by with that kind of honesty. I remember when our son was little, he asked his Great Grandmother why she was so wrinkly and if she was born that way. Our daughter asked one of my husbands co-works who suffered with adult acne why she has so many mosquito bites on her face... we looked for the nearest rock to crawl under!

  31. LOL! That little SweetCheeks is a little hoot! :) Love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. Oh, she's too funny....

    I could really use someone over here like that. It seems that when I speak my mind, everyone gets upset. Well, I need SweetCheeks at my house telling them just the way it is.

    Give her a hug and thank her for her honesty, pleeeeease!

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  33. Oh, she'd be a big help around here.
    When is her next opening? Book it for me. Love that girl!
    xxx, T.

  34. Oh my God-I could eat her up with a spoon ;-)

  35. oh,my, too funny! happy weekend,diana!

  36. Now that is funny to can say the darnedest things, lol!! Wishing you a wonderful week end!

  37. those are zingers! she's a cutie though so the sting is taken out.

  38. Oh must be hard not to laugh at her comments.

    Now I've been meaning to make those caramels all day....


  39. This is hysterical I tell you! Glad you both have a great sense of humor. Maybe you should get her some Raspberry Zinger tea by Celestial Seasonings.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  40. OH LOL....heheheheheee, that SweetCheeks really crack me up!! Yes, my lil'one, Cayetana, always rubs her little hand around hubby's stomach and says she's making a wish...aren't they so honest, sweet and funny..oh god, they're so funny..wish they never grew up!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your lil'one.

  41. SweetCheeks is at it again! Why don't I just send the glitter and glue to her there? :-) I really don't want to take her away from you. What would you do for amusement? xo Nellie

  42. Ohhhhhhh boy. She is going to keep her future suitors on their toes, that's for sure! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  43. I well remember these kind of little zingers when our grandsons were little. But they got older and learned to lie--I mean be tactful!

  44. Love your sweet cheeks and I love that playhouse in your last post ♡ ♡ ♡

  45. As "sweet" and honest as she may be, I bet Papa didn't stay upset too long.


  46. Now that's a zing that stings! The good Lord knew we couldn't all be skinny (and young) lol!

  47. ROTFLMTO - T for tail. Yep. Purrhaps I should round up some glitter and glue for the darling little SC. MOL....yes, yes.....

    Purrs and snickers,


  48. she blows me away every time!! Can you send her over to my MIL for a nice long talk?

  49. Don't send her over to me if shes discussing weight! I'm covering all my mirrors and don't want any references to weight gain. lol

  50. came back to read about your brother passing 5 years ago, and found this post I had not read. Ah, Sweet Cheeks, I'm the same age as your Papa so old and fat too! This cracked me up and was a joy to read after the sorrow of reading of the passing of your brother.


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