Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Buy One Rug And It Turns The Whole House Upside Down- Just Call Me The Stitch Witch!

My house has been a house of 
subtle earth tones for a long time.
One of the reasons I have stuck to basics
is because we usually live in a house for a few years
and then sell it and move on to another
rehab project.

I always put my personal taste in small things
that I can pack away before showings
and take with me.

Well, I don't know what has happened to me.
I have been longing for a change lately.
The last time I had any BLUE in my house was
in the 80's when I had 
Remember those years?

Lately I have been crushing on 
So, when I saw this rug in Home Goods
I was smitten.
This came home with me along with two runners
that matched.
This is now the anchor under the dinette table.

Well, as you know,
one thing leads to another--at least for me.
Now the dining room needed something to pick 
up the blue in there.
I had taken the curtains down for summer
because I like bare windows when there is no need
for privacy.

But with winter coming I needed something to 
warm those windows up.
Holy Schmoley!
I love florals and have not had them 
for a very long time.
MyHero thinks he doesn't like florals
so the house is pretty much floral free.
But the dining room?
Well-when I saw this Waverly material
(and it's an old one) called Robin Egg
I knew I had to tote it home.
I waited until Sunday when they had a huge sale
and got it for 1/2 price 
plus I had a coupon for $50. off.
I won't embarrass myself by telling you 
how little I paid
for this material.
I got all they had -just over 7 yards.
Now the trick is-this has to blend with the 
rug that is already under the dining room table.
Blue is NOT an easy color to introduce 
(at least for me).
But, hold your bathroom break-
I like the way it picks up that rusty color in the rug
which is otherwise lost in the big picture of things.
 Whew!  I think it is gonna work.
But, before I put the pedal to the medal
scissors to the fabric,
I pin  the bolt in place and look at it.
And I look at it..
and I look at it.
Should I?
Does it?
How will it..........
It is so odd to look at pattern when 
you have not had pattern in a long time.

Why is it so much easier 
to pick patterns and textures
and accessories for everyone else?
Oh-yeah- It's because I have to 
LIVE with these choices!

So, hemming and hawing
 I did what any weirdo would do...
I took some photos and mailed them to my
good friend and confident and voice of reason
 I won't name her here but she knows who she is.
She said-
Love it-Go For It!

Ahhhh--there it is!
Someone besides me thought it was okay.

What else did I find?
Throws and some fabric for pillows-
The bottom right is the upholstery on the dining room chairs.
That has to stay.
The fabric has that same rosy tone and this also
goes nicely with the rug in there.

Oh- and I found a couple of lumbar pillows 
in the exact shade of robin's egg blue
for the leather chairs.

Lord willing 
and the sewing machine 
doesn't seize up
I will be stitching my little heart out.
I hope to have results to show you a 
by the end of the week.

And just so you know...
I did NOT shop here for accessories!

You all have a GREAT TUESDAY!

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  1. Diana, I love that shade of blue. It is wonderful against the leather chair. Can't wait to see your new things. No gunmetal blue doesn't go with robin's egg blue. :):) Stay warm, I know it's super cold there. Here too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Beautiful fabric! That country blue that I had soooo many years ago is creeping back into my decor too....hugs....

  3. I love Home Goods and that rug is beautiful. Robin's egg blue is such a pretty color to work with so I think the fabric works perfectly. I can't wait to see the room when you're finished. Have a blessed day... :)

  4. Love the rug and your fabric is perfect!

  5. I wish I had a Home Goods closer. I miss my Atlanta one. Boo who! I love the choice of rugs and fabrics. xo

  6. Diana I love the rug and the fabric...it will look beautiful in your dining room. I know what you mean about looking at florals like it is something odd. I felt the same way when I hung my jacobean drapes in our dining room last year, but now i love them. Oh and I have to laugh at that last pic...priceless!
    XO Barbara

  7. Morning! Very good choice, I think it will feel very warm and rich! Elegant with the colors, I think the blue is so soft and cozy for a room! It will be super pretty. The rug is gorgeous, I have seen that pattern. Your dining room for the holidays will be so lovely!
    Yours, Roxy

  8. Well, that's good you didn't shop there, because I don't want to see bullet casings holding the tops of your drapes up, Diana. There are only so many ways to put a positive spin on some things. : ) Love, love the rug. I love the fabric, too. Waverly is a favorite of mine. I've had some Waverly in my home in the past with the florals. I've kind of gotten away from florals, too, over the past few years. I had quite a bit at my old house.

  9. Diana what a beautiful choice you made buying that rug. I absolutely adore the Waverly fabric. Your home is going to be drop dead gorgeous my friend.

  10. Oh, I love everything you've chosen. Pale blue is such a relaxing, calming color. You're really going to enjoy these colors and you found a good match with the fabrics! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane (I woke up thinking about holiday decorating! lol)

  11. Gorgeous colors! I love your decorating touches! Blue is my color of choice as well, never miind that it might be outdated! It is a peaceful, serene color to me. So glad you didn't shop at the last place pictured! xo Nellie

  12. I love it, its just the right shade of blue and it fits in with your romantic style decor, its beautiful, now go start sewing!!!

  13. Whoa, Diana, you color maven, you. LOL. The rug is gorgeous and that fabric is just perfect. Your room is going to be transformed. Love it all!

    The last picture made me laugh. So glad you didn't shop for accessories there. :-)

  14. Diana,

    One's opportunities for change are endless with the ability to sew. Blue is sneaking its way back into my heart, too-- the ocean shade! Your new shades are absolutely dreamy! Wow! On a grand scale, I love the possibilities you're teasing us with! Can't wait to see the reveal. Wow. CLASSY!

    Hugs and happy robin's egg blue,

  15. Very pretty! I love the rug and the fabric. How lovely your DR will be. All the best with your projects today.

  16. Love it Diana, it looks good together. That rug is just gorgeous!

  17. I think that rug is a great place to start! The fabric looks beatiful and that pillow in the brown leather chair is a nice addition. Your hero is going to think it's pretty when you get it all done. Sometimes my hero voices his opinion --- but he never ever comes behind and redecorates! LOL!!!

  18. I agree, the rug was a good place to start. It is so mellow and pretty. I've always loved Waverly fabrics and I can't wait to see your reveal! Glad to hear you've stopped shopping at the shop in the last photo. ;-) LOL Reminds me of 'Larry's Auto Body and Croissants.'

  19. I know what you are saying -- We bought a new living room rug yesterday (to be picked up today), and I switched things around in my mind all night long. I'll need a nap after we pick it up. Sally

  20. I love pattern, and flowers and etc. Oh I do. And happily, my-he can live with them too.. He even enjoys being surrounded with my big floozy old roses, on wall paper.

    You have found delicious stuff!!!! Can't wait to see it all come together. Yesssss!!!!!!

    And if Your Hero gives you any "What did you do's???"... Just tell him you are having a mid-life-crisis. And the addition of FLORAL, is a much better way to handle it, that taking up smoking a pack a day, or cruising bars at night, or hanging out on street corners, picking up old guys!!!

    I'm sure he will agree, that the florals, are fine!


  21. its Fabulous Dahling' simply Fabulous.. hurry up, I wanna see it all together cause I know I'll stand beside my chair and applaud LOUDLY..

  22. That's a beautiful subtle blue floral. Stitch away, m'dear.

  23. Oh, so you already have enough guns and ammo?
    Love the blue and especially the floral print. I sew very little, but I can make curtains and the last time I did it for six windows, I swore I wouldn't do it again. Not so hard, but time consuming. It's been about ten years, so maybe it's time to reconsider my ban and pull out the sewing machine again. You've inspired me!

  24. Hi Diana, I really LOVE the rug and the curtain are going to look beautiful when you are finished I'm sure. It's so nice to be handy and know how to sew. Good luck and have fun.

  25. I definitely remember Country Blue. I had it everywhere and now it makes me cringe. I love your new rug and your plan to bring out the Robin's Egg Blue which is such a pretty color. I love the fabric you picked out but like you it would be hard on me to decide on after not having any florals for years. I do think it's all going to look fabulous together and I look forward to the reveal! Have fun stitching your heart out!

  26. Those are great colors. They really go together and I hope you will show us the finished room. My house has been the same for over 30 years. It needs sprucing up so badly, but who has the time to do this? I'm either working or sleeping. *sigh* It's a dream of mine to redo my house.

  27. Your rug is fantastic, Diana. Don't ya just love Home Goods? I can't wait to see how everything is put together when you're finished. I think it's great that you still sew. My mom sewed everything back in the day. :~)


  28. I'm sure it will all turnout wonderful.

  29. Those are great together! I wish I could sew. Mama tried to teach me but I couldn't be still and I still can't. I've been working on a banner today and I finally had to quit. Got on my nerves. Have a happy one.

  30. I definitely remember country blue. I also remember seeing it paired with lots of geese. A friend of mine had an entire kitchen decorated like that back in the late 80's :) You picked some pretty fabric and I love those lumbar pillows!

  31. Love the rug. I always have luck at HomeGoods! Just found out that there is one real close to where I live now. Wow what a steal on your fabric too.

  32. I have the hardest time with rugs! I love the choice that you made and your fabric coordinates very well. I remember that Waverly fabric and I've always loved it. Can't wait to see your completed project.


  33. Love the Robin's Egg blue! I still have the Country Blue in my kitchen. Oh well. I went bold in my living room with a light teal (kind of like your sub tiltles.

  34. Love your rug! Beautiful! You are so gifted, I love all your cordite pieces too!


  35. Yes I know all about that country blue and the Blue goose kitchen dishes...lol oh how my style has changed. oh and don't forget the lovely shade of Mauve...lol ...ok I have just age myself here....lol

  36. Love the rug Diana! I need a new one for my living room as it's seen much, much better days...AND somebody spilled a coke last night to make it worse!!

  37. The blue is pretty! I have blue in my bed and bath. Very soothing color. Your curtain fabric is gorgeous and it looks great with the pretty rug. I think you can stay pretty neutral with these colors Diana. They certainly don't scream at you. Have fun sewing friend!

  38. Yes..I remember the Colonial Blues with taupe..2 houses ago :)...LOVE the rugs...Looks like you are feeling A LOT better!!!

  39. Blue is not a color that I have in my home, yet everything I have purchased to redo my laundry area (in the garage) is blue!! Go figure! And...I shop at that décor/gun store all the time, it's called WalMart :) Have a super night!!

  40. I have the same decisive problem. Ask me to choose a color and I nearly go into convulsions. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  41. Hi Diana! You will never, ever get tired of that shade of blue. I have lived with blue my whole life and could not survive without it. Excellent choices all around!

  42. Yes, I know just what you mean about how one thing can lead to another, Diana! I LOVE your rug! I would pick that exact one out myself if I were in the market for one (love Home Goods!). And I love all things Waverly, your curtain fabric is gorgeous. I do think it goes nicely with the rug, and all of the special touches you will add will make it look amazing. What, you mean you didn't shop at that ammo store and bring home your very own tank????

  43. Oh, I think it's gonna be gorgeous! I love all those pretty colors.

  44. Hi Diana, love your new rug and the fabric is gorgeous. I know just what you mean when making changes, one thing leads to another.
    Beautiful pillows too. Your room will be so pretty. Looking forward to the reveal. Have fun.

  45. Love the rug and it all will be beautiful!

  46. I think it's going to look beautifully together! I used that same robin's egg fabric in my mobile home, I made roman shades out of it. I never ever got tired of that fabric and it looked so fresh with my white wood planked walls, you're going to love it!

  47. I love, love robin egg blue. You did a fabulous job picking out every little detail. I am in love with that fabric. Good luck with your sewing project. I am just learning to sew and finally got my first sewing machine. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  48. Oh I love what I'm seeing! I can hear your sewing machine humming away now. Have fun!

  49. What a beautiful shade of blue!

  50. All I can say is I could never do what you do - so I am amazed and proud of you!

  51. It will be beautiful. If you love it, it works!

  52. Beautiful! I am excited for the reveal. Have fun.
    Cute post. :-) Made me smile.
    xx oo

  53. You made my evening with this blog and your dear personality.

  54. Oh Diana, you must do it! I think it will be beautiful. I have the fabric for my family room panels all cut and just sitting on the coffee table taunting me! You will probably have yours done and up before I break out the sewing machine!! I can't wait to see it done!

  55. Love your new rug and the fabric...it's going to be so pretty!! I love robin's egg blue. Can't wait to see it when you get it all done.

  56. It's funny, I've been dreaming about this very same color lately. It won't quite work for our cabin, but I suppose you won't mind if I live vicariously through you?

    Where in the world did you find that last picture??! lol

  57. I think it will all come together beautifully Diana, with maybe a bit of tweaking! Like Tim Gunn from project runway would say," Make it work!" ;)

  58. Can't wait to see your new things! I wish I had your sewing talents. I can't wait for the reveal.


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