Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who's Still An Irish Elf Even After St. Patrick's Day

I know.
I know.
I know.
For most of you 
St. Patrick's Day
is over and done with.

For some of us...
It is an ongoing journey.

You see,
we have a couple of 
Little Leprechauns
that will always look

You remember 
And here's little
Notice the red in the hair?
And here he is dressed for the day.
And what is THIS boy
looking so shocked about?
Well, he's surprised that
Nana didn't do the drawing
for the giveaway last night.
Well, because there was 
illness in the family and
SweetCheeks,  Ria
and Lulu
all went home early.
No princess costume..
No drawing...
Sorry Ladies!
I will do the drawing 
later this week
for the
BLOVE giveaway.
So...don't quit
on me, okay?

If I can't get SweetCheeks
over here to do the drawing
in the next day or so I am going
to have to stuff myself into
my old Princess costume..
and let me tell ya..
It Ain't Gonna Be Pretty
there will be a drawing!
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  1. Most adorable little Irish elves! BigBoyE is having a delightful time there :) I have a (curly) red head grandson and we have often said he looks like a leprechaun.

  2. Those boys are so cute, and who got sick?
    Well, I was hoping for girl pics this morning and the latest drama from a certain little imp, but guess that will have to wait.
    I hope you aren't the one down.

  3. Diana, Sorry someone is sick. Love the pictures of your sweet little boys. So you hung on to your old princess outfit??:):)Smiles, xoxo, Susie(She Junks)

  4. what a cute couple of Irish sweeties, hope all is well today.

  5. Hope everybody gets to feeling better. Think that it's ok to wait for Sweet Cheeks to do the drawing. Have a good day.

  6. Hope they are feeling better this morning.
    But, you know, I'd love to see you in your princess costume, pretty or not.

    Those boys are adorable! And BBE has changed so much in the last few months.

  7. "Your" red-haired boys are just so darn cute! Thanks for sharing their photos.

  8. Look at how big Charles In Charles has gotten! Those squeezable and kissable cheeks!

  9. They are such cute little guys, love the red hair.

  10. Sorry the celebration had to be cut short. here is hoping who ever got ill is feeling better!

  11. So, soooooo cute !! Sorry about the illness in your family (hope they're alright), and I'm sure you'd look awesome in your Princess costume !!

  12. Those little leprechauns are too darn cute!

  13. Sweeet! Hugs and wishes for a beautiful day. P.S. I hope you will stop by and say hello and enter the latest giveaway too.

  14. You have the most adorable grandkids! You are truly blessed, friend!

  15. You are so blessed, one is as cute as the other...but then too are blessed to have a magical nana who makes everything so darn fun!

  16. Although I hope that everyone gets well soon, I would love to see you in your princess costume. You would make a beautiful princess. :)


  17. Oh Diana,

    What adorable little leprechauns! Boy, Charles in Charge hasn't missed many bottles, has he? So adorable, all of your boys are! And your girls are just the sweetest!

    Oh Diana, can you tell I'm missing mine right now! Two weeks and then Grandma has them for the entire week! Woo hoo!

    We love you, you know that right? Do us a favor though, okey dokey?? Just put the crown on your head and wave the wand, let's not try getting in the dress or the shoes. The beauty would just be too, too much for us. I mean, you don't want us all to be so jealous of your 'girlish' figure . . .

    Have a wonderful new week, and hopefully Sweet Cheeks will be over on Monday!

    Blessings, Diana,
    Gentle hugs,

  18. Too cute for words Diana! Sorry I have been out of the loop. This change to word press has me a bit razzled. My new URL is Everyone that had me on their blog roll has to change it to this. I am not coming up anymore.

  19. Well, you could always stuff your Hero into the Princess costume, and have him do the drawing!!!!!

  20. Thank you, Diana for stopping by! Please come back and visit often.

  21. Those are some mighty cute leprechauns!

    I'm kind of hoping you have to don the princess know, for laughs and all! LOL

  22. Diana, I enjoyed seeing your boys in their Irish clothes. I love your little one with his red hair. Both of your boys are adorable and I hope your family is well soon. Take care Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  23. As nice as it is to see those adorable kiddies, it would be fun to see you dressed as the fairy! ~ Maureen

  24. I think you would make a great Princess! Your Leprechauns are adorable! I do hope everyone is feeling better soon! Take care.

  25. LOL..well I just think that would be something to see you as a Princess. Heck, I was Mrs. Claus a few years ago and it was so much fun...
    You sure do have some cuties in your family..lovin that red hair.
    Have a wonderful week, hope everyone is feeling better,

  26. The wedding festivities around here rather cut back on our usual St. Patrick's Day fun, and I am always happy to see some cute little Irish elves!:-)

  27. How adorable are your babies.
    I love these pictures and post.
    Hope your well and you have a wonderful week

  28. Hi Diana ,lovin your little munchkins xxx do hope all is well soon ox Until next adventure, Kris

  29. Too cute~ they are precious and so fortunate to have you in their lives... I would have loved to have had that growing up!
    Sending get well mermaid dust!!
    Gypsea Nurse

  30. Mighty cute little guys. :)

    Sorry that someone is sick, I hope they get better fast.

    Thank you for letting me use the pic and limerick. I will go to that post and copy it soon. :)

    Have a great week.

    Take care, Janet W

  31. Oh, Diana, I sure hope everyone is feeling better! ♥ I have one of those little Irish boys (Grandson), too ~ carrot red hair! We are blessed, indeed ~ :)
    Have a lovely week, my friend!

  32. So sorry to hear about the illness. Is everyone okay?

  33. I wanna see you in that princess costume. It will be worth all the rice in China. Hugs,


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