Friday, June 3, 2011

The Language Of Love- SweetCheeks Video

Well, by now you have probably
discerned that I am NOT
a Normal Nana.
Nope- I'm Not!

I am one that will do
some off-the-wall
having a food fight
for my 40th birthday
(okay that was NOT my idea)..
a better idea...
putting a bathtub
the house...
better yet...
inventing a
Secret Language.

Yes-it's true-
We have our very own
Secret Language.
It lasts from babyhood
until about 5 years old..
then the kid gets wise
and realizes that we are
not really saying

It is fun while it lasts.
Here I am at -
guess where?
Ah..I see a few smart ones
in the crowd.
Yes it is..
It is
(they really SHOULD pay
me for doing all these ads for them)
Anyway- here is
your friend and mine-
Language of Love.
Now-I am closing my eyes
and filming during part of this
as she makes my card
to the wall.
The kid is amazing, isn't she?;>)

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The enchanted home said...

So cute!! I love these, what a wonderful tribute to your grandcuties. The bathtub picture is just adorable, you must be soooo much fun to have as a grandmother!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Funny thing is I understood every word LOL. Great way for me to start the day. Heading on the road soon.

LDH said...

I speak like that on occasion! :) Well not as cute as your little one. She's a sweetie for sure.

Gina said...

You know my sister used to talk in "foreign" languages like this with her kids. Trouble is, they never responded back, they just looked at her like she was nuts! Glad to see Sweet Cheeks understands her Nana so well!

Patty said...

So cute! Now... for the translation?

Anonymous said...

that sweet cheeks is a star and she's a lucky girl having you for a nana,, you make childhood such a fun time,, just as it should be,, lovely,,

Holly said...

You are so funny! You have to me the most FUN Nana!
Have a blessed weekend!

Tete said...

You are such a silly nana! Love that language of yours. I wonder what others think when you do that in public! LOL
I know when we are out and use sign language we get the stares and people are just curious. But we can say whatever we want and they have no clue. Craig and I use it a lot on our own without Doug even being around.
And we use it a lot at Christmas, talking about what we are getting someone right in front of them.
It's fun.
Hope you had a good day...we are hotter than chicken frying in a skillet for Sunday dinner.
Hope you are warm but not this warm.
Hugs- Tete

Mara said...

Hi Nana!
That grace these children, loved the video!
Child is all good right?
Kisses from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Lol I understood "close your eyes" and "I'll get it I'll get it I'll get it". When Miss 11 was little and I couldn't understand what she was trying to say, we used to ask her if she was speaking Philipino again. You must be the funnest Grandma evah.


bj said...

ahhh, that bathtub full of beauties is waaay precious.;))
xo bj

michelle said...

You are the best Nana! I love it that you share such wonderful things with your grandbabies, I can tell that they love your to pieces!
I love the bathtub outside!

A Cottage Muse said...

I think the bathtub outside is a great idea!
The video is great but I am surprised you didn't add your own subtitles...just think of the possibilities!!