Friday, June 17, 2011

SweetCheeks Talks About The Zoo...or Not...

SweetCheeks came by to
tell me about her last day
of school. 
I know..I know..
she is always talking through
a mouth full of food...
it is the only way I can
get her to sit long enough
to catch her on camera.

It's either that or duct tape
her to the chair..
and I'm pretty sure that
is illegal in the
state of Wisconsin.

You will see that she
went to the zoo...
or NOT the zoo..
or maybe it was
The Wildlife Sanctuary..
or the NEW Wildlife
and there were
Nothing like ducks..
except geese..
and one
 was there~
One laugh for the day
coming right up... is ALWAYS
quiet after this little
girl goes home..
too quiet..
way too quiet.
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Anonymous said...

We love the facial expressions - those eyebrows go up and down. I bet she had a great time looking at all the animals. So when does her new school year start? Our school year ends in December and starts again at the end of January.


Gina said...

How dare you call it a zoo! C'mon Diana, don't you know it's the New Wildlife Sanctuary? Sweet Cheeks is indeed sweet & funny too & the best part is, she doesn't even know she's funny.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE DUCT TAPE! I know the quiet you speak of,, so so quiet,, have a wonderful cool happy day,

Patty said...

I gets quiet here when there are no children around. Thankfully, that's not often. I like noise!

Debbie said...

Yup,it's quiet here too since the three girls went home.
I love the way Sweet Cheeks lifts her eyebrows in the beginning of the video. She's too cute!

bj said...

Hi, Nana...yep...sometimes I almost cry after one of the grands have been here and then go home. And, sometimes, after 3 or 4 of the grands have been here, I take a loooong nap.:))

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I have to say first, I love that curly bow in her hair. She is always snackin too, that is how she keeps her girly figure. She is a trip! It was not the ZOO LOL!

Suzann said...

Sweet Cheeks should be in the movies :)
What a sweet girl and I bet you look forward for her to visit!!! You always have a great post!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I can hardly wait for the "Sweetcheeks Goes On Summer Vacation" installment. That little girls is adorable xooxo

Blondie's Journal said... cute!! I can't wait to be a grandma. You could write a book!


Rebecca said...

Your sweet cheeks is one funny little girl...

I survived the water-park. I did. I was near heatstroke when we finally left to return home but somehow I managed to still have fun.

I saw lots of interesting tatoos.
I saw lots of interesting bathing suits.
I saw lots of nail art and great flip-flops.
I saw lots of bum-cleavage, too (not a pretty sight!)...

:)Love, Rebecca

Robyn Story said...

Diana, I'm so glad I have all of this to look forward to. You could probably write a book on how to be the best grandma EVER!! I'd buy it!! It would be a best seller, of course, any thing you do is great. Robyn

Jen Kershner said...

Too, too precious! I love the little ones! Could I borrow her for a bit?

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Dear "Fun Loving crazy women" (it says so in your intro;) you always make me smile and laugh and yes by all means come on by and sit for a spell on the porch!
Thank you for the nice compliment on the blue chairs but here's the truth...I was so miffed about that blue paint color when my husband brought it home yet used it anyway and I have eaten my hat several times over because now I love it and so does everyone else :O)

SavannahGranny said...

She is adorable, just like you. Thanks for the smile. "Ain't" youth grand!
Can't wait to see the next episode. Hugs, Ginger

Karen said...

lol... what a crack-up!

Gypsy Heart said...

She's definitely one of a kind! And everyone loves that ~ :-)


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Diana, Little Miss Sweet cheeks is such a doll! Isn't being a grandma the absolute best?

laura said...

thankyou diana!! such a gorgeous girl! I think her eyes are just so expressive!! lucky to get to see the jag-wars!!! funny!!!
Laura xxx