Monday, March 5, 2012

Romantic Homes Review

I think this has become
my own little

Every month I smile
with anticipation
when I find
Romantic Homes
in my mailbox.
I have let most of my
subscriptions expire over the
past couple of years~
but not this one.
No, indeedy!
This one always makes
my heart skip a beat
when it arrives.

For the
past few months,
I have been doing a
No party to link up to ladies...
Nope~this is a party for one-

I get to pick and choose
the blogs I follow and to
give them a little
just for being there-
just for saying Hi now and then-
just for their sense of style-
just for my own little

So-Here you go~
First up-
This is a new one for me
but I popped right over to visit Rae.
She is a talented gal!
Then, one of my favorite bloggers
umm..I guess that would be
TWO of my favorite bloggers~
Vanessa & Heather are
some of the sweetest sisters ever!
Then there's
You will love Sherry's blog full
of eye candy
You'll also love
Shelly shows off a Florida cottage here~
and wrote a sweet article called
Turn Ons
for this issue.
Gives a whole new meaning
to TURN ON, doesn't it?;>)
And last,
but certainly not least,
let's not forget
 Amy Chalmers
I think every person in
has seen this somewhere.
I, for one,
never tire of looking at it though.

So, there you have it
Ladies & Gems
(I stole that saying from Debbie Doo-
I am such a shameless hussy).
If you haven't visited these ladies
you need to
Tell them I sent you over
and maybe they'll give you
a cookie or something....
maybe not~
 ps~Don't forget to sign up
for my
BLOVE giveaway
your photo name


  1. I love that title "No Minimalist Here". She's going against the current trend. What a rebel!

  2. Fantastic Diana. I like that you do this! So much fun to see who lands in those mags.

  3. Hi Diana,
    I think that you have chosen some of the cream of the crops! All of these girls are so talented and I love their blogs.
    Love Romantic Homes too.


  4. I love your tradition of spreading the word Diana! You get your copy of Romantic Homes first in all of blogland I am convinced!! I am still waiting to see it myself, so thank you for putting up my pic!! I am excited to see all the other bloggers getting their due in these pages!

  5. This is great! Every month when you do this, I always tell myself to go buy Romantic Homes. I always forget, but now I'm going to write it down so I remember!

  6. There was a time a few years ago when Romantic Homes hit a low point ... too much clutter and anything with lace was fair game. I guess they changed editors or something, because it gradually changed back to something wonderful and became something that I eagery anticipate every month. At one time, I had every issue, all the way back to when it was called Victorian Sampler. When we moved, I gave away my collection. With blogs and internet searches, it's not necessary to have a whole library wall of magazines anymore. Since I let my subscription lapse, I guess I have to make a note to pick this up when I make my next run to the store.

  7. I just got mine Saturday, Diana, and I too love to see it in my mail! I just flipped through it quickly. I think this issue had the most bloggers I "know" and/or follow than ever before! I am thrilled for them. I always check out and visit the ones I don't know, too. I am hoping for a day this week where I can sit and really enjoy reading through it.

  8. So much inspiration on your blog. All very talented thanks for the links.

  9. I am going to Barnes and Noble tomorrow and will look for a copy. We can't find good magazines here and have to drive 45 minutes. Our bookstore closed here. I used to love going to B and N amd sit in one of their run down comfy chairs and read away.....they got rid of them......Have a good week.

  10. eeek! Thank you so much for the shout out Diana! AND, for all of you who don't already know how amazingly fabulous and kind Diana is...she even scanned our page from the magazine and emailed it to us since we can't find the new edition anywhere yet! Love you Diana!


  11. Diana
    I have visitied these ladies before and you're right , they have lovely blogs. They're such a treat for the eyes!

  12. I am lucky enough to
    follow a few of these, already,
    but will try to pop by and
    see the others. Enjoy your
    Romantic Homes magazine
    and your party for one : )

    xx Suzanne

  13. diana, thank you so much for getting the word out about the latest RH article about bloggers featured! i am like everyone else, trying to get my hands on a copy! you must be the first to get one for sure. all the best to you sweet lady!



  14. Diana I love several of these blog friends already and will visit the ones new to me!! Thank you!

    Art by Karena

  15. Love your post,thinks you did good! Thanks for sharing Joann
    Please come and follow my new blog,had to delete the old one Joann

  16. Hi Diana, Thank you for sharing these gals with us-many are my favorites too and I'm off to check out the others.
    I so love your blog as well!
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. I love Romantic Homes magazine too. Thanks for the links for some of your favorite blogs. I will have to go check them out. Hope you have a great week Diana.


  18. I sooo agree with you my friend! :) I cant wait to get the newest issue in the mail!! Havea a beautiful day Diana!! xoxo

  19. Thanks for sharing Diana... I found a new blog from your selection.
    I too have kept ONLY Romantic Homes as my one and only..can't wait for it to affair with a great magazine. And, now that I've become more involved with blogging, I actually know some of the lovely people in it. How fun is that? Be still my heart.
    Have a fantastic day...

  20. you are a good blogging friend.

  21. Oh WOW, I love it all and they must be SO excited!!!! I can't get over that chandelier--it is brilliant AND gorgeous!!!

  22. It seems we follow the same blogs! No Minimalist Here has a special spot in my heart. She seemed so friendly that I screwed up my courage to do my first Link Party with her and she was very gracious about my mistakes. ~ Maureen

  23. Great features! I'll visit the ones I haven't already! Thanks so much for your well wishes on my Etsy Shop!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. oh wow!!! I will have to check out that magazine!!! looks amazing

  25. Diana,
    You sure have picked some goodies this time!!!


  26. Love all the gals you mentioned my friend. Cream of the crop and so deserving a big NOD! Talented artisans and bloggers! YUM!


  27. I just got my Romantic Homes mag. in the mail today and can't wait to check it out!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  28. They are all lovely blog ladies, with unique styles. Romantic Homes is a great inspirational mag.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~

  29. that and Romantic Country are my bestest too and I dream dreams of being featured one month. Wellll...actually I am but it's way in the back and I have to pay for it. :)

  30. Diana, You are just the sweetest blogger ever! Thank you so much for the mention and your kind words. I knew my blog was to be featured in the April issue but I still don't have a copy! Thanks again and have a great week.
    xoxo, Sherry

  31. Hi Diana....

    Thank you for letting me know about this and I look forward to seeing the magazine when it arrives, as always!

    You are a sweetheart ♥....xoxo, Janet

  32. hi diana!

    ooh la la! i hope my copy arrives tomorrow!

    happy march


  33. Oh Yes, the girls from "At The Picket Fence" are lovely. I'm going to go check the other ones out now. Have a good week Diana.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  34. I agree , I also have let almost all of my subscriptions expire. There were just very few worth receiving anymore. But Romantic Homes , I kept!
    We are romantic girls at heart for sure!
    Have a pretty day!

  35. What a great idea, Diana! I love that magazine too - it's always inspiring!

  36. Great choice of blogs Diana! I follow most of these girls and have to check out the others!!
    Pamela ox

  37. I sat right down Saturday when My RH arrived and read it. It sure is fun to know the people in the magazine! It is such a small blog world!


  38. Hey there! Hope you're feeling spiffy! You sure sound it!! tee he he!! Anyway, I popped over to say hello and I blove you! (Oh you're not the only shameless one here!)

    Have a grand week, my friend!

    Blessings and blove,

  39. I just got my copy in the mail today, too, always excited to see it in my mailbox! I love seeing what blogs are featured each month. I'll have to pay these a visit! One of these days I bet they will be featuring YOU! They should:)

  40. Fun post! Lots of inspiration on all of those sites!

  41. I must congratulate the ones you recognized as being wonderful and of course get myself over there to visit. It's always nice to find new blogs of note and I know they will be so happy to be recognized for their efforts. How sweet of you to do that! :)

  42. Love this, D~
    Will definitely check out the ones I'm not familiar with!
    P.S. Next time you are at Starbucks, buy an espresso machine and some Starbucks pods! Save your life! Coffee deprivation is no easy way to go. ; )

  43. I am familiar with some of those blogs but some I have never heard of. I went to maisondecor and joined her site immediately...I am looking forward to seeing the other ones that you cited also. Were ALL of those bloggers in the magazine? Thanks for keeping us current.

  44. Hey Sunshine, you do good work! :-)
    I am going to be having withdrawals because MagHound is closing in April. It was a great resource for magazines at a low rate. I have 2 musts ~ Southern Living and Cooking Light. I try others occasionally. As someone else mentioned, RH was so much lace and doilies there for awhile I didn't buy it. I will be taking another look now, thanks to you!

    I'm so thrilled that these great bloggers were featured!

  45. Diana, how are you! We've missed you, we're so busy at the store!! You are such a great blogger friend! How pathetic are we, we still haven't figured out the whole linky party thing! Seriously, you're always so kind to help out others! A BIG hello from me!

  46. I enjoy your blogs and thanks for your shares. I am beginning to follow others you have shared.


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