Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Kisses And Thumbthing Special

Look at these little feet!
Even on as 10 pounder..
the feet aren't all that big.
I'd say Mom was
"engaged" in some fun activities
with the new one.
oh-I just crack myself up
Is there anything sweeter
than a new Mama's kisses?
Here's our little Boyo-
Charles In Charge!
He is home now.
He is SUCH a good baby!
No newborn clothes for this one...
he went right into the
3 month size outfits.
He is sturdy!
As you can see-
we got kind of a routine
going on already.

We got him all set up
for some newborn pictures
and BigBoyE was
watching to make sure
they treated
BabyC right.
I will have to show you
those pictures later....
I don't have a way to scan them in here.

Back at home~our BabyC
has already discovered a way
to soothe himself.
His thumb!
He already found his thumb!
Can you believe it?
BigBoyE thinks THAT is
pretty funny..
cuz he is a bit of a thunb sucker, too.
Hmmm..wonder if BabyC had
a little "help" finding his thumb?
Cuz he doesn't look any too happy
about finding it if you ask me!
Well, I guess it is better than
hitting the Bailey's Irish Cream
if you know what I mean.
Which reminds me...
I have to go now~
your photo name


Tete said...

Geez, is he big! Oh my gosh, girl, you better be fast feeding that one. He's got some serious hair going on there, too! I think he's going to fit right in with the rest of you.

LDH said...

so, so, so, so precious! Can you tell I think those little ones are so precious?!?

Anonymous said...

So-o-o-o Adorable ! !
Happy Thanksgiving ! !

Anonymous said...

He is so sweet and BigBoyE keeping an eye on things is adorable.

Pam said...

The rings on the toe photo is adorable. I'm surprised that they didn't have you do the new baby photo shoot.

Karen said...

sooo adorable. love that first shot!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

He is just adorable, Diana! Wouldn't it be great that since he jumped ahead to the 3 month size outfits he also jumped ahead to a 3 month old sleeping schedule?! : )

Gina said...

What a doll! So very precious. God Bless Baby Charles.

Simply Debbie said...

A PRECIOUS MIRACLE that takes me back to when my babies were new born. I just stared and studied each little toe and finger.
The picture with the rings on his toes is so sweet. I LOVE the picture of his brother looking over him.

Anonymous said...

what a beauty, he's is a big boy for sure.The shot with therings is amazing, perfect!

Jettie said...

That boy was hungry, get something quick, maybe a bologna sandwich and a bag of chips...

He is adorable. And it looks as if Big Boy E is going to keep an eye on Baby C to make sure no mistreatment is going on.

Kathy said...

Oh Diana so so special, I have a little Charles 18 months and another one on the way due Christmas....isn't this just the best part of life being a nana!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

He's such a beautiful baby! That's so sweet that his big brother is protective already.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh that is the best thing ever and I had one of those big ones. 10 1/2 lb. girl. She is now tall as the sky and skinny as could be. Have a blessed Holiday!!

Patty said...

Awwwwww.....such a sweetie! And Ethan looks like he is doing a great job as a big brother! Can't wait to see those pictures.

Debby said...

I love those little wrinkled feet. I am known in my family to have a baby foot fetish. I love to smell their tiny feet. He is adorable. That face is so precious. He looks very alert for a newborn. Baby E. looks like he likes his little brother.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Hi Diana, Congrats on the newest Grand.... He Is Adorable ~ You are surely Blessed, Happiest of Thanksgivings to You & Yours.... xox

Mark said...

Ahhhh. I can smell that new baby smell from here. Kiss his cheeks for me!

Donna said...

Eats, poops, sleeps, and gets lots of lovin'! Way too cute! How's big brother doing these days? Hasn't asked for him to be put back yet?

Your Little Charles in Charge is as big as my last two boys were combined! Albert came in at 6.7 and Jeff at 4.10! Mine were a bit on the itsy side!

So many blessings,

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

a Big boy and look at all that hair! Happy happy Thanksgiving Diana to you and yours. xo

Kathy said...

Oh! Diana! He's beautiful! So big! Cherish each moment - he'll grow fast!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

Too cute, Diana! It doesn't take long for them to fit right in, does it.
They grow sooo fast.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

He is precious, Diana.... both a are! Couldn't you just hold him and play with him and never get anything done! Congratulations to all!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Love of the Sea said...

What a cutie. Just adorable. You must be so happy to have him in your life!! XO Happy Thanksgiving.

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Charles is adorable! I can see what you've been doing lately. Spoiling the little ones and that is what you should be doing. You have such a beautiful family Diana. Happy Turkey Day.


A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Diana...I LOVE that first photo!
He is just precious!

A Vintage Vine said...

His cheeks are incredible! How fun to have him in your life! Blessings to all your family during this holiday season!

Annesphamily said...

He is so cute! What a chubby fellow! Our little guy is so long and thin but can he eat! I could kiss on a sweet baby all day long! What a darling post!