Friday, October 2, 2015


You know I've been gone awhile
and while I am usually a picture-taking fool
I didn't take many pictures this summer.

However, lucky for you,
(that part was a joke)
I have lots of photos to 
show you that I have 
hoarded over the past few months.

First and foremost!
I love decorating for Fall 
almost as much as I like decorating for Christmas.
Here is something you MIGHT see at my house.
For some reason I always set this up in the same little cubby hole. 
I painted the little slate about 30 years ago.
Geez- Am I getting old, or what!
The little turkeys are paper mache  and held candy.
They are almost as old as I am ...
that is OLD, folks!
What is NOT old around here?
This NEVER gets old!
Three cousins on a swing....
Now WHY is the 
the only one looking at the camera?
Love that SweetCheeks 
still wears bows in her hair!

I might have spent a little tine in another state.
A special present for you 
if you can figure out what city 
we are in.
okay- I mighta lied about the present
That, folks-is blurry because it is 
what I like to call an 
It has nothing to do with the camera's user.
(I mighta lied about that, too)

After INDY I came home to Mr.Excitement!
Yeah- sometimes he's a little shy.
Did you notice that he has a GIANT left hand?
One day, I am going to get paid back 
for all of this you know....
but not today!

Why?  Because TODAY he wants me to
Yesterday we started a WHOLE 30 food program.
It means lots of cooking.
I didn't think this was going to be easy--
nothing worthwhile ever is, is it?

This is how I feel about the whole thing!

Hope you all have a great Friday.
Bear with me as I get around to
visiting your blogs and playing catch up.

your photo name


  1. Hahaha! Your blog makes me smile! I love to see bows in girls hair too. Why do they want to grow up so fast! Whole food cooking. Sounds good but like lots of work. You will have to let us know how you do! Why does unhealthy food taste so much better to us!!! Nancy

  2. You are back!! yay! Love the kids sitting together, and enjoying each other. Good luck on the healthy eating thing.
    Your Fall cubby looks terrific!! The leaves started changing here.....won't be long, and they will all be on the ground....blah.
    Love you.

  3. Well hello Dolly - well hello Dolly - it's so nice to have you back ( where you belong !!! )
    Missed you !

  4. I love that quote -it is not easy to eat right and stay healthy. GOOD FOR YOU BOTH! I have never heard of that program.

  5. I've missed seeing pics of your sweet grands! Good to have you back! Love that quote too. Healthy living is hard...especially with all the candy corn at the stores now. :)

  6. you are so talented, your painting is beautiful,, I love that quote and I don't know what whole 30 is but good luck!

  7. So glad you are back! Precious grands. !


  8. Eating right to stay healthy - such a great goal! Sending you encouragement as you do this! Your grands are more precious everytime I see them! xo Nellie

  9. Best wishes as you begin the Whole 30 plan. I guess you won't be buying bags of Fun Size Snickers this year.

  10. Good Morning although it is almost noon at my house. I am trying to catch up with reading blogs this morning. I always love seeing pictures of the grandchildren who help keep us young. Good luck on your eat healthy I have not heard of this one. Take care Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  11. You are so funny, Diana! Everything around here is old too--it's a good thing I like antiques. Your grands on the swings are adorable. I bet they love having you for their grandmother! Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  12. give the grands a lil squeeze from auntie Sonny..

    you'll do great with your new eating plan and be feeling 20 years younger in no time.

  13. I'm laughing loudly at your quote there...yes it's cruel and I"m so glad that you are back, missed your happy upbeat posts and smiling face in blogland.

    Glad that you got a visit in with the grands.


  14. I love that little girl figurine waving her hands in the air! And I love decorating for Fall too, Diana. These are cute pictures of all the kids. Oh, is your husband starting a diet program? fun.

    I just love your "this and that" posts, Diana. It gives me a chance to see what's going on in your world.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you're back....oh yeah, I did yesterday {{smiles}} I sure did miss you, Diana. I had to laugh at the quote abut eating healthy - so true.

    Happy hugs to you!

  16. Diana I am so glad you are back! Fun catchup, loved photo 1 of your Fall décor and the 3 cuties on the swing, your Hero has a beautiful wedding band. Enjoy your weekend we are experiencing much rain and oh yeah more rain coming because of the hurricane.

  17. Every month I announce that we are going to eat better around never really happens. We don't eat poorly, really, lots of whole foods, but there's also lots of candy, cookies and cake. The kids and hubs like to bake!

  18. Diana, I still love seeing the grandkid pictures so much...I am just shocked at quickly they are growing up. It happens in our family too. LOL. My daughter is doing those kinds of"diets" 30 days of this or that.. I know it's way less sugars and glutens. When are those medicine companies going to invite a pill to just lose weight and no side's the 21st century for crying in a bucket. LOL. My feelings are so hurt...if you went to Indy on highway 31 , you were so close to me...3 miles. One day, Hero is going to catch you I do not know when that might be...but beware. You guys crack me up. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  19. So glad to see you back in the blogging world! I forgot how often I giggled when I stop by your blog. Always smiles and lots of laughter.
    I love your Fall cubby. It's nice to have one special spot to put the themed decorations out. I really haven't felt like getting all my stuff out yet. I am however preparing for our homeschool Fall party next weekend, so much to do to get ready. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I hope I have more energy tomorrow, maybe I can get motivated to actually do something. ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Hugs to you Diana!

  20. Fun to see four grands! And your poor, longsuffering husband, too! Okay, this new eating plan is going to be interesting for us all...the participants and the observors. =D

  21. Welcome back Diana! It's so good to hear from you again! Lovely autumn vignette..just loved it! And always love pics of grandbabies!

  22. Have fun cooking, this sounds interesting and you'll have to let us know more. I love the sweet little fall area but I adore those charming grandchildren!

    Has your Hero figured out how to blog yet? I keep hoping mine won't!


  23. Hugs to you my lady. Glad your back. I have had my move and settled in to our apt. Been laying low really. Have a sports Dr. to show me how to get around with out use of cane. I guess for some unknown reason. I got back problems. Could not even turn over nor get out of bed with out going yikes, owe. . I am on the mend. Lots of breaks and exercises for leg lifts. Not to lose weight.
    To strengthen my legs and not depend on my back muscles which I have. One can still learn new ways. Hmmmmm. So glad you could take summer off now your back. Awesome!

  24. Oh wow! The Whole 30 thing, huh? My daughter and son in law stayed on it and lost weight fast. They grow tired of it and go back and forth to it. She says they feel so much better when they are doing it and eating right. No stomach problems! I need to get in.

  25. The kids are so cute and I love the little area decorated for fall. Your husband is too much. Have a nice weekend.
    Julie xo

  26. Why is it that diets require more cooking and more groceries?? What is wrong with this picture? I'll have to look in to the 30 thing..

  27. Diana the kids are growing up so fast. Love your little decorations for fall. I am sure your hubby is used to the photos by now. He really is a great sport. The healthy eating quote gave me a smile!! So glad you're back. Missed you! Have a nice weekend. cm

  28. Happy Friday to you! O.k. so my guess is that you were in Indianapolis...hopefully. I have to ask what Whole 30 food program is-I've never heard of it. Loved seeing your touches of fall and of course your grands. Have a fantastic weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  29. Hello Diana girl !
    Thanks for stopping by : ) I love that you are an Autumn "nut" like me .. I love October and all the fun that goes with it .. we have Thanksgiving next weekend .. well next Monday the 12th .. the weather went from scorching to cold in 24 hours but will settle a little better next week hopefully.
    I have too many things to do for nonsense like being sick ... blahhhhh !
    I love your little Autumn decorations ... the kids on the swing ... and holy cow what is with THAT hand on your man ? LOL
    Hey .. good luck with the landscaping part .. I am sure it will all look beautiful ! Be careful and don't drive yourself into the ground trying to get things done and I will try to follow my own advice (which isn't all that likely ? LOL)
    Take care girl !
    Joy : )

  30. they've said it ALL wonderfully for me!
    why am i always the last to the party???
    i was out in the cool autumn air today galavanting around.
    before it gets HOT again in a few days!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures. ALWAYS.
    happy weekend dearest bean! xoxo♥

  31. Glad to see that you are back! xoxo

  32. I hope the summer was enjoyable and filled with creativity for you. It is coming ot an end way too soon.

  33. Always smile when I see your Grandkids. Hope all is well with you. I love fall too and am still on a decorating binge.

  34. Darn, I thought once was enough! I keep saying we're going to try this and then I see all the cooking and I turn into Scarlet- "tomorrow is ...".
    Love the photos of the Grands; they're growing up fast! They're still as cute as ever! Welcome back!

  35. Hope your enjoyed your visit to our fair city! The grands are precious...beautiful children. Did you do the Childrn's Museum while you were here?

  36. WOW, SC looks so much older - she is still a cutie. What a cute picture of the three of them and Bright Eye's is growing up so fast. Love your little vignette.
    So glad that you are back. Take care of yourself.
    Have a great weekend. Good luck on your diet.

  37. It's too bad it's so much more work to prepare food for eating healthy!
    I bet you had a fun summer with the grands, Diana..
    Glad you're back.

  38. Hi Diana,
    So good to see you back here again! Love that SweetCheeks still wears bow:) That is such a cute picture of the three kiddos on the swing. And Miss Bright Eyes is as adorable as ever! I was waiting for a punch line about you living with a turkey! hahaha! Well, a turkey with one very large hand, I guess:)!

  39. Hi Diana! Nice to hear from you! Hope you are well. Lovely pics of the children as always! Sweetcheeks looks cute with her bow! Just on the chance that you might be tempted to sometimes make a few vegan meals, here is a link that I am giving you.

  40. Changing eating habits is not easy. I do not cook much anymore. I have a neighbor that is on a big healthy life style, and they share goodies with me. I love seeing the kiddos.

  41. Laughing out loud from your "eating healthy" sign. Good to see the grandkids again, and of course, Mr. Excitement! (I've got one of those at home, too. I could take a picture right now to prove it, but the click of shutter might wake him, lol).

  42. I'm so glad you are back and praying that things really do stay calmer for you as we move into the Holiday season. My life has been turned upside down, but I will just have to learn to breath again someday! I hope the Whole 30 goes well for you both! Many blessings, Cindy

  43. Love your fall vignette! What a fabulous painter you are!! I hope that sweet cheeks will still have bows in her hair when she is 80. :) Best of luck on the healthy eating. I baked 4 pies today, does that qualify? I think not!

  44. Love your pics of family, the most precious thing, those grand kids will prevent you ever getting old!
    Yes, Autumn is stepping elegantly through the days here, too. So far she hasn't had a wild temper tantrums!

    So nice to see you back again -

  45. It's so good to see your beautiful grands again. Keep the posts coming!

  46. Good to see you back, Diana! Your grands are darling even when they don't look at the camera. That quotation at the end - unhappily true. And eating healthy food goes along with exercise. I don't know why a good workout once a month or so isn't enough! Enjoy October! Good luck with the Whole 30.

  47. I hope and pray that you are on the road to recovery at last, Diana! I'll bet 100 bucks that being on the Whole30 plan will help you heal tremendously! I've been doing Keto/Whole30 for a few months now and have not only dropped about 7 pounds, but feel so much better. We've eliminated all sugar from the house (well....except for hubby's favorite cookies), as well as breads/pasta/rice. Everything we eat is as much plant and meat based as possible. We are tending to eat less (cravings are gone) and are full after eating (no snacking). You can do this, girlie! I've pinned a bunch of Trim Healthy Mama recipes on my pinterest board if you want some ideas!!

    xoxo laurie

  48. I really admire you doing the Whole 30 thing! I've made some adjustments in my eating due to unfavorable #'s from blood work. I do think that once you get past the cravings it's much easier. I'm doing a Half 30 I guess! :)



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