Saturday, September 17, 2011

Escanaba, MI-Here We Come

I am posting this at 5am
on Saturday morning.
And while YOU are sitting,
enjoying your cuppa coffee,
or tea,
MyHero and I are headed
for the sweet town of
Escanaba, MI.

We go there quite often..
just to get away.
It is a lovely spot.

What's there you want to know?
Well, there is a wonderful lighthouse,

and an awesome marina
that sits on the shores of Lake Michigan

There are also wonderful old homes
that line the avenue just above
the marina and park.

And do you want to know about
The Hotel Ludington..
Often called the
White Castle of Michigan's UP.
(that would be Upper Peninsula
for all you  non-Midwesterners)

MyHero has wanted to stay there
several times.
But I have heard too many ghost
I dunno..
I don't WANT to know!
But it sure is fun to think about it.
Here's a little blurb
from someone who
at the
It's a little piece of
spooky tape.
I only like
PRETEND spooky like this...
Not REAL spooky!

But that is not why we are
going to Escanaba, MI.
No, indeedy!
We are going so that
MyHero can bless
the new
that is opening there.

A warm arm of our hospital
stretching to another state.
MyHero is feeling very honored
to have been invited to do this.
And how many hospitals
and clinics
ask God to bless their new building?
With so much separation of
religion and medicine I think
we are fortunate to work for
a hospital that believes in
God and is not afraid to
show their faith.
We have a chapel and
the Chaplain's office
right in the main lobby.

And the Hotel Ludington?
Yeah...Well, they'll keep the
lights on for you..
if you know what I mean!
your photo name


  1. Oh, now i just think you oughta stay there. One night!...

    Love that porch decoration idea!

  2. Oh come on you gotta try it and then come back and report if you really did see a ghost but being the scaredy cat that I am......don't think I would either. Enjoy your little getaway.

  3. Oh don't stay there Diana. I am a big scardy cat too. Once I dressed like a witch for Halloween, but only a fashion witch green face for me girl. So love to hear of husbands and wife taking time to be together. After all that's what best friends are for, having fun. Smiles, Susie

  4. The town looks gorgeous. Forget the hotel, I want to stay in that house. Have fun and stay warm.

  5. Have a great time Diana, I don't think I'd stay at that hotel, in fact I know I wouldn't! I'm a big scardey cat!
    Stop by when you get back to join in on my Ramsign giveaway!

  6. what a wonderful thing,, you must be so proud,, now keep coming a bit north and see me!I'm not to far from there!

  7. It's sounds like heaven! Are you near Ludington...we have been there. Just asking because of the name of the castle, but that probably doesn't mean anything! Enjoy yourselves!!


  8. The town is so picturesque and charming. If you won't stay at the hotel, why don't you knock on the door of that lovely old home & ask to stay! It's wonderful that your hubby was asked to do the blessing. Hope you are having a grand time! I'm your newest follower.
    :) CAS

  9. Ok, I am totally jealous of you, Miss Diana! You visit the UP more times than I EVER get to!!! I never have seen that gorgeous light house, or the hotel. Be sure to check under your bed before you hit the hay tonight:) And what an honor that your hero was asked to bless the new hospital, that is terrific! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  10. That is a beautiful hotel and a wonderful honor for your hero!
    Have a great time and stay warm!

  11. How neat that your Hero was asked to do the "honors" at the hospital.
    I hope you guys are having a great time this weekend! The weather looks to be nice for your trip.

  12. I hope you had a wonderful day together! What fun to go out on a date!

  13. What a cute place! I liked as soon as I saw that amazing house with that nice BIG flag on the fence! My kinda town! And yes, it's SO awesome that they wanted God's blessing...well, not that they "wanted" it, but that it was ALLOWED! Remember that saying, "those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it"? Well our gov is "repeating" it now...don't they remember that when they told our ancestors what to do and who to worship...they started a revolution? Just sayin'... ;}

    official trouble maker of the oc

  14. Oh it looks like a beautiful place. Have a good time.
    We have a couple haunted inns in the town I live in. I could tell storeis frist hand.

  15. What an honour for your hero Diana!!!
    This town looks so pretty!!!
    Have a great time!
    Pamela xo

  16. Oh, What a nice place to spend the weekend.
    Have been there many times, it is a lovely place.
    We just spent the week on Mackinac Island & as we were leaving a young girl told me that the place we stayed in was haunted.. : ) I just smiled & said, "Really"? : )
    Enjoy your time & I am sure your husband will be a Blessing, as he asks God's Blessing on that place.

  17. How wonderful for the both of you! Enjoy!

    Flora Doora

  18. Hope you're having a great time, Diana! Now....put on your big girl panties and stay in that hotel. You know there's no such thing as ghosts! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Beautiful town! Go ahead and stay there. After all you have a man of God there to protect you. They just have those stories so they can increase the rates. Remember I live in Savannah. One of the nations most haunted citys.
    My Daddy always said, " Don't worry about the dead ones, it's the live ones you need to be watching". LOL
    Love you, Ginger

  20. Me want to go with you Diana! hehe.
    Oh I love that town! I love the UP and I think it's calling my name!!!
    Have so much fun you lucky lady!

  21. Thanks for your funny comment about my pants funny that you invented Pull-ups! If only we marketed our genius and got rich! Thanks for visiting Sweetwater Style!

  22. Pretty place! I hope you enjoy your stay.

  23. I know Escanaba well. We used to attend the UP fair there and shop there too. A fellow business owner friend of ours retired there too.
    I am so thrilled to hear that they are not ashamed to have a blessing as part of their ceremony!
    Have fun Diana!


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