Friday, November 18, 2011

Winner-Winner-Baby Contest-Winner-Winner

First of all, I want to say
to everyone that took the time
to leave a comment about
the new baby.
My daughter, in particular,
was really thrilled.
I just feel blessed!
Blessed to have so many wonderful
readers that comment.
You guys are ALL awesome.
I wish I could send you all
something for even taking the time
to guess.
But- I can't`

So-On to the winner!
Someone came pretty close
with their guessing.
It came down to a matter
of time!

So...who won?
Let's review-
Charles In Charge
Charles Russell
was born
1:00 pm
He weighed in at a whopping
10 pounds 3 oz.
You will notice that BabyE
is still trying to figure him out.
You will further notice that
Charles In Charge's head
is ALMOST as big
as the head belonging to
 Baby E!;>)

Back to the the contest~
The closest guess was
submitted by:
Patty from

She guessed:
11:22 am
9# 2 oz.

Patty, if you send me your
address I will get a little
something off to you in the mail.
Thanks to everyone that entered.
Mom and baby are doing fine.
Mom is staying an extra day
and is pretty sore.
One more day of
pampering sure won't hurt her.
I can't wait to get her home
in her own bed to shower
her and Baby Boy
with attention and
But blogwise...
Tomorrow it will be business
as usual around here!
your photo name


  1. Congratulations to Patty on guessing closest.
    Charles Russell is going to be a popular addition in your family. Well, with everyone except SweetCheeks.

  2. Dear Diana,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful grandson and man, 10lbs. 3oz.....your daughter deserves a purple heart...I know she must be really sore.
    I have been off the computer. So happy for all of you and congratulations to Patty for winning your contest.
    hugs and love

  3. What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats to your family on the new arrival!

  4. Congrats again Diana! I checked out the pics below too and he is so cute and boy he is a big boy! Typical 2 month old size! Lots going on in your family and lots to be thankful for too!
    Congrats to you all!

  5. Yay! I won! I'm so happy! And I'm happy for you and your family. Charles in Charge is BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing! And - I just e-mailed my address!

  6. I'm still shocked at the size of baby Charles, thats one big boy, beautiful photos, congrtas to the winner as well, enjoy that baby, so lucky you are retired all the more time for lovin!!

  7. What a big boy he is, Diana! When my granddaughter was born last year she was 5 pounds, 3 ounces {via C-section and they really should have taken her sooner as the baby stopped gaining after 37 weeks}. That's about half the size of little Charles! Glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy!

  8. Congratulations to Patty! Is that "little something" that you are sending to her a free baby? Because then I would be really jealous.

  9. Well, I guess I missed that somehow...
    I love babies...

  10. Holy Baby!!! Charles surely is beautiful, Diana. Congratulations to all of you!
    One more little one to add to your collection...
    Big hugs.

  11. They are both adorable! Congrats to your family! I can relate to your daughter. My first son weighed 10# 2oz and the second one weighed 9# 1oz! Much easier to take care of once you get them out!

  12. Congrats to the winner! I might have won if she would have had to push him out, but I didn't think of a c-section.
    Lame excuse, I know! LOL
    Hope you have a fun day and rest up. The Nana game is on tomorrow!

  13. Oh girly...I'm so happy for you! do have SOMETHING done for have cards and tags coming!!!! I'm just shipping today...I'm sooo behind!

    I had two c-sections...NOT FUN! That's why I only had two kids. Brandon was 8.8 oz....I thought that was big. I had an uncle that was 14 lbs. NOT KIDDING! :( Poor Gramma!

    Love you...congrats~


  14. Oh this is just so exciting!!! What a truly beautiful bundle of joy!!! and congratulations to the contest winner!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS Diana (and family!!) I am so excited for you!!!! I just love all the gorgeous pics and especially the ones with little charlie and his big brother!!! Do hope that mummy is healing up nice and quickly; i had c sections and they are not too pleasant!!! But lucky that big boy didnt come out down under! could have done a bit of damage if the doctors didnt do a c - section!! Do you think she will have more kids? Imagine how big the next one would be!!! Sending you the biggest warmest bear hug ever!!!! and lots of love too!!!
    Laura xxxxx

  16. What a beautiful "butterball" just in time for Thanksgiving!

    I bet he is a stunner in the nursery window.

    How very blessed you all are.



  17. Awwww! I just love that picture, Diana! And you are right, looks like Baby E doesn't know what to think! Love the big cheeks and all of that hair! I weighed 10 1/2 pounds when I was born, so I never really looked like a newborn, either! Guess I had a head start on my weight problem!! Best wishes to you all!!!

  18. Charles is beautiful...and what a lucky boy to
    become a part of such a loving family! Congrats and all the best to you and your family!

    Flora Doora

  19. What a beautiful, precious bundle of love! It's funny when I saw the picture of Baby E with Baby Charles, I thought, he's almost the same size!! LOL

  20. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FAMILY! That is the hugest baby I've ever seen and I like em that way. I hope your daughter is recovering nicely. Much love and many blessings! tia


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