Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sugar Sauce For Bj At Sweet Nothings

Does everyone in
Blogland know and  love
Bj like I do?
Her blog is called

Now, I'm not sure but
I think her blog 
should be renamed.
I think she should call it
The Breakfast Queen.

If you pop by her blog you
will see what I am talking about.

A while back I put out a recipe
She smiled.
She sighed.
She swooned.
She tried the recipe.
She said she was

Well, Bj...
I am throwing out another
baited line for you.
I think your eyes will be
rolling when you and
Mr. Sweet sit around
the breakfast table
scarfing down
eating this.
Sugar Butter
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
½ cup heavy cream
In small saucepan melt butter over medium heat. 
Stir in brown sugar and cook until mixture bubbles. 
Add cream and turn heat down
 so that mixtures stays just below simmering.
Cook for about 10 minutes on low heat
until sugar is completely dissolved
 and the mixture takes on a creamy texture. 
Transfer to a gravy boat and
serve over buttered biscuits.
I'm sure Bj won't mind
if y'all try this recipe along with her.
And, sadly, I don't eat sugar
or flour so you can have
my share.
The real reason I share recipes like this
is because...
the fatter all of  YOU get
the skinnier I look.
See...I am not as daft as I look.
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  1. Too funny. I am knocking off the sugar again so I'll have to pass it on to my supremely skinny friends,

  2. I knew thre was a method to your madness!
    This is wonderful sauce yum!!!!

  3. Oh this really does look amazing but...too much I want to be skinny like you!! smile..


  4. Diana, I can't believe you know how to make chocolate gravy !!!! When we were small, all of us kids loved it. Aunt Helen made the best and her biscuts were to die for. She was kind of mean and snippy, but she loved when we praised her cooking.:):) Thank you for bringing me that memory.xoxo, Susie

  5. Oh My Diana! This is so sweet it would make my heart pound for days. I remember my Grandmom making this when she was out of syrup!
    Yes, BJ is the sweetest and this will make her even sweeter!

    Thanks for fattening us up!


  6. It looks yummy! I'll have to try it someday!

  7. I'll pass on the sugar sauce, I'm trying to cut way back on sugar...but you go ahead and be skinny, I'll stay 'pleasantly plump', lol.

  8. I get the feeling that this Sugar Butter sauce is something that is sinfully delicious! Yum!

  9. Really not fair Diana I came over from BJ's only to see this recipe!!Ha! I am trying so hard to lose 10 lbs. It does not want to come off!

    Art by Karena


    I can not WAIT to try this one, Nana. I would be making it this very minute if I had the thick cream. Gonna get it this evening and will have this SUGAR BUTTER by mornings light !!!

    Thank ya much for the kind words and just so ya know....I love ya!! :))

  11. You have me laughing!!!! The fatter I get the skinnier you look! Now that is a line I will have to remember.

    I LOVE chocolate gravy!! One of our fav breakfast spots serves it over biscuits...swoooooon. YOUR butter gravy looks sinful, but good.

    Yes, BJ is a sweetheart!


  12. Ooh yum! I will however, just watch from afar!


  13. Diana, I love how you write. You are too funny.

    I just love the name of it, Sugar Butter. Mmmmmmmm

    And I love biscuits too. I may try this when I get my oven fixed. I can turn the dials down as far as they go and the heat is still too hot. :( Silly thing. lol

    Have a great week. Take care,Janet W

  14. It sounds splendid, but I can't have it!

  15. Oh my of my grandmothers made this only she poured it over pancakes!
    I can't have sugar and am trying to pass on breads, too! The sugar is not too bad, but passing on breads is a hard, hard thing as I love them!!
    A late happy Pink Saturday!
    ♥ Jil

  16. I remember having this when I was a kid. We also had brown sugar sandwiches...mmm, those were the days!
    I'm trying to cut way back on sugar and flour so I won't be trying it soon, but my imagination is working overtime right now!
    Cutting back on sugar has been hard but do-able but cutting back on bread is nearly impossible! Oh how I crave some warm french bread.

  17. I'm going to send you a bag of sugar if you don't quit posting all of these food posts. Are you trying to kill me? LOL
    Seriously- you couldn't post this one a couple months ago when I could have tried it?????
    Timing- its all about timing. Seems mine stinks, because everywhere I have gone today, its been about food. Evil food.
    I am going to have to grab a sugar free miniature hershey bar now...

  18. You are hilarious Diana. I try, try, try to leave sugar alone (because I ache when I eat it) but I am so weak.
    This looks so good, but I don't think I will be trying it because...I am weak, weak, weak :(
    I baked cookies today and I think I have eaten 8 of them already, and I'm having them for dinner too. I'm weak I tell ya.
    big hugs from me!

  19. You are so funny, Diana! That sugar butter looks SO delicious...

  20. This is funny :-) I am hosting a Giveaway to celebrate my blog's third birthday. Would love for you to drop by. hugs Anu

  21. Oh wow,Diana! How on earth can you make all this yummy looking stuff and not eat it? Sounds like torture to me!!!

  22. Mercy...
    This sounds amazing .

    No Laura No!


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  24. (wiping drool from chin) I'm wondering to myself, just how many miles I would have to run to break even and not gain weight if I eat this... so tempting...

  25. BJ is my FAVORITE! She is super sweet and always eating ice cream for breakfast :) My kind of friend!



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