Sunday, November 13, 2011

Okay- I Don't Do This Often! A Gathering Place Giveaway!

Matter of fact, I don't think
I EVER have done this.

I don't sign up for many
(because I have been
given so much)
 but this is
one I LOVE.
and I LOVE it because
I want it for someone very
special in my life- ME!

Don't look TOO hard cause I
But you CAN click on it to enter the drawing. I instructed
blogging about it.

Do you KNOW my friend, Rebecca
over at A Gathering Place?
She is SOO talented...
and sweet...
and loving.

She is having a giveaway
and YOU have a chance to win. 
 I don't WANT you to win..
(cuz I want to win myself)
but I am wishing you the best.

Pop over here and sign up
for the drawing. I think
I should win?
Well, because the drawing is
at Midnight on 12/11/11... the time she is
done drawing it will be
I'll be another year older...

yeah..and then there's that....
your photo name


  1. Well, well- you older? You surely jest...
    And you want this? Ok, I am going to go sign up...if I win, it will be shipped to you. But it's for your birthday and Christmas and Easter.

  2. It's lovely! I hope you win it for your upcoming birthday! :-) And I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. As Tete said, if I win, it would be shipped to you............ but since I never win, that won't be happening.
    It is quite lovely, I must say, but doesn't fit in with my decor, early yard sale....

  4. It's beautiful and I hope you win it! Good luck!!!

  5. ooo, thats lovely,, I will cross my fingers for you!!!

  6. It's beautiful...good luck! I hope you win!

  7. Diana...Stop crying about your age , you young baby. You could be old as dirt, like me.
    LOL. I loved the cases....went over to look and slobbered all over them , like my daughter's big ol' dog.:):) I have no clue as how to make a you can be the winner:):):) Susie

  8. What a delightful birthday gift this would be for you!!!! Just lovely!

  9. I hope you win! That would be such a sweet birthday gift. It really is beautiful. And hey.... we (all of your readers) could enter and if we win we could just have them send it to you as a birthday gift. Hmmmmm..... sounds like a plan. I'll go enter.

  10. Miss D...You have a slew of supporters my friend. Gosh...wish I was giving 10 away (I'd be dead!) many sweet ladies have entered! Blessings to you girly...

    Thank you for posting about the giveaway. You bless me!


  11. Hope you win that lovely train case. I have to go check out how she makes that.

  12. We're all cheering for you to win.
    What a great birthday present for a lovely lady!

  13. Hi Diana,
    Oooh, this would be perfect for holding my crafting supplies! And since you said that you didn't need it, that only means one thing: I must sign up so that I can win! teeheeeee! Thanks for the heads up, I'm going over right now to enter for this beauty:)

  14. Hi Diana!

    What a lovely piece!! I would enter but I have no room for anything more in my house lol :) plus, I want a sweetie like YOU to win!! I am pulling for you :)

    Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving the sweetest comments ever! I love hearing from you, you always make my day! I'm so excited for you about the dollhouse, they really are so much fun and very addicting :) Plus once they are done they are such sweet little pieces of art that make great conversation pieces and hold such nostalgia too! When you start working on yours posts lots of pics so we can follow along! Happy Retirement too my friend! I am so happy for you!

    Big Hugs! Cynthia xo

  15. How sweet!! I have my fingers crossed for you!


  16. That is so cute and you should be the winner, esp. on your birthday when you turn a year "younger".
    I have a brown one like that.
    So funny as yesterday on the trainy thing at Denver airport a man was carrying a bright red one. It looksw like it had been painting as it sure was an ugly red.
    Then there was a man, very scary looking one that I thought to myself.......he could be a terrorist for sure. He was dressed strangely. looked mean, and carrying an old Little Mermaid backpack.
    No kidding.
    And guess what, he sat down by me . Thank goodness he boarded another plane.
    Good luck on the win.

  17. Very charming and my fingers are crossed for YOU to win it!

  18. Oh, I really hope you win. What a wonderful birthday present that would be. Hugs,

  19. Diana,
    I visited yesterday and signed on as a new follower. I love it when you visit me and decided to come visit you. I saw the give away and decided to enter. Thanks for sharing it with us. Looking forward to our visits.
    Elizabeth @ The Porcelain Rose

  20. Darn it Diana! I missed it. Happy Birthday to you!!! Guess what November 12th is special to me too. It was our 39th anniversary.
    I hope your day was wonderful.

  21. Well that is just beautiful and so feminine. Good luck! I hope you win, it would be a great birthday present.

  22. Oh no...I can't enter as I want you to have this as your birthday present!

  23. i totally understand your love of this piece -- it's just gorgeous!! i'll hop on over and hope to win so that i can give it to a great blogger-friend of mine. wink wink!!!

  24. I think you should win, especially because of this wonderful post! What an adorable train case! so you! Good luck sweetie!


  25. Hi Diana,
    I know--isn't this beyond gorgeous!!!! Now, you need to start buttering Rebecca up--you have about a month! LOL Hopefully, you can help her rig the automatic number generator--LOL

  26. Diana, You deserve to win that case for your
    birthday! It's beautiful and the best of luck..

    Flora Doora

  27. Hi Diana,

    I finally got the follower link to work. Now you'll never get rid of me :)
    a birthday you say? so - you're gonna be 29 right? thats about how old ya look so yea- we'll just stick with 29..

    Let me go to the site you posted and help you win that lovely case. I'm keeping all my body part that will cross- crossed for ya giggle.

    thanks so much for visiting me. Its always good to see your smiling face.


  28. Good luck to you is a beautiful giveaway! Next year's date 12-12-12!! I was 10-10-10 last year!


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