Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Shops of Kohler, WI

When we met the kids for
Mother's Day
we had brunch at Kohler, WI.
Now, Kohler, as many of you know,
is the mecca
for porcelain design.
Their showrooms
are fantastic,
their products
in my mind.
I know there are others
out there-
more expensive,
perhaps even more upscale.
But I, personally,
will always love Kohler products.
Every fixture in our house
is Kohler.
Every fixture in our last 4 houses
has been Kohler.
One of the reasons is because
Kohler will sell your house for you-
Trust me on this~
The design center is a thing of beauty.

And, just a bit away are
Beautiful shops filled with
breathtaking items.

My favorite is the one on
the corner by the entrance
I always use.

It is
one of the shops that is actually
owned and managed by the
Kohler Company.
The outside always
greets me like an old friend.

This is Susan Neumann,
the manager there.
She was working hard
on Mother's Day.

Holidays are never really
holidays for you when you
are running a retail business.

Doesn't she do a great job
of displaying the sweet wares
she has chosen?
There are silver wind chimes..
and Lulu spotted this cute birdhouse.
And I LOVED this pillow~

And tucked away in the back corner
are these wonderful prints.
Placecard holders that are so sweet.

Everywhere you look there is beauty.

Do you know the greatest part
about the whole day?
When I got home
my son and daughter-in-love
came over with a little
pressie for me.
It was for Mother's Day.
A darling little ceramic watering can.
She planted a miniature rose in it.

Here's the best part.
Guess where it came from?
That same little shop.
She had picked it up a week earlier
when she was in the area on
Does this girl know me~or what?
It's a good thing my son married her
because otherwise I would have
had to adopt her.
She's a keeper!
Here's a little info
if  you saw anything you liked.
I'm sure they would be glad
to sell and ship.
Better yet...take a trip there
for yourself!
Have a great weekend-
I'll be polishing my
Kohler faucets!
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Anonymous said...

I wish I was closer,, I could visit this shop,,beautiful,,

Kathy said...

Love my Kohler! Truly beautiful.
What an amazing shop! Love the silver teapot chimes! And the birds! I'd spend a lot of time in there!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I have always wanted to check that out Diana!
Thanks for sharing this fun tour, love the watering can, very pretty!

Tete said...

Awesome place! Your roses are beautiful and love the planter it is in. Yeah, she knows you.
Kohler is my favorite, too!
I loved going with you here and I want to make one of those wind chimes! It looks so fun!
Have a great day!

The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

So funny becuase my husband was just there, invited as a guest at The American Club, I was supposed to go but they had chartered a private plane and yours truly is severly claustrophobic so I didnt' go..he said it was spectacular and now seeing these pictures makes me wish I had gone!! He said it was a place he would most definitely go back to!

Elyse said...

how fun to get that great and super thoughtful gift!

thanks for the visit to kohler.

happy weekend


michelle said...

What a beautiful shop Diana and I love your pressie from your DILove and son! SO pretty!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far!!

Julie Harward said...

What a fun shop..and I LOVE that cute pillow! ;D

Cindy Adkins said...

How adorable! And aren't those place card holders divine? I love them! I hope you get some rest this weekend--I need to too!!!

Jill said...

Fun shop! Fun blog! Greetings from your newest follower.

laura said...

Diana, what a cute gift! ilove miniature roses!! And the fabrics on that pillow look amazing!! gorgeous little shops for gorgeous nanas!!
Laura xx

Heaven's Walk said...

I'll just bet that everyone just LUVS spoiling you, don't they, Diana? lol! What a sweet gift! And a sweet shop! Did you buy that pillow for YourHero for Father's Day.....? Just sayin'..... :)

xoxo laurie

Donna said...

Hey, your tip worked! now I can leave comments again! You are a genius! Your outing sounds wonderful! I am loving those adorable little birdie place card holders. And I would love to have a Kohler steam shower one of these days! If I had one, I just might stay in there forever:) I love your watering can planter, what a sweet gift!!

Annesphamily said...

You might have to go shopping for me! HeeHee! Great post! I hope your Mother's Day was spectacular! Anne

Patty said...

I think I like the plants outside the best. Such a pretty entrance, I'd probably stay outside. But - I'm more into FUN things than I am PRETTY things. Gotta have my toys!