Sunday, October 11, 2015


I have been following Gert since I started blogging.
Her blog is:
I have no idea how we found each other-
but we did.

My very first prayer request was for her.
She was quite ill.
She has MS and has pain.
Sometimes the pain in her hips is horrible
but she never complains.

Today, however,
it is her hubby that needs prayers.

Her husband Tom is in the hospital.
They have been unable to get his heart medications
regulated and it has caused them both 
a lot of anxiety and unrest.
Gert is trying to bolster Tom's spirits 
while dealing with her own health issues.
Isn't she just the sweetest looking lady?
Here she is all gussied up for her
Red Hat meeting.
I stole this and the other picture off her blog.
So, please, please take just a moment to 
send up a prayer 
-or best wishes if you are not a pray-er-
for both of them.
Gert asked that you pray for strength for Tom
and that she can stay strong and support him.

She also has one little extra request...
IF you believe you can pray for animals
(and I have to say-I do)
please pray for their little Rusty.
He is beside himself 
with everything that is gong on.
Doesn't this picture break your heart?
You know he is watching 
for his Dad to come home.
I thank you and I know that Gert thanks you, too.
Let's pray them both well!
Please leave them a little comment to let them
know that you are thinking about them.

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Looks like Tuesday is the drawing day
if I can get the SweetCheeks here to do it.
Sign up by clicking  HERE!

Thank you!
Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Sunday!

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  1. Oh, I will go over and let me know them I am praying for them. That dog at the window tells such a story! xx

  2. Sent up a prayer for all three of them, I know God answers prayers, He has blessed me so many times in my life!

  3. They are all in my prayers. May they feel God's healing touch.

  4. Oh the last picture just broke my heart. I will offer a prayer for them all today. What a lovely post to share Diana!

  5. Oh Diana, prayers sent up for both Gert and Tom and their darling little dog Rusty. That picture is so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.
    God Bless them with better days ahead. Hugs, cm

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  7. Diana, I just paused to say a prayer for Gert and Tom. And even their little dog, Rusty, too. Dogs are part of our family, indeed. Gert looks so full of life in her red hat and feather boa. I always said that I wanted to join the "red hat society" someday. It looks like such a festive group of gals.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. awww.. Prayers and Blessings for all 3 of them~!! dogs do absorb our anxiety- its they're way of trying to share our burden and lighten it.

    He needs to get out of that hospital room- those wall colors are NOT helpful to his healing.

  9. Diana, You are so right about Gert and Tom....I love them, they are just the sweetest people. I have been praying for them . This is scary for them both. I pray God will help the Doctors to get Tom back on his feet and healthy again. I pray for Gert to stay strong and know that others care. I know animals sense things are not right. They do miss the people they love not being there everyday. Thank you Diana for this request. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Lifting each other up is one of my favorite things about being part of this community that we call blogging.

  11. They are in my prayers . . . it's so hard when illness comes to someone you love. Diana, I love that you use your blog to build communities of prayer. It is the most powerful weapon we have and I know that the Lord blesses you and the people you add to your prayer list.
    God bless.
    Connie :)

  12. praying for all 3, yes you can pray for animals, and since GOD made them too, I'm positive he cares.

  13. I've been praying for Gert and Tom. Gert is just the sweetest blogger. Poor little Rusty...doesn't that photo just break your heart? I do believe in praying for animals and will include Rusty in my prayers!

  14. I've added Gert and Tom to my prayer list, which has gotten way too long this year. I'm praying for healing for both of them.

  15. As Carol said above, seems there is a lot of pain and suffering right now in life. Or is it just that when it touches one's life, you see it everywhere? Will be saying prayers for Tom and Gert, and hoping Rusty gets his family back home soon.

  16. Oh yes, I said a prayer for Gert, Tom, and Rusty.
    I hope your Sunday is sunny and glorious, Diana.

  17. She's one of my friends...prayers for sure.

  18. Sending up lots of prayers today for Tom, Gert, Rusty and others reaching out for prayer as well. You can count on me.

    Bless you for letting us know, Diana. Hugs and love, ♥

  19. Prayers for Tom that they'll figure this out and for you and Rusty too. God Bless

  20. Prayers for all. Often times a hospital will arrange for the patient to visit with their dog, it helps in healing and sure goes a long way to cheer.

  21. What a kind friend you are to send out love for Gert, Tom and Rusty.

    My thoughts are with all of them. Poor Rusty has no idea what's going on!

  22. This is so sweet of you to do Diana. My prayers are going up for all of them. Little Rusty watching for his dad to come home. Heart breaking. Hope Tom gets stronger and can be home soon. You are my hero and angel for thinking of others always Diana and putting up this prayer and good wish post for your friend. Love that about you.

  23. Sending prayers for your dear friends, Gert and Tom, and their little companion, Rusty. So kind of you to want to boost their spirits in this way, Diana! xo Karen

  24. I will stop what iI am doing right now and pray for all three. I think God loves our pets too.

  25. Prayers from us and I will visit her blog! You are a true friend!

  26. Prayers for all three and thankful there are people who ask for prayer for their friends.

  27. Many prayers going up for this sweet family!!

  28. Many prayers going up for this sweet family!!

  29. I wish them all the best hope all goes well and they are all back home soon.

  30. Prayers for Gert Tom and sweet little Rusty too!

  31. Praying for Tom, Gert and Rusty. Going to leave a comment on her blog now.

  32. Prayers for all 3. Hopefully healing will come soon. Also praying for Rusty that dady comes home soon.

  33. Sending up prayers for both Diana. I can so relate. My dad has had heart/blood pressure issues since earlier this summer. He had to have a cardio version back in June, and while it did shock his heart back into a normal rhythm, it didn't last long. The medications did take affect finally but his blood pressure now is all over the place. My mother is not well either and is feeling a lot like Gert, very anxious over the entire situation (making her condition worse). I pray they are able to regulate his medications so all can have some peace and rest. And, I too pray for Rusty. I know it effects my parents animals as well when they are ill or in the hospital and not home.

  34. Prayers for your sweet friend and family! We just have to have the faith to pray and God will do the rest, even for little Rusty!

  35. I hate to say this in view of everything that's going on but that picture of the dog just broke my heart ,! Daddy will be home soon Rusty!

  36. Sending prayers for you both and your sweet pup.

  37. Sending prayers for you both and your sweet pup.

  38. I will be adding Gert, Tom, and Rusty to my prayer list, Diana.

  39. Prayers said! I hope the best for them all.

  40. Somehow I quit getting her updates...I will definitely pray for them and their sweet pup. Such a sweet lady. Love her blog. I need to get reconnected!

  41. My heart goes out to both of them and precious Rusty too. Our furry friends become stressed when their world is upset and don't understand. I will hold all of them in prayer and send healing energy their way. Let's remember the medical teams in prayer...for their knowledge, skill and help to find answers for treatment.

    Can't wait to hear when Tom goes home! :)


  42. Definitely praying for them both, Diana.....and sweet little Rusty, too. May God, The Great Physician, lay his healing hands on them all and bring them all back together soon. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  43. postivie mojo and prayers going to your friends. I know how blessed it feels to have your friends help you deal with sadness, even thru our blogs. I lost my mother in law last Tuesday and we buried her on Friday. Very sad weekend around here. She taught me so much about marriage and children.....things I'm hoping to pass along to my children. Sweet sweet rusty....makes my heart hurt....

    Sorry I haven't been around since you got back. Life has been crazy.

  44. All God's creatures need prayer.
    Thanks for passing this along... prayers for all !

  45. I am so sorry for your friend Gert and her husband and the little dog. I know our little Coco would miss us. Gert looks like a wonderful person to know. I think I will go check out her blog. Nancy

  46. I am so sorry for your friend Gert and her husband and the little dog. I know our little Coco would miss us. Gert looks like a wonderful person to know. I think I will go check out her blog. Nancy

  47. Prayers for both of them...and their puppy!

  48. I am sending positive thoughts to your friend Gert and her husband. Best wishes.

    Hugs Diane

  49. Prayers for both.. What a difficult time for them. Dogs are amazing. xoxo Su

  50. I will pray for Tom and Gert. Gert looks like she is having fun going to the Red Hat meeting.

  51. Sending up prayers for all three right now. Keep us posted on everything. xoxo

  52. i'm a firm believer in the strength of enveloping people and little fur people in prayer and healing light.
    we were told to do that for each other. it MUST make a difference!
    sending gert and tom and little rusty love... and healing white light all around them.

  53. I'm praying for them all, Diana. That is alot to deal with at once. Not only her MS, but husband Tom's heart problems. And the poor pup, too. I truly believe all of the prayers of others will lift them up.

  54. Sending prayers!
    xx oo
    Keep us posted.


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