Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless Our Veterans Today And EveryDay

I am ashamed that I don't
always think about what the cost
is for my freedom.

I don't always think about
the person that laid
down their life so that
I can enjoy the freedoms
this country allows.

I don't always think about
the day-to-day struggles that
some of our veterans must deal with...
the physical, emotional, spiritual end
of it.

I do think about my Father,
a vet of WWI (yes-WWI)-
He was a young man in the service
and an old man when I was born (53).

I do think about my Uncle Samuel,
that fought in the Korean War~
but I don't ever remember him
mentioning it.

I do think about my foster brother, Gene,
that was part of the war in Vietnam...
the war that wasn't a war,
or so they say.

I do think about my nephew, Scott,
that suffered permanent damage
when he was fired on as
he was guarded one of
Sadam's palaces.

I do think about Jordan, a relative
of Marcia's over at
BlessedMom's simple home.
You can catch the update here
A man who has given more than
most of us can imagine.
And, I do think about a man
that has a
that I met in my blog travels...
you know when you hit that
Next Blog button on the top..
This is a man that gave it all
for his country...
and is now but a shadow
of his former self, on the outside..
Inside- he is a fighter of the
greatest magnitude.
He lives a hard life but asks
for no pity or sympathy.
Let's just say his blog ain't purty..
but it is gritty and real.

Today, I hope  to
raise a salute to every man or woman
that fights for all of us.
God Bless Our Veterans
and those that are serving
our country today.

Without you- we have no hope.
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  1. Diana, AMAZING POST!!! Thank you for this beautiful and poignant tribute to the most heroic people of all who give up their lives every single day for our liberties and freedoms.They do not get nearly enough recognition!!! I support Wounded Warrior because I love their mission and there needs to be more of this type of thing, it is so incredible what these people do and how many shattered lives there are, its heartbreaking. I pray for each and every one of them.
    Thank you.

  2. Awesome! I went to see Kurt! Wow!

  3. Hello Diana, Yes, we need to thank all of our people in uniform today. My daughter's class is having a tribute to vets. She's the teacher and says the children need to know that vets are to be honored. Susie

  4. God Bless those that protect our freedom.

  5. God bless our veterans indeed. We are having dinner tonight with one and I plan on firmly shaking his hand and thanking him from the bottom of my heart.

    On another note, congratulations!! You, Diana, are one of the two winners I chose for the 11/11/11 Starbucks Giveaway. ;) Woo-hoo!!! Please email me with an address to mail your gift. Thx.
    Enjoy your day!!

  6. Thanks for shaking my memory about our veterans and our freedom they all fought for. I also had family who fought, but sometimes it's so easy to forget. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you can.

  7. Nana, thanks for dropping by my site. I did laugh after reading your post - never realized I didn't have my name posted (LOL). I met Debbiedoo's - wonderful site for rookies like me :-). Thanks for your kind words and for following.

  8. Went to visit Kurt... :..............( SALUTE!

    Beautiful post!


  9. Oh gosh, Diana, what an AMAZING post and tribute!! This is the most beautiful post, Diana.

  10. Thank you so much for this post Diana, and for honoring Jordan here too. We appreciate all the prayers for him. What a difference they have made in his life.

  11. Oh yes, God Bless our heroes!

  12. Perfectly said, from the heart and I love it! I'm such fanatic about supporting our military and it's wonderful to read how very much you have appreciated all of them, especially those mentioned above. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend!


  13. What a beautiful post Diana. I have no words to add to it. But to agree, without them there is no hope.

  14. Hi Diana,

    I'm going to go visit the blog you mentioned. Thank you for your post. We all need to remember those who did, and do now, protect our freedoms.

    God Bless America - because of the brave, still the home of the free!



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