Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bob Tale- SCheeks Video

A few weeks ago
MyHero and I
went to a
Milwaukee Brewer's game.
I thought I did a post
about it but I guess I didn't...
Wait...I must have!
Okay- I STILL can't find it!
So...guess what?
Later this week I
am going to bore you with
THAT story-
'Deed I am!

One of the special things
about going to a Milwaukee
Brewers game is that
3 times a year they
pass out
And, as luck would have it..
we each got one.
My son took our 2nd one
for a guy at work and
we brought one home
and put it on the mantle.

Not MY idea of an
accessorized mantle
but MyHero thought it
looked good..
so I let him
THINK that..
because I am just

As you can see,
SweetCheeks spotted
something NEW on the
mantle and pushed the
rolling ottoman over
to get it down.

(one of these days I will
show you what is under that
slipcover-it ain't purty
and it ain't never gonna
be 1982 again)

Here is the conversation
with SweetCheeks
Mr. Bobblehead-
her invisible "friend"
Bob---who happens
to be VERY naughty.

Watch it because the story
ends with a twist-
I told you it ended with a twist~

I can't wait till the
Green Bay Packer
Bobbleheads come out!
I am thinking of using
them for VooDoo dolls..
your photo name


Anonymous said...

I'll have one of the cute Bobblehead in pink. Love that she was bobbling without realizing it hee hee. Miss I will see this tomorrow, she's just gone to bed.


Anonymous said...

She is such a cute little princess. Love the bow.
I'm afraid that bobble heads would suffer the same fate here. I have a cabinet full of 'priceless junk' in the display shelves.

Anonymous said...

looks like Bob's destined to lose his head!Have a good monday,

Gina said...

LOL! She did not want him to be named Bob at all, her expression cracked me up when you suggested it. Must have reminded her of her naughty friend Bob.

laura said...

Whats green packer bay diana? just wondering! That certainly was a big twist!! you could kind of hear cracking and made me wince a little!!!!
Laura xx

Andrea said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes!
God bless,

Pam said...

My neck hurts a little today. Maybe it's a voodoo bobble head.

Tete said...

So sad that Bob is now a thing of the past, LOL.
She is trying really hard to see how that head is held on and how it works.
Can't wait to see that ottoman! Voodoo dolls, huh? I'm not sure about that with you. Could get you into a lot of trouble...the whammy could backfire...
Hugs- Tete

The Tame Lion said...

Oh... I miss Bob....

Suzann said...

How cute!!!! Sweet Cheeks is the best!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

P.S. Can you read my blog now? Thanks for the heads up :-)

michelle said...

Too cute! I hope that Bob still has his head. :) Voodoo dolls huh? Let me know how that works out, I am a Bears fan ya know! LOL! :)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Oh my goodness, I could feel that in my own neck! Her expressions are priceless. Don't know how much longer Mr. Bobblehead will have his head attached. So cute and I love her determination. Voodoo dolls, huh? Hmmm, let me know how that works out for you!!! Too funny.

Chris said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Is this your granddaughter? She sure is cute.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee... did Bob the Bobblehead Brewer keep his head?