Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baptizing The Baby

I know I have showed this
Christening Gown
 to you before.
I made it when I was pregnant
with my first daughter and now 
our newest baby grandson
has been baptized in it.
He is number 14 to have
been christened in it.
The lace is Irish and is from
my grandmother's sewing supplies.
The stitching is all satin stitch
and I had 72 hours going down
one side of the overcoat.
We were not able to be
here for the Christening
but we did get some pictures.
This was on FaceBook 
so I can show it here.
I usually do not post pictures
of this grandson and I never
post pictures of my
because of her job with
the federal government.
Look how cute this boyo is
Look how proud his Daddy is!
Are those the cutest cheeks you ever saw?
The baby cheeks not the
big boy cheeks!

The gown is all hand embroidered and 
each child that has been baptized in it
has their name and birthdate 
stitched along the tucking at
the bottom of the gown.
Here is the sweet little onesie that
slips under it.
I am so blessed to have 
grandbabies to fill this gown!
And say....
While I am thinking about it-
I think they need to feed this baby,
don't you?
Couldn't you just kiss that little face off?
Have a blessed Sunday!
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  1. Oh how sweet! The gown you made is wonderful and the fact that all the names are embroidered on is truly fabulous. What an heirloom. Your grandson is adorable and very kissable!

  2. You just want to squeeze his cheeks. The gown is beautiful - how special all your grandchildren have gotten to wear it.

  3. He is just adorable and yes, I love those little cheeks. The gown is exquisite. What a fabulous heirloom. Hugs, Marty

  4. How beautiful....the baby and the gown. This is truly the definition of a "Labor of Love" Enjoy!

  5. What a beautiful christening gown - and that each name is on it is just the most precious thing of all.....
    Just think of how many generations will be putting this on Diana -
    What a gift!

  6. Oh, so precious!! I just want to reach through the screen and give that darling baby a hug! Lucky you to have so many babies entering your family and making the circle grow larger. And the christening gown... traditions passed down are the best! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a cutie pie! I certainly don't want to "kiss that little face off". I prefer nibbling their teeny tiny little toes!

  8. That is amazing... 14 children baptized in it?
    You are truly blessed... you really are!

  9. 14 grandbabies. What a blessing. The little one in the pic with his daddy is precious. Such a sweet little face.

  10. He is just adorable, Diana! How wonderful that this beautiful Christening gown has been used by your family through the generations. And future ones to come. I don't often post pictures of my granddaughter either because my daughter is not comfortable with her photo being on the internet.

  11. It's just beautiful Diana. You did an amazing job on it. We have a christening gown too, made by my MIL. All of her grands have been baptized in it too. I remember her mentioning that we needed to embroider the names and dates of all the babies, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Seeing yours makes me want to find it and do that. What an heirloom! Your grandson is beautiful too. Have a wonderful Sunday!


  12. You are so blessed to have 14 beautiful children baptized in the christening gown made from your grandmothers sewing supplies! What a treasure to have for your family to hand down! Hugs, Penny

  13. How neat with the gown, sure is cherished I'm sure. Love the last picture of him...adorable!

  14. So precious Diana... the gown and the baby... and full of so many beautiful memories... I love that the tradition is still going on... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Nice to know that people are still making family heirlooms. Something you made not that long ago is such a cherished piece of your family history.
    What a adorable face, your so blessed!

  16. What a little sweetheart! How adorable are those big brown eyes and chubby cheeks? The gown you made is amazing, all of that hand stitching, and the names, too! What a treasure you've created, a true family heirloom! Yes, you are very blessed:)

  17. Oh my youngest has cheeks like that. Lovely!! That christening gown is so price-less Diana. You are very fortunate to have that in your possession.

  18. Oh Diana how sweet is that little baby. I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. He is adorable.

  19. Wow! you are so gifted, Diana! what a gorgeous gown! How wonderful that all of the babies wore it.
    Yes....that little baby boy is a cutie pie. I don't know how he still has any cheeks left on his face to kiss!!!

  20. Oh, how beautiful. You are blessed and so are they. What a treasure to have all their names embroidered in your handiwork. Oh yes, the baby is truly adorable!

  21. Oh, my goodness; how absolutely beautiful! I can appreciate all that handwork. My mother made the gown for my two boys, all by hand. Yours is absolutely stunning. I kept saying I would embroider their names, but never did. Maybe I will now!
    Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  22. Everytime I see that gown it fills my eyes and my heart.
    One of the most beautiful labors of love I've ever seen. Simply amazing, that love will go on for generations.

  23. Gorgeous! Our baptism gown only has two names in it but I hope one day to have a whole bunch of grands to fill it up like you :-)

  24. Good Morning Diana, Oh such labor of love and all of the memories of the little ones being baptized in it. I love how you have put the dates and names of each. Your little one is such a cutie pie and I love the color of his hair. His red hair and brown eyes are envied by a lot of people. Did mommy or daddy have red hair? I remember my sil had beautiful red hair. Have a wonderful Sunday. I am off to the nursing home may not be able to go for a few days with more snow on its way. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  25. So beautiful and what a lovely family! We have a christening gown that all of the kids wore and also I still have y first communion veil that many of my girls and nieces wore! It is a treasure to me!

  26. What a beautiful heirloom..It's nice to know that they are still being appreciated..You did a wonderful job..He's such a cherub..

  27. What a priceless heirloom. The gown is beautiful! What a lovely thought to stitch the names and birth dates of all the grandchildren. A cute baby and yes, very hugable!

  28. oh Diana what a precious baby and a treasured memory keeper, you are blessed for certain but so are they to have YOU!!!

  29. That gown is Beautiful and a treasure that will be in your family for years to come and then some ... OMGOODNESS his cheeks are the best. YOU sure have a beautiful family ...and papa looked proud of him too.. Just beautiful ***** YEP your blessed my sweet friend !!!!

  30. What a treasure you created, Diana.
    It's incredibly beautiful, but made even more so by the fact that it was done by your hand over all these years.
    Will someone carry on the tradition in the future? I hope so.
    Does this litle one have a cheeky name, too?
    xo, Tina

  31. Beautiful work and such memories! I appreciate all the hours spent on that dress.

  32. A special gown for some very special babies, Diana! This newest one is absolutely precious! xo Nellie

  33. What a beautiful story! I feel like all the babies who wore this were blessed. You are one amazing seamstress!

  34. Look at the beautiful red hair - he's a cutey. How wonderful the tradition of getting baptized and writing the name within. My daughter's in-laws have a crocheted blanket that has accompanied each grandchild when they are blessed in our church. She was pleased to have it for at least two of her babies but I heard a little ugh this time since it is multi-colored and not pleasing to the eyes.

  35. Definitely cute cheeks! I think it is such a special family tradition to have a christening gown that you made and that is used by so many in the family. All made more special that each name and date is embroidered into the tucks.

  36. Beautiful Diana!What a treasured heirloom!

  37. What a beautiful treasure, that is so special! And yes, those cheeks are adorable...

  38. That is a nice tradition you have started, I like the addition the name to the gown, that shows the history to future generations.
    Those cheeks are very sweet , both sets.

  39. Diana, that gown is just gorgeous! What a wonderful legacy to hand down through the generations.

    He is just adorable with that red hair and chubby cheeks!

  40. That gown is such a treasure! And that sweet baby - oh my!

  41. Diana...the gown is just stunning! What a great treasure and an honor for each new baby to wear it. And this new little grandson is so precious! I know you were beaming with pride and joy!


  42. So Precious! Truly a blessing to have worn a gown that is a treasured family heirloom!

  43. Oh but you are just so blessed with sweet cheeked grandkids! So fun. And I love that the christening gown is handmade and that it is being used by so many - and that their names are added to it! What a wonderful keepsake!

  44. How precious! You are a blessed woman, indeed! And all these sweet babies are blessed to have YOU as a grandmother. Every blessing to all of you!

    P.S. Yes, I think they do need to feed this poor wee one. . . such a skinny little thing. :) Isn't it wonderful to see a baby who is well-loved?

  45. Yep, I'm calling the authorities...Starving baby!

    How incredible that each baby get their name embroidered...What an heirloom!! Pretty soon it will by the babies babies, babies!


  46. He is beautiful. Handsome son as well. Wonderful tradition.

  47. He looks like he could be on an antique Kellogg's box! SO sweet!

  48. Hi Diana,
    This has to be the most beautiful christianing gown I have ever seen. You are amazingly talented and what a wonderful accent to add the names of each baby to have been baptised in it.

    How darling is this precious little baby boy. He has those kissable cheeks. What a sweetheart.
    You are blessed my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  49. Kisses wanted indeed! That's how I am with my 6 mnth old grandson, Will. He is so chubby and has those 'gotta kiss' cheeks. I actually thought the big boy had cute cheeks too. lol! The gown is a precious treasure! Love how all of the names have been embroidered. An heirloom for sure!
    Congrats my friend!

  50. I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks! Gorgeous baby! I love that the gown has all the names and dates stitch on it, what a treasure!

  51. That is the sweetest! How meaningful to use this same gown and pass it on!
    It is really beautiful.

    Thanks for telling me nothing was there- it was Tasha Tudor's Garden
    UTube video - and I really didn't know what I was doing so I deleted it!

  52. How special! I love that all the names are stitched on the gown...what a wonderful keepsake for all the generations to admire. He is so cute! A little Gerber baby!

  53. Just think, one of these days, Sweet Cheeks little ones will wear that gown.

  54. So special,and what a little cutie. Rich with blessings! Jane

  55. Definitely a smoochable little face! Handwork that is passed down and enjoyed by the family is the exactly the way it should be <3

  56. I'd love to kiss those precious cheeks!

  57. You are so blessed and your family is so blessed to have you!~~~Roxie

  58. Oh my gosh, that christening gown is a family treasure! You cannot pay enough money to buy that kind of skill, love and tradition. Both of them have sweet, lovable cheeks!

  59. What a beautiful baby! The gown is gorgeous. What a wonderful tradition!Pinch those little fat cheeks for me! :)

  60. I love the tradition of adding all the names to the gown. How wonderful to be passed down. Do you have a link to the first post. I would love to see it on a babe!

  61. I've told you before, but I just love this gown and the tradition that has been kept for all these years and babies! It is beautiful and such a lovely family heirloom.

  62. SO beautiful and sweet! you are a Blessed woman!!!

  63. This Christening gown is so special, Diana, and the fact that it's been worn by all the kids is amazing. Your Grandson's cheeks are adorable. My son had those same cheeks when he was a baby. Don't ya just want to squeeze and kiss them? Happy Monday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  64. What a beautiful baby and a gorgeous gown! How special that is to have had so many family members Christened in it! A wonderful family tradition plus embroidering all of their names and dates on the dress us just precious! A priceless heirloom for sure! Love that! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  65. What a sweet gown and I love that all the names are embroidered on it. What a family treasure. You are so very blessed.

  66. Oh Diana what a beautiful heirloom. And those cute cheeks are munchable... the baby cheeks of course!

  67. Oh those cheeks!!
    Loved seeing this gown again, it's a beautiful treasure!

  68. Your Grandchildren are so beautiful all of them. This is a sweet beautiful child.

    Give him a wee cheek kiss from me.


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