Monday, March 26, 2012

Setting A Spring Table

Well, whilst I was
dragging the Easter stuff out 
of the basement bins,
I was also moving things
around in the china hutches.
Why?  Well, because
 we all know that
don't we?

in the midst of all that is going on
do I do this to myself?
I thought it was time to 
bring out a couple of
bunnies to 
dress up the center of the table.
Look at their cute little faces!
They looked so cute there
I thought they should be surrounded
by other lovely Spring pieces.
So~ then I dragged out my old dishes
that I haven't used for several years.
Garden Party by Pfaltzgraff.
You know I have had these for almost
20 years and I still love them.
I always used them in the 
Spring and Summer months.
The ruby thumbprint glasses
belonged to Gramma Hazel.
And another little sugared bunny 
jumped in to join the fun.
It is fun to see the table all set.
A little close up of the florals.
Now-Here is 
it will take 
SweetCheeks to discover that
there are 
M&M's in the flower base
that rests just below the bunnies?
When do you think I will discover 
that they have all been eaten 
unbeknownst to me?
your photo name


  1. Love the table and the bunnies. Knowing SC LOVES candy- the child has a nose for it like her Nana can sniff out a Starbucks, they will be gone just like that- snapping my fingers.
    You will be right on top of it, bag in hand to refill again, cause that's the kind of Nana you are, pretending to be astonished at how fast they disappear.
    Now, off with you to check that bowl!

  2. Those candies are history, you may as well consider them gone already lol! Gorgeous table setting! I love your sweet bunnies!

  3. Not long and not long for you either!!

    Pretty table....

  4. You'll secretly be watching and know the moment they start to disappear.

    Cute Bunnies, and beautiful table.

  5. Your table and your dishes are so pretty!

    As far as Miss Sweet Cheeks goes, I give her about a minute or two to discover the M&Ms.

  6. What a lovely Easter table!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  7. Stunning table! I give sweet cheeks 30 seconds. Kids have a homing device for m & m's.

  8. It always makes me laugh when I read a post from you....and it is soooo close to a post that I am writing or have just written....Love your bunnies etc. I can't put out the candy AT ALL...and the culprit is ME! Have a great day!

  9. Very pretty Diana! And I'm guessing you'll be refilling that bowl frequently!

  10. Such a pretty table, Diana!
    I posted a link on my blog to you are one of my GIVEAWAY winners.

  11. Hi Di,
    Very pretty table. M&M's are so delicious!

  12. Nana Diana opens the front door, Sweetcheeks enters. Candy radar activates...SC zeros in on candy. Oh maybe 5 minutes at the most.Smiles, xo, Susie

  13. Diana your table is just beautiful , everything lookslike it was made for each other.I love the bunnies and the dishes and the M& M's won't last long at all, I'm sure Sweet Cheeks candy detector will sniff those out right quick, by by M& M's

  14. BEAUTIFUL! And I think Sweet Cheeks will discover those M&M's rather quickly. 10 Minutes tops! She seems like the type that wouldn't let anything good slip by her!

  15. Haha! You know kids pick up on the scent of candy very quickly, Diana! They will be gone before she leaves her next visit to you. You better eat what you want now! : ) I LOVE your bunnies! I have so many myself that I keep out year round. Those napkins are too pretty to use; they work so great on your table.

  16. Oh my Diane, this is such a cute table! And I think if you look again today, those M&M's might just be all gone :O)
    But you, know its what Sweet Cheeks does, that's her job!
    Hugs and have a beautiful Easter!

  17. Your table looks beautiful. I love those glasses and that they belonged to your grandmother. The bunnies are so sweet. And, that candy wouldn't last long on my table, for certain.

    Have a blessed day, friend. :)

  18. It wouldn't be Sweet CHeeks that would get them first if they were would be me. I won a chicken feeder with a mason jar. I filled it with M and M's....they disappeared so fast.....but it wasn't me that time.
    Pretty are ready early.
    Make sure and read my post today. Its about S.C.'s twin.

  19. I love how Grandma Hazel glasses brighten up the tablescape! Everything looks fab! I guess the m&m's are already gone!

  20. Very lovely. Your grandma's ruby glasses are so special. M&M' of my favs!

  21. Beautiful tablescape Diana~ I love all the bunnies, from this post & the past one~ I don't have any Easter type decorations, not sure why!
    My guess on the M&M is they are already gone & you noticed it when you saw the chocolate on Sweet Cheeks face~
    I also wanted to tell you that I am planning on making that Onion Soup recipe, I love that it sounds EASY~
    I can carmalize onions, Yes I can!
    Have a wonderful week

  22. How will you know if she ate the candies or the rabbits did? Those are such pretty dishes and the tablescape is lovely! ~ Maureen

  23. Your table looks divine... just like those M&M's!

  24. Very pretty Diana!! LOVE those sweet little bunnies! I had the same dishes as you, my MIL bought them for me over 15 yrs ago. I just gave them away last year when I bought new everyday dishes.

  25. What a lovely table, Diana! When is it that you expect Sweet Cheeks at your house next? Give her a few minutes. She sounds like the kind of girl who comes equipped with an M&M radar.:-)

  26. Your table is so pretty but how nice of you to put m&m's out for the bunnies!

  27. I think she has sugar radar, too. I don't think there's much that SC misses out on!

  28. Looove the table, the bunnies are super cuuute.. :))lol - great M&M idea ;))

  29. Well, I can smell the chocolate all the way from here, so I give SweetCheeks about ten seconds to find them. Cute table. The Garden Party china is perfect for Easter.

  30. What a pretty table all set for Easter. I love all the pinks that you used.

  31. Well Diana, if those M&M's were in my house, they would already be gone!

    Your spring table looks so beautiful! Love your pretty dishes, and sweet bunnies.

  32. Hi Diana,

    I love your dishes and the table looks great.

    Well, considering the fact that I noticed the M & M's right away :) I think SweetCheeks will too. Kids are like that. :)

    MMMMM now I need some chocolate and I don't have any. :( I guess I will have to find my Chocolate post and sit here and stare at the goodies there. Especially the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I have been drooling over that since I made that post. Even as recent as 4am this morning. LOL

    Oh dear, I'd better stop. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  33. It will take her about 30seconds to find them!!!
    Your table is just gorgeous Diana! I love love bunnies and have quite a collection since Sam was born in the year of the Rabbit! Too bad they are packed away in our storage area and of course it is the box at the bottom of the pile!!
    I might have to buy a new one!!
    Pamela xo

  34. Well, if I were invited, I'd know those M&Ms were there and they'd be gone while your back was turned. But you already know that, don'tcha, D? lol! You truly set a gorgeous table though, sweetie. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  35. Your table looks so lovely! I love those glasses - gorgeous. And bunnies - I love bunnies and you're right, those bunnies have very sweet faces.


  36. I predict those m&m's will be gone pretty quick. I love the glasses. I have my grandmother's set, too.

  37. Diana , The spring /Easter tables and decorations are my Favorite! Great job! I give you credit that the m &m's made it to the dish!
    Have a pretty day!

  38. What a pretty table you have set, Diana! I'm glad to see that you are doing fun things, just for you!! I bet those m&ms are already gone, aren't they! I'm gonna hop right on over to your house one of these days:)

  39. Beautiful table Diana!
    Love the china, the bunnies and in our house hubby would have eaten all the m-m's!

  40. The table setting looks fun and inviting. I dont get much chance to set a fancy table but when I enjoy the process of try different things, adding and taking away while photographing. I really enjoy your easter theme.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  41. Diana, LOL, you know that candy is going to be gone before you know it! Your table looks gorgeous!

  42. You did stash some away for yourself didn't you?!!
    LOVE those dishes!!

  43. You make me wish Spring and Easter would last forever. It's all so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!

  44. Oh I love your table setting, Diana! So darling!

    It doesn't matter when Sweet Cheeks finds the M&M's, as Nana will magically filled them up and she will think the Easter Bunnies come to life at night when no one is around and does this for her!

    I love having the wee ones around so they can bring the simplicity back into our lives!

    Thank you for sharing with us Diana!

    Easter Blessings,

  45. What a gorgeous, gorgeous table setting, A M A Z I N G job! xo ~Liz

  46. Diana,
    Love this tablscape and those glasses are to die for!
    What a treasure to have!
    The Blog lists looks good!! "wink"



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