Sunday, October 4, 2015


Well, I am NOT going to church this morning!
I am going to a volleyball tournament
with our sweet Ria.
She is our dancer-
-but also a volleyball player.
She might be little but she is a
She made the POWER team yesterday!
She spent last night with us just hanging out.
I will take
her to her game today!  

You know I said I was missing church-
Never fear about that!
We will be praying at the 
this morning..
Not sure if that will get me through the
Which begs the question....
I wonder if Colonel Sanders is there?
No offense meant to 
so don't be sending me hate notes!
Thank you
and have a great Sunday!

ps. Think of this post when you eat your

your photo name


  1. Doing for one's grandchild surely is the most Heavenly thing one can do in life, so if you pray out of church it should matter to no one. I'm sure many prayers will be sent up during that game and blessing over food can be said anywhere, so why not McD's. Have a wonderful day!

  2. lovely Ria,, she is very graceful! Have the best Sunday,,

  3. What a gorgeous and fun young lady.

  4. Spending a day with a grandchild is a religious and wonderful experience in itself.

  5. He here's our prayers and knows our hearts, regardless of where we are. Enjoy your day with sweet Ria.

  6. You are too funny. Now you know I am going to be thinking of that cartoon at dinner. Congrats to Ria! She is very talented.

  7. As a grandmother, I understand! Only Jesus Christ can get us through the Pearly Gates, rather we miss a Sunday or not! Enjoy your day with your sweet granddaughter!

  8. we all seem to love the phrase- Grow where your planted so why not, pray where your standing:) I doubt if God cares where you are anyway.

    McD's is as good a place to pray as any church is, at least they don't ask to be Tax Exempt , which makes them a lot more honest....

    enjoy your day~!!

  9. Diana, I hope Ria has a fun day. She's a pretty girl. You can't offend me .LOL....Remember I had six brothers and 4 skin is tough. Jesus loves families....good to have time with them. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Some people believe they when you die that you'll see all the bad karma you've done in your life until it's all over. If that's true, Col. Sanders must of seen a lot of chickens. If there is an afterlife and there are chickens, if they meet up with Col Sanders things will be awkward

  11. Ria is growing into a pretty young lady, Diana. Don't you wish you could slow down the clock just a little?
    Have a wonderful day with the girls today! Eat beef, save a chicken!!
    Love you.

  12. Good Morning Diana, Enjoy your day with your granddaughter because when they get older they like to hang out with their friends. I chuckled as I read you post this morning. They are special and keep us young. We can say prayers wherever and whenever we feel the need. God is listening even if you say prayers in the car. Have a wonderful fun day. I know you will. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  13. Dear Sweet Diana, have a "ball" with your granddaughter at the game. Christ looks at our heart, not at where we park your butt on Sunday morning. That little girl will be feeling His love through the fact that her grandma is giving up church for the day to be there and encourage, support and love her. That's what He is all about "LOVE'.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Connie :)

  14. Jesus knows your heart in or out of church. Oh my gosh your granddaughter is beautiful and graceful in her dance. She also looks powerful in her volleyball. Good luck - let us know.

  15. I hope you and Ria have a wonderful day....and good luck on her game too~ hugs...

  16. Church is not the building, it's what is in your heart that counts. I didn't go to church either today....still recuping from the surgery. God understands more then we realize. You being a super grandma is more important today for Ria!!!

  17. Go Ria! That beauty is dedicated, isn't she? She's fierce and graceful at the same time.
    I did my praying under a tree this morning. It's my favorite place.
    xoxo, T.

  18. Joy in the exuberance of grandkids - talented grandkids, too - is a litany of praise and thanks in itself : ) It makes me think of
    'Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord' ...
    Haha, love the cartoon

  19. To me anywhere you pray is a good thing! Ria is indeed a lovely lady, and enjoy your day together.

  20. What a gorgeous and talented grand! God knows you are doing His work. No greater job than to take care of His smallest. I know she will have a great time with her Nana. xo ♥

  21. Ria is so beautiful and so graceful. Happy Sunday Mon Amiee!

  22. Making me chuckle my friend! I'm glad I'm making Shrimp tonight and Chicken was last night! Ria is growing into a very accomplished young lady and pretty too. Happy Sunday.

  23. I have often thought that thousands of years from now when the archeologists dig up the golden arches they'll think that there was some world wide religion and those were the temples

  24. I have often thought that thousands of years from now when the archeologists dig up the golden arches they'll think that there was some world wide religion and those were the temples

  25. Lovely girl!

    Tee heeee heeeeeee....

    -clapping hands- I think I solved the "Blog Size Issue" for Everyone!!!!!


  26. No offense here. Recently, I posted an image depicting the pearly gates with a door mat that read, "Come back with a six pack".
    Have a great Sunday, Sweet D! Good luck to Ria and her team!

  27. She is growing up so fast. Good luck on her game.


  28. Wow those lovely long legs will get her places. At her age I had those long beautiful legs. I adore that performance even though I was not there. She is so elegant and so proper. Love her.

    She has become a lovely young girl. Good luck for the game and have a nice time at the arches. My favorite place. Hugs

  29. I know you and Ria are enjoying your weekend. She is so pretty and talented, too!

  30. Diana... God called and asked where you were today. Don't worry, I covered for you. Then he asked where I was. Oops...

  31. Have fun at the volleyball game! You have multi talented grands, for sure! Love seeing all your funnies again! It's nice to get my daily chuckle. :)

  32. You little ballerina is so precious! Love to see kids active and engaged. So many just sit around playing video games these days. Love the Sunday funny! xo

  33. LOLOL!
    i don't take offense easily. and i love your wit.
    and your beautiful ria.
    a lot of talent there!
    but then look at her genes! wait til she gets a blog! :)

  34. I don't think it's mandatory to pray in church. You can play anywhere you want to, or not. Enjoy your day. It sounds like a full one.

  35. Ria is one lucky girl to have such a sweet Nana! She is so versatile- quite the dancer and volleyball player! Wow! I know the Lord was smiling on you two spending time together and gave you a pass today! Sounds like a fantastic day to me!

  36. Hope all went well at the soccer game, Diana! Wow, just look at those long legs of Ria's!

  37. Hope they won the soccer game. Ria has beautiful long legs and I know that she is a terrific dancer. So glad that you had time with her today.
    enjoy your week and take care of yourself.

  38. hahhaa...and I don't much like chicken anyway. :)

  39. Fun to see you posting again. '-)

  40. HAHA - I had a hot dog sandwich - hmmm...wonder if there was chicken in that...or WHAT was in that??? Have a great week - Hope Ria did well today! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  41. Colonel Sanders was a *good* friend of my great grandmother's...

  42. You are so funny, Diana! Love it! Volleyball is so fun. I hope Ria had a good game!

  43. Diana!
    Good Evening, from Sacramento California, I found you:)
    Oh goodness, I did not go to Church either, instead I loved on my new grandbaby, grandson and family-just like you my heart is wrapped around these grands and kids!


  44. Well, it must have been THE DAY to miss church. We headed about 2 hours south to a Fall Farm Festival. Had a great time, and got to spend time with my niece and my nephew!!

  45. Ria is such a doll! She's tiny but strong! Hope the game went well.

    P.S. I didn't make it to church either ~

  46. No offense taken! You are too funny! I think God understands we need to be with family on some days. :) I guess I got you covered - we were at the farm but went to a church in town I adore. Congrats to Ria and hope the game went well!

  47. Very fun pictures and post.

    Hugs Diane


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