Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Thanks to all of you that 
signed up for the giveaway of

My sweet friend, KRIS, @
has a wonderful feature article about her
home, herself and her blog
in this issue.
Lulu wanted to do the drawing
this time.
She arm-wrestled 
SweetCheeks for the honor.

Here you are!
No cheating with this kid!
She can read! 
I tried to get her to put
on her teeth to match the background
but she is stubborn about things like that.
If you don't know Mary you are 
missing someone special.
She is just the neatest gal-
I won't tell you how old she is but
she still does everything for herself-
housework, gardening,
and is the most positive, upbeat gal,
despite the heat this summer and some
health issues.
So-if you have a sec wish her
Congratulations on winning.

I need your address and-
It will be in the mail shortly-
from Kris-
because I said 
I am sending a gift certificate
for a family dinner meal
Kentucky Fried Chicken.

That is the SweetCheeks 
to eat!
Personally, I think 
The Colonel
needs an iron supplement.
He's looking a little wan to me!
She recommends the


She said YOU can eat HER biscuit.
Still can't believe the kid is related to me and
doesn't LIKE biscuits!
There is something seriously wrong 
with that child!

Thanks to everyone that signed up
for the drawing.
I wish I could send each and every one of you
a copy!
I just love ALL of you!!!

your photo name


Julie's Lifestyle said...

A congrats to wonderful Mary for winning the magazine!

Pom Pom said...

Cute photo! I love biscuits, too. Yum!
I'll pop over and check out Mary's blog!

Katie Clooney said...

Yeah!!! Congrats to Mary. Love watching your darling granddaughters grow up!

Art @ Home said...

I need to find a copy because I'd love to see Kris's house in it. Your granddaughters are so cute!

Vee said...

Congrats to Mary! I may have to go sit beside the Colonel there...I might look a little more "with it," but never as cute as Sweet Cheeks.

Susie said...

Diana, I am happy for Mary but so sad for me. LOL. Love that picture of SC with the colonel. My granddaughter used to call KFC..Long John Chicken Hut....she couldn't keep her fast food place straight. That was so long ago, Diana, you know how our children grow.Makes me sad some times. Blessings to all of you today, xoxo,Susie

Kim said...

Congratulations Mary! Dinner and a magazine? Fabulous!

Connie said...

Congratulations to Mary and how sweet you are to include dinner. What a gal . . . you heart is as big as Texas :)
Have a sweet day!
Connie :)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Congratulations to Mary! xoxo Su

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Congrats to Mary!

Adam said...

a KFC/Longjohn slivers? We have a Longjohn silver and a A&W combined into one restaurant

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Congrats to Mary! I love KFC too. I'm always torn between extra crispy and original recipe...they're both my favorite! :) I didn't know they had cookies though...hmm...I might have to try them. Yum!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Congrats go to Mary, you did good Lulu.

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to the winner.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Congratulations to the winner!

" to Lulu, on winning the arm-wresteling contest with Sweet Cheeks!!!!

Mmmmmmm, hates to tell you Nana, but Sweet Cheeks is looking a bit grown up, these days. We know it has to happen, but it can also be a wee shock, when it becomes noticeable. :-))))

Hugs and magic,

Sarah said...

You keep me laughing! Congratulations to Mary. I bet she will enjoy that chicken dinner as much as that great magazine. '-)

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Congrats to the winner! I'll pop over and visit her blog...hugs...

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Congrats to Mary. I know she will love it, especially the KFC.....xo

Junkchiccottage said...

Congrats to Mary. I will contact her and get her address to send the magazine to her. She is the best blogger and so sweet. So happy LuLu picked her name. She will be so excited. Thanks Diana for this special post for me and I am so excited to send Mary her copy. Just hope she does not try to eat the finger lickin good stuff while trying to read the magazine Just sayin!!!!

Art and Sand said...

You are right, Mary is awesome and so I am thrilled that she won.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Congrats to Mary!

Kathy said...

No, Sweet Cheeks is related to me. I hate biscuits too. Congratulations to Mary!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Diana, I am so excited that Mary won the prize. She is the greatest, I just love her, and tell SweetCheeks, I agree with her about KFC except I would eat her biscuit and mine too..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Tamara said...

Yay for Mary! I will have to go and "meet" her and say hello. That's so awesome about Kris.. She's such a sweet lady and so talented! I haven't had KFC is FOREVER..This makes me want to go have some just because :) Love that Lulu and sweet cheeks..They are precious <3 Hope your day is awesome!


Pura Vida said...

so cute Nana...happy fall to you! Thanks so much for the very sweet words about my mommy! xoxox

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I have a feeling you have just upped KFC's sales for the month.

Shirley said...

Hi Diana, I keep wondering where the time goes. It seems to fly so very fast almost to fast if you ask e. Sweet cheeks looks so grown up in her picture. I just want to keep them little, but we can't. A belated Happy Birthday to MiMi. I had fun catching up with you. We have a beautiful fall day this afternoon. It is cool of a morning and warms up in the afternoon. Take care Hugs and Prayers your Missouri Friend Shirley.

Patty Antle said...

How fun! I'll have to check out the magazine!!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Congratulations to Mary! She will enjoy the magazine and dinner. I will have to go over and visit her blog now. Nancy

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So happy for Mary being the big winner! Going over to visit her now!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Congrats to Mary! Dinner and a magazine is fantastic! Off to visit her blog.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Diana, Congrats to Mary. She is such a great friend and I am thrilled she won. How fun you added the KFC dinner. SC's looks so grown up in that pic sitting next to the colonel. Have a nice evening. xo

Cecilia Bramhall said...

Congratulations to Mary! Those girls...just precious. :-)

Missy George said...

Sweet cheeks has just spent too much time around you!!! It rubs off ya know :) Congratulations Mary..

Debbie said...

Congrats to Mary!! I need to go find that magazine! The girls are so cute.
Have a fun evening, Diana.

Cranberry Morning said...

Hey, SweetCherks, I demand a recount! Just kidding. Many happy congratulations to Mary!!! :-))

Donna said...

So glad that Mary won! I just love her:) Great pics of the girls!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Congratulations to Mary! Glad the girls are feeling better and have their appetite back :) Love the dimples! xo

Cozy Little House said...

Many years ago, when my great-aunt was alive, I'd take her to Kentucky Fried Chicken because she didn't drive. Memories that I cherish.

BeachGypsy said...

Yay for Mary!! I love her blog too! And I loved your post about Mindy

Carla from The River said...

Fun and three cheers for Mary.

tammy j said...

congratulations to dear mary!
now am going off to visit her blog.
cannot BELIEVE how grown up sweet cheeks is looking these days!!!
time going by WAYYYY too fast.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Congrats to Mary!

Gypsy Heart said...

Yay for Mary!! :) Lulu did a great job didn't she? Like many have stated, Sweet Cheeks is looking so grown up! There must be a pill or a cookie that you can give them to STOP! It just goes by too fast. And...I'm not believing that anyone could *not* like biscuits! :) I could eat them daily and be so happy. One of the best memories of my mother is that she got up very early and made biscuits daily. Weekends are about the only time I make them now or I'd look like the Pillsbury Dough Man!

I'm so thrilled for Kris! This is a wonderful form of recognition for her.


The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Congrats to Mary! Sweet cheeks is adorable, even if she doesn't eat biscuits! xo ♥

Dewena said...

Congratulations to Mary! And she sounds like someone I'd like to meet, well who wouldn't, from the way you write about her, Diana.

It's been hours since supper, and guess what I'm craving now?

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I feel so blessed that I won and even a Chicken Dinner, WOW. I promise not to read the magazine while I have KFC on my fingers LOL.
I can't believe how the girls are growing up Diana - it seems like over night.
Again, thank yo so much. Kris is a great lady and I am looking forward to reading the article about her.
Have a wonderful trip to Mimi's house this weekend.


Gayla said...

What a fun giveaway and post. Yep, the Colonel is looking a little "peaked around the mouth," as my gramma would say. I will check out the blog of Mary's. Love Kris, as well. And that Nana Diana is pretty cool, I hear.

Feral Turtle said...

Congratulations Mary! An exciting win. It looks like the Colonel dressed up like a ghost! I'm with Sweet Cheeks on her choice. Sounds delish.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Congratulations to Mary, and what a fun drawing! I can just imagine the arm wrestle between the two, lol! KFC is my husband's fav place to eat! He sure loves his fried chicken :) Have a wonderful day Diana!

Bethany Carson said...

Indeed the Colonel is looking pale. Sweet Cheeks must be getting all of his good, healthy food...but not liking biscuits? Ohh, well, more for you I guess! Congrats to Mary! And nice to see the photos of Lulu making the drawing!

Red Rose Alley said...

Yaaaay, Mary. It couldn't have gone to a nicer lady. Love her.