Monday, October 26, 2015


Wondering what I did yesterday?
I took the whole day to myself
to do something fun!
Well, AFTER I cleaned the kitchen
that is!

Then I cleaned and put 
on the wood floors.

I had not intended to do any of that-
how that is!

Mid afternoon I started a'cutting and a'sewing.
These are so much fun!
There are probably 1000 Tutorials
out there on how to make these babies
but, let me tell you,
these are so easy it's like child's play.
The hardest part is finding the 
velveteen around here.

You simply cut a big circle-
Stitch all the way around the edge 
then pull it till it is open about 2".
Do not cut your thread-
leave it dangling until after you fill it.
I then used a kitchen funnel
okay I used MyHero's garage funnel--shhh
and put about 1 cup of rice in the bottom 
of the pumpkin..
I then added pillow fiberfill until
it was PLUMP
and I am NOT making any FAT JOKES
but I will make another little 
PLUMP JOKE (at my own expense)
in a minute.
When it is as full as you want it to be,
stitch the top closed by just pulling
the edges together.
After I did a couple
I got smart and used 
DENTAL FLOSS for thread.
Then, I simply glued on 
that I collected last year.

 Just so you know-
that first picture is the 
HOLE where the fabric
As you can see, it doesn't need to be perfect!
And the rice in the funnel is pretty blurry-
Hey! YOU try to take a picture of
YOURSELF pouring rice through
a funnel while holding your camera.
Let me know how that goes for ya.
I didn't even get a chance to stage them
because I gave 
to my daughter-in-love
and one to my daughter.

When the pumpkin is all stuffed
before I glue the "handle" on-
I take a long, thin dollmaker's needle
and run a piece of thread from the 
middle of  the bottom up to the
center of the top and pull it tight.
That is what gives it the "shape".
You can pull it as tight as you want
so you can round the bottom as much
as you like.

HA! I have more in the works
and I will show them to you soon.
Dast I show you 
before I have the stem attached?
Now is that a sexy pumpkin, or what?

The "plump" joke I promised you
from the mouth of
Our powder room on the first floor
has a pocket door that slides into the wall.
I am on the potty.
The door slides slowly open.
CJK looks at me.
"Nana," he says in all seriousness,
"You are way too big for that little toilet."
"Thank you," I tell him.
"You're welcome," he replies.

Let me just say this-
I am a 
We have a 
He is never allowed to visit again.
And, if you believe I'll stick to that statement
I have some swampland in Florida
you might like to buy.
Have a great Monday-
It is my favorite day of the week----
yes, I know I am weird.
Thank you for reminding me.

ps.  Don't forget -you can still
sign up for the giveaway until 
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  1. Hello Diana, I love your velvet pumpkins you made. So pretty and thanks for sharing the tutorial on how to make them.
    I hope you have a nice day! Julie xo

  2. Gorgeous pumpkins! Love the animal print one!

  3. Those pumpkins are really neat!! That must be some strong glue that you use to keep the stems stuck on. I especially like the animal print one. -Jenn

  4. Oh those are beautiful! I have seen those for sale for so much money! It looks like I could actually make these- much simpler than I thought! LOL about the toilet...

  5. Ha, he'll be back...such a cutie. Love your pumpkins.

  6. You actually saved pumpkin stems from last year, AND you remembered where you put them???? I can't decide whether you are my hero or whether I can't bear to speak to you ever again. Seriously, though, I love your pumpkins. Your tutorial is straight to the point, without any of the 'fluff' that we get when some of the others tried to teach us how to do this. Fluff ... get it?

  7. Diana, I love your pumpkins....You have me thinking about next year already. I make mine from old soft sweaters... Now I can see some of fleeces. I love the leopard print..wowwee-wowwow. Gotta love a cute kid like that...I bet he's just like his dad. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Hi Diana, cute pumpkins. Love the color. I made so many this season, I think I was sewing them in my sleep. They are so much fun and really addictive. Love the powder room visit!! Too cute. LOL Monday has always been my favorite day of the week too. Fresh starts I think!!
    Have a great day. xo

  9. you are a great Pumpkin Maker:) very pretty indeed and thanks for the tutorial.

  10. You are so smart! I've always liked those pumpkins but they can be hard to find. I love how you made yours. I am not much of a seamstress, so not sure if I could tackle this project without some guidance but you sure made it look easy! That was a good idea to save stems last year.

  11. Brilliant to save the stems from last year. Love the velvet color. I swear I haven't had privacy in my bathroom in a zillion years. Both girls are equally guilty. Never thought of grandchildren doing that in the future.

  12. Those are darling! I love the colors too Diana.

  13. Where can I place my order? They're beautiful!

  14. Thank you for the tips on making the pumpkins....I went to Hobby Lobby for the velvet...but the colors were all too dark. LOVE the aqua pumpkins you made!!
    I'm afraid your grandson is running neck in neck with Sweet Cheeks for are in for another crazy ride with that one!!! LOL.
    Love you.

  15. You're so smart to save the stems from years past! Love how these turned out. The colors and patterns are endless too. Love the leopard one!

  16. Well things like this aren't simple for all of us - I LOVE LOVE LOVE them - they are just amazingly charming!

  17. Oh that CJK. You should attach a sound activated recording device, to his belt. So as not to ever miss one of his ... "CJK sayings".

    Hey, what ever happened to that 'Day Of Rest' thing....??????? ,-)

    OK, you had fun with the pumpkins, that counts as rest. But the cleaning... ???????????? Yish!!!!!!

    Happy Pumpkin hugs,
    "The Nana Witch"

  18. Where did you find that aqua velvet....gorgeous! CJK tells it like it! hugs..

  19. Ohhh, they are so cute! Those pumpkins could be you?? Delightful!
    Think I'd like mine in gray or off white....

  20. Hahahahahaha oh that is so funny. Your pumpkins look great and high marks for picking an autumnal turquoise vs a summery one! Well done!

  21. Thanks for the fat jokes and the adorable fun!

  22. Love your sense of humor! That kid- the nerve! LOL! Your pumpkins are wonderful! I love the colors you chose! The real stems just make them! Velvet pumpkins are one of my favorites this year! I need to get busy making some; thanks for the tutorial!

  23. I made a few pumpkins from drop cloth a few years ago, but I haven't tried the velveteen yet. Yours are so pretty.

  24. Diana, your velvet pumpkins are beautiful. Just perfect! What a clever one you are to save pumpkin stems! Little CJK is quite the comedian. I hope you write a book about his sayings--he will hate it and then love it one day! xo ♥

  25. Diana, Your pumpkins are gorgeous! I'm impressed that you make your own. This non-crafty blogger can't say the same. '-(
    Love your potty story! Never know what their little minds are going to share. I taught first and second grade and could tell some good ones.
    Happy Favorite Day of the Week!

  26. My SIL has been making some, they are so darn cute. I was at a show and they made some velveteen acorns too. My SIL reminds me to save my pumpkin stems! Hope I remember!

  27. Those pumpkins are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Very impressed with you my friend!!! You are very talented!!!

  28. LOVE them!! I love turquoise and you did such a great job!

    Kids still say the darndest things don't they? :)


  29. Love the pumpkins!! Kids are just too cute with the things they say!!

  30. OK, these are the prettiest turquoise velvet pumpkins! I've never seen a turquoise pumpkin before. You make it sound so easy to make. You did a great job, Diana. I really love these. And that animal print one, ooolaalaaa.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. I laughed out loud at that little stinker. The nerve!

  32. Dianna,
    LOVE the turquoise pumpkins!! I will have to make some next year as I am putting away all my fall crafting supplies and starting to think about Christmas!!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!


  33. Ooh the turquoise velvet is so pretty!
    Out of the mouths of babes...

  34. look at you. lil pumpkin maker too big for your toilet! :) thanks for sharing how to make these. I may just do a few one day. Have a great week!

  35. such pretties! you did a beautiful job..and that Little is a cutie.. they do say the darndest' thangs.. ;) Thanks for the smiles and have a glorious day.

    Tamara <3

  36. Beautiful pumpkin and you really made it easy to make them. Love the velvet ones.. Endless possibilities. xo

  37. Wow, the pumpkins are amazing! They look pretty simple too! And I love your idea of using real pumpkin stems too! Oh that CJK... what a hoot! LOL!

  38. Love your pumpkins, Diana and aren't little boys hilarious. (they don't seem to grow out of it) LOL

  39. Your pumpkins are terrific - love the color. Thanks so much for the DIY. They looks really easy to make, maybe next week.
    Leave it to the kids to say something LOL.
    Have a great Halloween Love my book and gift certificate.
    Hugs to you dear friend.

  40. Gorgeous pumpkins! Love the turquoise velvet!

    If CJK & Sweet Cheeks combine forces, you had better run! lol

  41. Oh my gosh Diana - these are simply stunning - really - the nicest I've seen anywhere - LOVE !!!
    LMAO with the pocket door slowly opening !

  42. Kids are something else! LOL! No filters huh? LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumpkins, I am just ten thumbs when it comes to such a crafting project. :-( These are beautiful though. Hugs, Anne

  43. lol, never a dull moment with that cutie, is there? Oh my goodness that's just too funny!
    Love your velvet pumpkins. The animal print one! Purrrr! Haha.

  44. That little one is a trip!! Too funny! You have got to write a book on all that he says! Your pumpkins are gorgeous....what a color. I made one last year in burgundy velveteen and have already started gathering stems for next year. I didn't make any this year....maybe I still will. I am eyeing the stem on my son's pumpkin :-)

  45. Ha ha ha! Yessiree Bob! You ban that little booger from ever coming to your house again. From the mouth of babes! They do say the darnedest things. I think Art Linkletter said that! :) Now your velveteen pun'kins are just gorgeous! Love the teal color. I was wondering where folks were getting those realistic pun'kin stems! They were saving them from the year before - I never knew that! Well, you're something else, girl.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  46. Your turquoise pumpkins are gorgeous, but the star of this post is your little grandson! So funny!

  47. Diana, your pumpkins are lovely. I went to Goodwill and bought a couple of little girl dresses, three dollars a piece to make mine. I made about ten and still have material left. Just a thought.

  48. Diana, your pumpkins are lovely. I went to Goodwill and bought a couple of little girl dresses, three dollars a piece to make mine. I made about ten and still have material left. Just a thought.

  49. Leave it to CJK to keep you humble..He must get his sense of humor from you...or maybe, he wasn't trying to be funny??? Never a dull moment in your house..Love the punkies!!

  50. LOVE your velvet pumpkins!! I really need to make some! Humor just "flows" around your house!

  51. I've saved some velvet to make these but I never have! Thanks for sharing how to make them. Yours are gorgeous....just like YOU! Sweet hugs, Diane

  52. That little stinker! Happy you didn't vote him off the island for realsies!

  53. So funny! There is no privacy when little ones are around! It will embarrass him if you tell the story when he is 14 or 15! Love it. Also I think your velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! I always wondered about the I know you have to save them. I will try to remember. Ha!

  54. I think they look pretty neat

  55. LOL KIDS!! One time I was sitting on the toilet and heard a knock on the door. "Whatcha doin' in there?" child. My reply: "Thinkin."
    A pause, then: "Well, your thinkin' stinks."

  56. I LOVE those pumpkins!!! beautiful color too. And I'm still laughing about the toilet comment, I love kids and their sayings so much! Have a great night.


  57. Hi Diana boy am I late tonight! I was out all day with my Grand Gabrielle, eye doctor appointment and buying glasses for her and who knows what else but the day flew by. I love making velvet pumpkins, very easy and I just love gluing on the stem and enjoying the sweet things beauty.

  58. Love your blue pumpkins. I gathered some stems last year and put them in a bag and kinda forgot about them. When I opened them, they were all molded. YUCK! So, will try again this year and leave them out where they can get some air I guess.

    Kids do say the wildest things. Aren't they precious? LOL


  59. Well, I laughed a whole bunch of times during this post... CJK just couldn't get any cuter...what a statement! Your blue pumpkins are so pretty...but that animal print one? Oh, my OH! LOVE it!

  60. I tried making sweater pumpkins this year and it was a total craft fail! I do not have the patience required for this stuff! Plus I can't sew for the life of me. Yours are absolutely gorgeous! I am jealous of your pumpkin-making talent! Gotta love the mouths of babes. He's a real cutie, too!

  61. Hee, hee, hee...Kids say the darnest things. So sweet and innocent :-) Your velvet pumpkins turned out beautiful. Loving the leopard print one.


  62. LOLOLOL!!!!
    i think you have a new sweet cheeks coming up in the wings. she's getting older. and passed the baton to him!
    little boys love 'potty' humor. and terrible noises and all kinds of rude things. as you know only too well. raising sons!
    my nephew ...who is 6 feet tall now... well. he and i used to have burping contests. some of my proudest moments! LOLOL.
    and the punkins?
    they're simply ELEGANT! and i won't be making one. seriously. i admire people who can do things like that. XOXO♥
    just think of me as charm bracelet diva junior. well. SENIOR really. since i'm probably old enough to be her GRANDMOTHER!

  63. I love your pumpkins! They are so cute and the color is fabulous! Of course, I' fond of leopard print too (I actually have a pumpkin like that I bought last year from Hobby Lobby). I guess I just love fun! Enjoy your pumpkin patch! Hugs, Leena

  64. Hi Diana, I have turquoise pumpkins to, I mad them from an old nightie that never got worn. lol The fabric looks much better on a pumpkin than it ever did me anyway. Love them.Jo

  65. Those pumpkins are pretty and I love the leopard one....woo hoo! Your grandson is a hoot! It's a wonder the things these kids come up with.

  66. Kids are amazingly funny. My grandson ,my granddaughter and myself were having a conversation about moles or marks on people's faces so I proceeded to tell them about beauty marks and that is when my grandson came back at me telling me I wasn't pretty enough to have a beauty mark. His older sister was so surprised and thought he was being rude but I thought it was funny. He really wasn't trying to be mean. Love your pumpkins. Never thought of using a leopard print but I like it.

  67. Love your velvet pumpkins, Diana! That turquoise color is gorgeous. Great idea to save the stems from last years pumpkins. Aren't you the smart planner? Remind me when we renovate our bathroom to look for the biggest toilet that I can find:)

  68. Hi! I love your velveteen pumpkin!! That grandson is a trip! So funny! Nancy

  69. Hi! I love your velveteen pumpkin!! That grandson is a trip! So funny! Nancy

  70. You did a very nice job on the pumpkins!


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