Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby E At The Park

I drove to Milwaukee to
watch BabyE while Mom
went for her pre-natal

I brought a surprise
with me!
Little Miss Ria
BabyE was SO excited
to see Ria.

However- He did NOT
want her to touch HIS blanket
and would wrestle with her
to get it back.

BabyE lives right across
the street from a park.
And he
LOVES to swing.
Look how sweet he is looking
at his favorite thing in the park.

He loves his cousin, Ria,
and can't take his eyes off her.

And he loves the slides.

And he loves to
"ruck" in the park.

Ria is so good to him.
She "mothers" him.
She is training to be a

Time to go home, BabyE..
Let's go...
He has learned to say NO
and to turn away
and pretend he doesn't hear you.
He is training to be a

Wonder how this boy
will do when the new baby
comes in November?
I think he'll be okay as long
as we keep drawing for him.
My daughter draws picture after picture
for him.
Time to go home, Ria.
It was a fun day, wasn't it?
A special day with Nana
and BabyE.
A day to remember.
And the best part of the drive home
for me?
Thank You, Lord, for these
precious children that You have
blessed my life with..
and ..
Oh Yeah-
Thank You for Starbucks!

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  1. LOL... adorable children indeed.

    A few of the Starbucks around here have closed up, bad economy I guess. If Starbucks can't make it, you know it's bad.

  2. Ria is such a sweetie, and you can see she loves Baby E, whose name will change soon, I'm sure.
    How is mom doing? Baby still on scedule for 11/11/11?

    Oh to own that Ruck, hubby could add one of those to his collection.

  3. what a lovely post and I wonder too what he will do when the baby comes,,, should be interesting,,I agrre thankyou lord for grandchildren and star Bucks,, we had a Star Bucks open here last year,, canada didn't have them till just a while back,, its stronger coffee than the National Tim Horton's, but its delicous and very popular here now, I know you love it,, whats your coffee of choice? Black, double double,,I'm curious,,

  4. Yes, we have the cutest, don't we.
    Baby E. is so cute. Love his hair. Ria is so sweet having fun with her baby cousin.
    Yes, thank God for our blessings including coffee.

  5. What a great family you have! They are sweet as can be! Enjoy your long weekend.
    My son and his buddies were hoping to buy tickets to the Bronco Packers game! Any advice? Hotels? Etc....
    Have a terrific weekend.

  6. What a wonderful day with the children!! And you got your reward at the end, Starbucks!!!

  7. Boy, you just never want to come between a man and his blankie. I am so glad you had a fun day with Baby E and Ria. They play good together. Love the ruck in the park. That was cool. I think he will do just fine with the new baby. At least he/she won't have to go home all the time like the girls do and leave him alone with his blankie. Have a great weekend- hope the girls and boy come for a cookout and you get some more great photos!

  8. How cute....and I so loved the husband in training!!

  9. He has learned to say NO
    and to turn away
    and pretend he doesn't hear you.
    He is training to be a
    That is SO true, and don't we know it. So glad you got your Starbucks fix and another Amen to that. Happy weekend!

  10. Aaawww! They are both cutie patooties for sure! Looks like you all had a great time, but now I am getting a clearer picture of why you visit Starbucks so frequently! After a day with the kiddies, I bet you are wiped out!!!

  11. Bless them dear Father... and may you have many lovely days sharing coffee with your dear loved ones... ;)

    You are appreciated!



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