Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday MamasBoy! We Love You~

I am copying most of a post I wrote last year
for MamasBoy's birthday.  Thought some new
readers might like to see THIS ONE!

November 23,1979

The day after Thanksgiving.
I was so tired from cooking all day
that when I woke up Friday
morning and my back ached,
I didn't think much about it.
Even though it was my
due date,
I wasn't sure I was in labor.
I still wasn't sure when I went to the hospital
even though you were my 4th baby
and you were due.
I'm in labor?
Alrighty then~
You were an easy baby
and got a 10 right off the bat.
Your Dad was so proud to have a son
after having two little girls.
You were an easy baby-
easy-going, happy, sweet.
At one year old you loved
your little rocking horse.
Which got left behind when
we moved to Florida.
You were crushed!
You loved the swimming pool.
One day I was all ready to go on
an appointment.
I was dressed to the nines,
nylons, heels,
hair done, makeup on.
I leaned over to say goodbye
to the girls in the pool
and you walked up
behind me and pushed me in.
Everyone laughed..
including me..
although I should have
probably throttled you back then,
before your "tricks" got worse.
You were SO sad when we told you
that you were too big for
a sink bath.

But happy to trot off to Christian
nursery school
three mornings a week.
We thought it would be good for
you to have someone to play with
besides your sisters.

One day we turned around
and you were five.

At six you loved playing ball.
And although you played soccer
for ELEVEN years..
(yes I was a soccer Mom..
I never missed a match)
I could not find a single
picture of you in your soccer uniform.

You were a rabbit
for so many years that I lost track
of how many bunny costumes I made.

The years flew by.
Soon you were a young teen.
A kind young teen.
You were kind to your family,
to kids you didn't know,
to animals,
to your elders..
you were just a kind young man.

Suddenly you were driving.
I think this is the Saturn..
you know the one..
the one that Saturn replaced
the motor in twice..
and you had bought it
gently used.
After the 2nd motor was replaced you
sold it and made more on it
than what you had paid.
(because it had a new engine in it)

However, my favorite car story..
entails you taking a Fiero
(that looked no where near as nice
as the one pictured here)

AND you decided
in December..
that you wanted a convertible took a SawzAll and cut
the top off...Yes you did..
And you drove it all winter..
then sold it to some
poor sucker.

We had some wonderful times
in the house on Quincy..
this was taken one Mother's Day..
Boy! Wish I were 50 again!!

And you were tickled when your older
brother gave you a niece to love.

You were always up for a party..
like your sister's birthday.
your best audience..

well, next to me and your
sister, Mimi, that is.

Then, you decided to take your guitar
and go on the road with a band.
You traveled around for about a year,
and played some pretty  good music
You are a great entertainer..
you have certainly kept us "entertained"
all these years...if you count extra
gray hairs as entertainment.

But then, being a homebody,
you came home to stay.
Just when we least expected it
you found the love of your life..

And, the best part, is
we love her too!

However, being the unpredictable soul
you are you grew your hair out
and decided
to play music and open a
music store in Door County.
Your sister, Mimi..always
(and still) thinks
you are almost as funny as
she is.

We were over the moon
when you married
the girl we all love. your sisters have
children you are a
wonderful Uncle..
because you still have a lot of
'KID' in you. you get older...I know
that you are looking forward
to owning THIS someday..

You even give SweetCheeks a ride in it
sometimes just so you can enjoy it...

But-It's not gonna be your birthday present
this year cuz...
I might be OLD but
I ain't dead yet!
Happy Birthday, Son!
You are loved!
(But not enough to get my car)

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  1. Happy birthday to MamasBoy- again. Loved this post last year. Has it been a year already? Have a great time tomorrow and blog the left overs!

  2. i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...

  3. haah! I loved this ode to a mommas boy~I think he will save this post forever! Now that is one sweet ride Diana, and I think he will have to wait a lot longer to get his hands on it!!

  4. Hi Diana,

    This post brought tears to my eyes.

    Reminds me of a song stepping through the stages of a little boys life until he is a man.

    I too have a son. So I can relate.

    I am sure he will print this post out and treasure it forever.



  5. so beautiful, just beautiful ,

  6. This is simply delightful Diana! I loved reading it and seeing all of the pics!
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving too!

  7. This is so sweet! So wonderful to see some of the memories that are so special to you. You can see in each photo just how much he is loved. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with your family all around the same table laughing and sharing all the love you and your husband have given to them. You my dear are delightful!

  8. It was wonderful to read about such beautiful memories!

    Wishing you and you family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! (and a Happy Birthday to your son!)


  9. I enjoyed reading about your young man. Happy birthday to him :):) Smiles to all, Susie

  10. Happy Birthday to your "baby" boy and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Your Friend, m.

  11. What a lovely post. Happy birthday Mama's Boy!

  12. This was an awesome post. MY baby boy turns 19 tomorrow on Thanksgiving. We are blessed.

  13. You tell a terrific story and write marvelous poems. HB to your son! Anne

  14. What a sweet post! I guess I missed it, but then, we've had a house full and things have been sort of crazy here.


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