Saturday, November 1, 2014

Romantic Homes November 2014

I am going to get ahead of the game
this month.
Let's see what  is in the November issue of

Here is a wonderful wreath by
Melinda Graham/Surroundings by Melinda
She gives a tutorial on how to make this!
As you turn the pages you will find a 
put together by our friend, 
I just adore Judy. She has had a lot
going on her life this past few months.
I was so glad to see her featured here.
I hope it has been a bright spot for her.
Isn't that CUTE!?!?!!

While I do have some color in my home
I am always fascinated by those homes that
have such beautiful soft interiors.
This is from Nelly Vintage Home.
She has the most beautiful eye for things.
well, I'm sure BOTH her eyes are beautiful-
you know what I mean-
Isn't this gorgeous-also from Nelly Vintage Home
photos by Jo-Anne Coletti

This home belongs to
Lori Ressa Lavender Fields
She has a beautiful Craftsman style home.
Isn't this a cute piece?
There is a full spread of her home in the magazine.
Then there is 
The Little Jewel Box
This is just one photo of many, many of her home.
This is the dining room in the article titled
Countryside Chic.
It belongs to Kate Forman-Kate Forman Designs.
and this the master bedroom in that article.
Isn't that a beautiful study of grey and pink?

I am sure you can still buy your own copy of
Romantic Homes to see the full articles.
Tell 'em I sent you!  
That and $1.00 will get me a 
Senior Coffee at McDonald's.
NEVER thought I would be old enough to be getting a
Seriously?  sigh.....

Gotta hunt down the SweetCheeks today
so she can do the drawing for 
I'll be back with the winner tomorrow!
your photo name


  1. Diana, I was thrilled to see Judy's wreath in the pages on Romantic Homes. I look through my copy over and over. I really enjoy it. Talk about being a senior, the only time I get checked out any more, is at the register. LOL. Hope your weekend is great. xoxo,Susie

  2. Judy's wreath is darling! Romantic Homes is a favorite magazine!

  3. Good Morning Glory!
    What beautiful homes.
    I love the crocheted wreathe.

    The best senior coffee is at Burger King- 54 cents.
    Not that I know...


  4. So many beautiful things. The wreath in the first pic is so pretty, it even has little teacups in it - adorable! So happy for Judy - her wreath would be perfect for Christmas or even Valentine's Day. Love Kate Forman's dining room too. Thanks for sharing, Diana!

  5. so much talent displayed in these rooms, its awe inspiring for sure. Here in Canada the senior discount varies, some places its 50 years of age, others 60 and the some 65 years of age, keeps one guessing, lol,

  6. Oh my goodness, those are just beautiful! Love, love, love that first wreath. The views of all those rooms are just stunning! Wow!

  7. Eye candy for sure! I fell in love with that precious painted hutch. Have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I love this months issue! I've looked at it about a dozen times already!
    You have a nice weekend, dear friend.
    Love to you.

  9. I always enjoy seeing your monthly features from this magazine. I'll have to check it out next time I'm out shopping.

  10. That wreath is gorgeous....may have to pick up a copy of this months RH! Hugs, Penny

  11. It's a good one this time! I have a subscription and it's always a good day when it arrives. So many lovely things and pretty ideas.
    Happy weekend.

  12. I haven't even seen it on the newstand so the search is on. This looks like a really good one. I love that crochet wreath!

  13. Love both wreaths. I too am so happy Judy is featured. She deserves this bright spot with all she has going on. I will have to get my new copy.
    Have a great week end my friend.

  14. Lovely rooms and indeed a lovely magazine.

  15. W-O-W!!!! How do those women do such home decorations? Must be a full time job.

    And non traditional Christmas colors. I've never been able to really do that. The whole fireplace wall, in our Family/Hearth room, is red brick. So nothing but traditional colors, "go"... Other than some gold/maroon.

    Oh I don't want to thing about Christmas decorating yet. -grin-

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsey" blog

  16. How did I miss that that was JUDY's wreath!!! I read that magazine from cover to cover and didn't even notice that one was her's. Man, I need to get new glasses or something! Enjoy your chilly weekend (I had typed frigid, but that just sounded odd :) !

  17. What a thrill to be featured. Love the wreaths and the tutorials. So much inspiration. Happy November....xo

  18. I love that magazine. I'll have to get that issue. Beautiful rooms and wreaths.

  19. Beautiful photo's and it will soon be Christmas and time to start decorating,,,November and Thanksgiving, my how time flies!

  20. Ok you have convinced me to go out and buy this magazine issue! I LOVE that crocheted holiday wreath! I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  21. Love the Romantic Homes November issue too! Lots of wonderful ideas to decorate. The wreaths created by Melinda and Judy are gorgeous!! Love the holidays!!

  22. OH Nana
    that is the best magazine.
    I might have to get a subscription to it (:)
    lovey pics..

  23. I already received mine and I need to go and re-read it. I get so excited that I don't take the time to ready everything. I am flipping through the pages and then I go back and read all the articles. It really came late in October this time, guess they are changing their mailing date.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Oh what pretty homes! And great ideas! I can see why you enjoy this magazine!

    Blessings to your day,

  25. Oh what lovelies!
    That barn door in the kitchen is so sweet!
    Of course I have a penchant for doilies... I just love Judy's wreath! I bet she can use the boost right now...praying for them!
    thanks for sharing this magazine spread!

  26. Beautiful. Great ideas and so fun.
    SweetCheeks please pick me. :-)

  27. The wreath is just amazing. Heading over there now for a look. Thanks for some stunning eye candy!!!

  28. Beautiful homes........and looking at pics is as close as I'll get or as I want to get.

  29. I always love the holiday issues of these much inspiration! Enjoy your evening my friend! Hugs, Diane

  30. One beautiful creation after another- I'm off to visit!

  31. Darn I was out and about today and forgot to grab a copy!!

  32. That first wreath has a ton of stuff on it's heavy..Thanks for I don't have to buy the magazine :)

  33. I just loved this issue, and looked thru it several times. Those wreathes are so pretty! And I love Nelly's home and her style! I thought the coffee at McD's was free for srs?:)

  34. So many pretty pictures! Love the wreaths!

  35. Wow, I love that first wreath and the rooster hutch...I could totally see either one of those items in my own home. Not likely, but it would be nice! ;)

  36. Beautiful photos! That first wreath is amazing ~ looks like it would take days to make it. I so appreciate your sharing these reviews my friend.

    P.S. Tell Sweet Cheeks I said Santa is watching! ha ha ha ha

  37. I could live in that magazine, well you know, if I was teeny tiny and such. Love the wreaths.

  38. Sooo much talent and beauty to behold! Those wreaths are so creative! Thanks for sharing Diana! I really like The Little Jewel Box! <3

  39. So much inspiration in all of these beautiful spaces! Makes my heart flutter! Seriously! Happy weekend you! Nicole xo

  40. Love that old door in one of the pictures. I must of missed it in the magazine, so I am pulling it back out to drool over. Thank you for pointing out this issue.

  41. Good afternoon! I like all of them and I would not be able to make it - but I think number one was beautiful!

  42. Lots of beauty in these photos. Both wreaths are pretty and very different.

  43. Beautiful photos, Diana. I adore that painted hutch. Fabulous! xxx ~ Nancy

  44. I love that you do these monthly features! Such beauty in all the photos! I had to giggle at your senior coffee comment...our local grocery store gives out free coffee to those 55 and older. I keep telling my hubby he's got 5 more years until he can cash in on that. Lol!


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