Thursday, October 15, 2015


Last year about this time
my son gave me this
I think he said he bid it in at an auction...
and-because he loves his mama--
and because mama loved the wagon
he gave it to me.

So, last year, I had a 
and I ain't talking I fell on the ground...
I was sick...some minor surgery 
and then I got pneumonia.
I was NOT CUTE--
No pictures-thanks for asking.
I didn't DO FALL last year.

I rolled that little sucker 
right out of the garage and up on the front porch.
I filled it with whatever I could lay my hands on..
real and faux.
There's an old copper serving tray 
keeping company with the pumpkins and leaves.

Here you can see my 
Doesn't the coat make you smile?
I have had it at least 15 or 16 years
and I still get a kick out of it.
It used to scare the BeJebeebers out of Lulu
when she was little.
It freaked her out.
Two years ago I had it up against the 
side light window of the door-
but every time I glanced that way 
I thought someone
was peeking in at me.
Scared the Bejeebers out of ME
freaked ME out!

So the pumpkins in the wagon are real
and the rats are real.
Okay- I might have lied about the rats.

Hanging next to this little gathering
on my front door 
is my bittersweet wreath that I
have carried around for about 20 years.
I still love the old thing.
So- bit by bit I am getting done.
I have had sick kids here for 
days on end.
However, two of them were feeling better
and went to school today.
When they came here they wanted to help decorate.
I told them

Oh- Look!
How cute is that?!?!
If I've told him ONCE
I've told him a
Do not fall asleep when you are supposed to be 
watching the kids!

He never listens!
Oh-he is gonna LOVE this one!

Have a great Thursday!
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  1. Cute wagon! And those are the cutest rats I have ever seen! I imagine that they tucked into that pear shortly after treating dear Grandpa that way!

  2. Diana, I laughed at that last picture. Hero doesn't stand a chance...not with those girls learning your tricks. LOL I love it. Who's watching who? I think that wagon your son gave you is cute as can be. I love the wreath and I would keep it too. Blessings for a great day, xoxo,Susie

  3. Love your wagon, Diana! I remember how sick you were last year. The girls are just having too much fun with their grandpa. LOL Have a great day! xxx Maria

  4. Love the wagon! The last picture is priceless!

  5. Love your wagon filled with the pumpkins and fall leaves! So cute! I wish I had my son's old one.....

  6. Love your fall decorations, the wagon,rats and all. That wreath and your front door is gorgeous !
    Happy you are well this year and able to enjoy Autumn!

  7. Love your fall decorations and hubs is so cute with the grandkids! Have a nice day.

  8. Such a cute arrangement on your porch, Diana. I've never seen a yellow wagon--very cute. What a priceless pear photo--these men can sleep through anything! xo ♥

  9. Love the wagon and just BUST OUT LAUGHING at the end! :)

  10. Ha ha ha! My Hero is one tired grandpa! The kids are so cute and sneaky!

  11. I would hang on to that bittersweet wreath's beautiful! Kyleigh and H are always pranking each other.....keeps these old men on their toes doesn't it! hugs...

  12. Diana, you Fall decorations on your porch are perfect! The wagon is great! What a wonderful son to think of this mama when he saw this! I love the pumpkins and the rats are a great touch! So happy the grands are feeling better! Gotta love our heroes; they do put the "r' in relax! Love his Fall decorations! :)

  13. Love the fall arrangement in the wagon! Looks like grandpa is a sound sleeper!!

  14. I suppose that's not the worst prank you could ever do.

  15. I love the little wagon. And yes, that little pouter would have scared me as well. Gotta love those grandbabies...have no idea where they got there sense of humor from ;-)

  16. Hi Diana, I love your wagon and all the wonderful fall decorations.....your pictures are great.

    The copper tray has me drooling.

    Love it all!


  17. Your fall decorations are beautiful. I love the pictures. Especially the last one! He must love you a lot to take all the abuse you give him. ;)

  18. Love your little decorated wagon and glad to hear you are doing great after your fall. Wonderful story and fun pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  19. Ha ha! Gramps is just in the right spot for decorating! ;) I love your little olden wagon. Don't think I've ever seen a yellow one! You've decked it out beautifully! Glad you are not in to falling again!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Diana what an adorable post and I love the photo with the girls and their Grand Dad - too funny. I think that should be tucked into family Christmas cards this year! Love, love, love your Yellow vintage wagon and all your fun things you tucked into it. I have a vintage small Red wagon I won on eBay many moons ago. We put our Christmas tree (not a huge tree) inside the wagon and wheel it between the dining room and living room to enjoy it with whatever room we're in.
    Happy the kids are feeling well again, hopefully the other Grand will be much better today.

  21. Hope all your grands are feeling better now. They sure know how to decorate! Lol! Love your bittersweet wreath! Your porch looks wonderful with all the fall decor. Makes me wish I had a big ol' southern porch to decorate. I love those big porches with rocking chairs, blue ceilings, and ferns. :)

  22. All kinds of cuteness going on at your house....except those rats.... They would scare the bejeebers out of me!

  23. Glad kids are better, a couple of my grands have had the crud for weeks! Cute fall wagon...I've been looking for one like that for ages. I used to have several when the kids were little and don't know what happened to them.

  24. I love the looks on the girls faces! Priceless!
    No falls this year...and hope everyone feels better soon.
    That wagon is precious. :)

  25. Love the colors of that wagon-so perfect for fall!


  26. Oh my goodness you make the prettiest decorations! And I am glad the girls are feeling better. And I love the way your poor husband gets teased - what a great sport he is.

  27. Happy the kids are feeling better.and love that wagon don't think I've ever seen the yellow color before! Well someone certainly should not have fallen asleep. Caught in the act as they say!

  28. Oh my gosh - that wagon Diana !
    Now I want my son to bring me one of those !!!
    Hubs looks like William Tell LMHO - did you practice with your arrow?

  29. Oh, I love your wagon idea! I have an old wagon that would look perfect on my porch with pumpkins in it, you have inspired me to go drag it out! Just loved the hilarious picture of the two girls and their grandpa, lol! I am glad that you are having a better fall this year, I remember how sick you were, and so thankful this year you are better! Enjoy the loveliness of this time of year :)

  30. You are the best at making anything so enjoyable and fun. I have my son's red wagon when he was little. I do not use it as afraid it would break something. It is very old as he s 65. May the Lord protect you when he wakes up. He probably will think nothing of it. All in good times.

  31. Gorgeous wagon...gorgeous girls! I am so glad that you are feeling better this fall. I know that last year was not good. This year, I am not really doing fall. I guess everyone has their turn to skip a season! ;)

  32. What a super neat wagon, Diana. Love it, and the way you've decorated it. I remember that you were really sick last year. Don't do that again, do you hear me? Just don't! (Oh my, that photo of your man is hilarious. You are SO bad!) The girls are cute, though. Good job there. :) xo ~ Nancy

  33. I love your little wagon..the coat too...Did your husband really sleep thru that?? Looks like they are feeling better..glad you are too..

  34. Your decorations look great! Jim loves those little pouters! Any time we see one at a shop or craft show, he comments on how cute they are. I have no idea how to make one or where to get one now. Love the cheesy grin on the back of her coat! Hmmm.......I wonder if I could get the grand kids to pose in the corner like that? They're probably due a time out for some reason or another LOL!!! Enjoy your fall decorating! Hugs, Leena

  35. The wagon is adorable...I have a few of my decorations out...not going too crazy this year for fall.

  36. Ha ha too funny. That will teach your hero to take a nap when decorating needs to be done lol! The wreath on your door is so gorgeous. Love that and your little pouter is pretty cute. Happy Fall.

  37. they're following perfectly in your footsteps.
    in more ways than one! LOLOL.

  38. That wagon is super cute. I can see why you fell in love with it. And Papa doesn't appear to be watching anyone. LOL I wonder what those girls will think of next?

  39. LOLOL!! Hopefully the girls don`t sport a bow and arrow or there could be a little trouble in Heroland! Love your spooky decor. Your wagon is amazing...the rats, not so much but they do add an aura of freaky. Can you believe they have rats that are motion sensored to squeak at the dollar store? I love it!

  40. I am definitely one for wagons, and that one's a beaut! I so wish we had a covered porch... Glad the kids are getting better! (And that you get to enjoy THIS fall!) xoKathleen

  41. Your wreath is lovely, and nice job with the decorated wagon! We just harvested our pumpkins, so we have quite the assortment of pumpkins on our patio, probably more than just about anyone in our neighborhood--and we don't even celebrate Halloween! They'll make good pies--and my sisters will be looking into recipes for other uses of pumpkins, sounds like we might be eating pumpkins prepared every which way for quite a while this fall.

  42. Oh Golly... love the wagon and Grandpa made me smile... Your a hoot and we love you! Fall is just plain wonderful, wish it lasted longer!
    Hugs, Roxy

  43. Your poor husband! LOL! He has to put up with a lot of girls doesn't he? Love the cute old wagon being used by your front door. It's so cute filled with pumpkins and other goodies. Glad to know that this Fall you're not sick too.

  44. I'm so glad that you are well this Fall and able to decorate with that cute wagon. Your rats are the cutest, but I'm still not sure but what they would kinda creep me out. That last pic is too funny, and I think your hero will get a good laugh. Your girls are so pretty and sweet looking. We have yet to experience real Fall. The temps here are in the 90's.

  45. Oh...I hear ya! Some years you have it and others you don't! I love the wagon and all of the cuties. The picture of the kiddo's and gramps is one of a kind!!!!

    Happy October, Diana!

    Jane xx

  46. What a cute way to use the vintage wagon, Diana! I bet you like being pulled around in it by your Hero when no one is looking, don't you? Speaking of your Hero, he sure is gonna love that last shot:)!

  47. I love wagons and pumpkins and fall and the wreath!! Your decorations are cute and happy ~ :) The girls are so cute in that photo!


  48. What a cute wagon! I like the decor in it and the decor on hubby's head! Your wreath looks pretty darn good after all these years!

  49. Love the wagon decorated for Fall!! Oh my...the girls look like they are having some silly fun with their grandpa while he is asleep!!

  50. I love the wagon. Looks great. So glad you are having a good FALL this year. Grandfathers and the grands LOL. My granddaughter painted her Pa Paw's toenails blue one time when he napped instead of watching her. :)

  51. Your Halloween decorations made me smile, except for those rats. I have a dreadful fear of mice and rats, eeeeek! Your wreath on your front door is so pretty. Can't wait to see more, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  52. I love your little yellow wagon. My red wagon finally rusted right through.

  53. Such an adorable little wagon - and I'm so happy your are feeling well enough to enjoy and Good Fall, you know, the season!! I hope you've been washing your hands and making those sick kids stay outside, don't want no germs near you, Nope!! Praying they all get better soon and that your Hero doesn't give your camera to the goodwill!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  54. OH, my! This is hilarious! I heard about your blog on Spicing Up Idaho's blog post. SO happy to have "met" you and will become your newest follower now. :) God bless you. This is a beautiful display! I am glad you are feeling better this year and last year's problems are just a memory now. God is good.

  55. love your little yellow wagon! and the pouters outfit! so cute! Im glad you're getting to enjoy Fall this year! I just hate the time for colds part.. two of my grands are not feeling well.. and I have a bit of a cold myself. Tis the season! lol! have a great weekend my friend!

  56. Your wagon is adorable and I'm glad you enjoying your fall decorations this year. I hope you stay healthy after being a nurse to so many of your grands. They are growing up! Such beautiful girls!

  57. Ha!! Love that last photo.
    The rats are fun. :-))
    I love your Autumn display.

  58. Love the old wagon, gonna remember that for next year. I have an old wagon, but it's not yellow. That is perfect for fall! your hero actually sleeps through the girls antics??? gotta love it :-)

  59. Colorful wagon! So sweet of your son! I remember doing pranks on my husband when he would fall asleep in his chair. Sometimes I would put make-up on his face (he was a sound sleeper) and take photos to send to friends and family. He would laugh at how cute he looked! Miss him.


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