Friday, June 10, 2011

The Witch And The Magic Mirror

Did you ever stand
in front of a
dressing room mirror
as a child?

Which is real and
which is
Oh - wait- that is an
old commercial, isn't it?

I love taking the
kids into a dressing room
with multiple mirrors..
Well, except when they
are telling me how I look!

I missed taping the first
part of this conversation..
SweetCheeks was
telling me that you
have to be
careful that
doesn't come out of the
magic mirrors.

I'm assuming she
mean me!

If you want to
take the time..
you will find
which one is

your photo name


Gina said...

How cute is that! I love how she keeps looking at herself in all the mirrors. She's so animated, it's sweet.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love how she did the witches have one sweet granddaughter Diana! Tell her I loved her dress and hair ribbon♥

Anonymous said...

what a little doll, she will be in the movies some day,, I'm sure of it,,

Patty said...

Cute! Our bathroom has multiple mirrors and I take the babies in there to look at three reflections of them selves. Olivia especially, loves to look at herself.

And you have to watch those dressing room mirrors. Some of them cause a little distortion making you look FAT! Some don't. If you ever dress in front of a fat mirror you will notice. J.C. Penney's has fat mirrors in the junior department here, but skinny one in the Women's Dept. I shop in the Misses Department but like to use the Women's dressing room. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Love love love it! Not only do we see Sweetcheeks in triplicate, we get to hear her witch laugh - Bwahahaha. Gorgeous, and how fun asking her which one is really her. Lol.


The enchanted home said...

Shes a natural! Love it....absolutely adorable.

Tete said...

Thank goodness you posted this. I have always wondered what was wrong with my mirror! Now I know it's a magic mirror! Whew- and all this time I tought it was my reflection in there! What a major, if SweetCheeks could tell me how to get that old haggard witch out of there so I can see my own perfect, youthful face, I would so apreciate it!
Hugs for her! Tete

Rebecca said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear!!!! When I was little everyone told me I had NO WAIST. Tis' True. As a result I've always HATED looking in the mirror and to this day still favor waist-up shots! :)

Tee Hee...




Holly said...

How adorable!!!! You have got to be the most fun grandmom! Tell me, where did she get her funness and talent from? hum?
What a fun post!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What a little doll! And, of course she did not mean you, where the witch was concerned! lol!
What we do without grandkids???

Robyn Story said...

Hi there sweet girl! How timely is that! I just had my first grandaughter yesterday morning! Madison Rose Story! I will look forward to lots of moments like that Tanya(my daughter in law) was was in labor for 28 hours so lots of time anxiously waiting in the hospital.. but all is good and she is beautiful and surrounded by lots of love! I am a bit behind in my heartfelt thanks for all you have done. but is remains heartfelt!

Pamela said...

She is so cute! I love in the beginning how she's swinging her hair around and looking at herself!!lol !!
AT one point she actually looked like triplets!!
What a delight Sweet Cheeks is!!

Pamela xo

Blue Creek Home said...

SweetCheeks is going to be really big one day!
I see she already has her own production company! She is just pure joy to watch.
Love the post about Robyn! And, I want a mouthful of whipped cream!