Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oui? We? WII !!!

Just when you think
you've seen it all..
Just when you think
your family can't get
any crazier..
Along comes..
Dance Party..
First up
who has pretty good moves
but seems to be having
way too much fun.
He doesn't really
care about winning..
he just likes to put
on a show.
He is all about
The Laughs.
To balance off the
dynamic duo
we have
who doesn't care so much
how he dances..
as long as he can win..
He is all about
The Points.Wait...Wait..
Who is this edging
their way into the
Is this the
Wisconsin fella that
does the
Chicken Dance? sure enough is..
That is
dancing up a storm..
I wish you could see his
feet encased in his cute little
ballet slippers.
They are pink..
and soft...
and sweet.
He is a
triple combo..
He likes to
make you laugh..
He likes to stir up
the participants
most of all..
He likes to win...

Sorry, ain't never

gonna be 1975 again..and

The Bump

is not a dance anymore..

it is a spot in the road!

Lulu, I ask..

What do you think about

Papa's dancing?

I think her expression

says it all, don't you?

your photo name


  1. So cute! Good family fun and memories being made. I have never used a wii. I have heard it is addictive.

  2. No, you have it all wrong! It's WEE!
    How many of you have to wear DEPENDS while you watch this or do you just snort everything you drink back out your noses? The game should include such a warning.
    And to top it all off, you tease, you didn't tell who won! UHGGGGG! I was on the edge of my seat and not because of the boils, either!
    Oh yes, the best part- tell MyHero that the FUNKY CHICKEN never goes out of style, especially wearing pink, fuzzy ballet shoes.
    Oh, and I had a funny thought- have the guys wear chip & dale outfits the next time they play- LOL.
    (I'm not talking squirrels here.)
    Tell your menfolk thank you so much for my morning wake up laugh!

  3. The picture of MyHero dancing are priceless! You really need to make a video of him dancing next time and post it on Youtube. He might bring The Bump back into style.

  4. Boy Diana, My hero is such a good sport. Taking pictures of him sleeping, teasing about his slippers, you are one lucky woman.

  5. Oh this looks like fun--and a good way to throw your back out! LOL

  6. What?! Does that mean that the Hustle is out, too? Say it isn't so! I thought that your ever talented dancers looked like they were stomping grapes! Yes, I thought you were having a wine making festival or something!!!

  7. How come you don't have any photos of YOU dancing to that game?

  8. LOL, and now you know why Nana Diana is not living across the street from me. She would have photos of me all over the place, doing crazy things...
    Can we go back to Chubby Checker and The Twist?
    Except my joints won't twist without shouting.

  9. Oh I love this post! Very funny! Your hero is
    a good sport! PS You made me laugh when you
    mentioned how French the cat looks on my
    cute kitty post! You know, you are right...never realized it...

    Flora Doora

  10. Hehe WII is so much fun!! I want it so bad!! It's great for families to play together and enjoy some good clean fun!!! I'm so sick of the stupid PS3 my son has that we swore we'd never buy him!! LOL but now Hubby plays along with him every night !!! Happy New Year!!

  11. Oh, that looks like such fun! And it counts as a workout too! Did you give it a try???

  12. Yes, I know and I think this game was invented just to make all the adults look like fools! I saw a bunch of these fools at our place over Christmas too! ;D

  13. Hilarious! Apparently my parents really got into playing the wii over Christmas at my sister's house but they don't have Dance party...maybe next year? Those could end up being some good blackmail moments! :-)
    P.S. I have beaten my hubby at boxing on the wii 5 times...don't tell him I told you! :-)

  14. hahahaha..I love this blog..even the comments crack me up..hahahaha..
    Love the last picture..Lulu has a great smile..

  15. I am jealous ~ I want to look silly too and have lots of fun!

  16. Too funny...we did that once at a birthday party and it was sooooo much fun..I almost pee'd my pants laughing....:o)

  17. That is hysterical....sorry honey it ain't never gonna be 1975 again. LOL.


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