Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet And Sassy-Er-Salty

Did you think this was
going to be post
You know...
Sweet and Sassy?
(You DO see what the
shirt says, right?;>)

This is going to be
a post about
Only they don't TASTE like
This is a fun little 
Sweet Treat 
that takes no time to 
prepare and is just 
plain good.
Sweet & Salty Saltines
(Trisha Yearwood Recipe)

40 Saltines
2 sticks butter
1 cup light brown sugar
8 oz (1 -1/3 cups) chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 425º.  Line large cookie sheet with aluminum foil and lay out the saltine crackers.
In medium saucepan melt butter and brown sugar and bring to a boil.  Boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and pour evenly over crackers.  Bake for  5 minutes (or just until bubbly).
Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips evenly over saltines.  As they melt spread them over cracker with a knife.  Transfer to freezer for 15-20 minutes or until completely cold.  Break into pieces and store in airtight container.

For really SWEET treat use graham crackers instead of Saltines.
For Crunchier cracker use one stick of butter rather than two.

You are going to love these!
Pinky promise!!!!
And remember-
Give these to your friends 
The fatter they get
The skinnier you look!;>) 
Tomorrow I will be posting
The winner of
The BLOVE giveaway.
Sassy SweetCheeks will be
doing the drawing today!
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Gina said...

Mmmmm, these look sooooo good!

Jettie said...

I do believe that the Wisconsin Cows are paying you to sell butter...

Anonymous said...

sweet cheeks looks exceptionally sweet today, this is our fav treat, I try to just make it at christmas, every year for twenty years!!!My nephew made this and it became a special treat for our family, its quite addictive.

Miss Kitty said...

YUM-EEEE! These sound divine and the recipe looks too easy (if you know what I mean...so easy that I will probably make them and eat them all...not good for my diet).
Thanks so much for sharing this sweet and salty recipe...good combo.

Susie said...

Two sticks of butter !! Yikes. I love that you want us to give them to friends LOL. You are wicked. I am beginning to see where Sweetcheeks gets her Sassy-ness :)
Have a fun 1st day of Spring, Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

Debbiedoos said...

Oh those are my kind of treat...LOVE sweet and salty together.

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Yum!! Haven't made these in a while... maybe for the weekend, now that you have reminded me.. :)
(BUT I am trying to do less sugar.. :) so far 14 lbs. OFF... :)

Dixie Delights said...

Great...guess I need to add saltines to my grocery list :-)

Special 'K' said...

Oh I can taste them! Thanks... I was trying to be good, lasted only until I read your post! Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

jessica said...

Ooooh!! A friend of mine made these a couple months ago, and I keep 'forgetting' to make them, knowing I would definitely be consuming the entire batch!! These are sooooo good!!

Thanks for making my mouth water early this morning :)


Lynne said...

I need to make these! Thanks for the reminder!

Patty Patterson said...

They look yummy! I'll have to remember to try them sometime soon.

Unknown said...

These look absolutely divine!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Those sound delicious! :) I love saltines and chocolate..so I will be in 7th heaven. None for my friends or hubby...(just kidding!)
Sweet Cheeks likes them?? :)

Maureen Wyatt said...

It's a good thing I don't have any crackers in the house. That looks like the kind of thing where you only mean to eat one! ~ Maureen

Sandy said...

Mmmm it looks really good! I love anything that will make me look skinnier :) Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello and a very special thanks for following via linky. Yes, it went through. I'll have to try this yummy easy treat one day!

Hugs, Sandy

Unknown said...

easy tasty treat Thanks

Sue said...

I had a friend who made these and they are so good and addictive! I think one stick of butter is probably a better idea for me since I'd probably eat them all!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

looks pretty yummy

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I have a similar version using chocolate graham crackers and pecans. These things are addictive. Everyone loves them. I'm going to make this version when my little niece comes back in 2 weeks. She will love it!

Karen said...

Okay you have me drooling. These sound dangerous, I know if I made these I would eat every piece.

Pam Kessler said...

OK, I noticed the TWO sticks of butter and immediately feared for my hips. They do sound wonderful though. Maybe I can make them and freeze them so I only eat one or two a day.

julie - eab designs said...

This is just the recipe I need. Every time I eat chocolate (and I confess, that's often), I immediately head to the pantry to look for something salty. Now I can take care of both cravings at once. Sounds perfect!

Donna said...

Oooooh, you are just plain evil Diana! I think you are trying to fatten us all up! I've made this before with graham crackers, they are just too good, it's hard to stop eating them!!

Nellie said...

Oh, Diana! These are positively lethal! More than once they were the reason for my extra holiday pounds!

Sweet Tea said...

Two of my favorite things "sweet" and "salty".
That sounds WONDERFUL!
Oh YUM!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I like the last part...very funny! ♥

Janet said...

Oh Boy! Those look veeeeeeeeeerry yummy. :)

I may try them. As soon as I can get to the store to get everything. I like chocolate frosting on graham crackers so I may use those first.

Have a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

Take care, Janet W

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, I'm in trouble! I'm still doing thin mints, and now this? Yum!

momto8 said...

I tried something like this before that was supposed to taste like those old time club sandwiches...somehow mine didn't fast like that!! thanks for this recipe that I will give to all my skinny friends.

bj said...

Wow, these sound incredible. I still am wanting to make your sugar butter...now I have another recipe to add. You are making my butt big, woman....:))

outjunking said...

Yum! I made these for my new treat this Christmas and they were a big hit. Yummy.

Red Rose Alley said...

Please come over and visit. I have a surprise for you and SweetCheeks!!!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I couldn't quite get into it until you mentioned exchanging the saltine for the graham cracker. Now we've got ourselves a yummy treat!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I like the combo of sweet and salty so I think I would like them. Thanks for sharing!

patrice longmire said...

TOTALLY over the top girl!!! On my way to the market right now. Thanks for sharing.... I think???? ox