Saturday, November 15, 2014

BJ's Coconut Cream Pie-Nana's Way-And The Liars In My Family

Well, most of you know
that crazy ole' BJ @ Sweet Nothings, right?
She is always up to SOMETHING..
and sometimes she teases honors blesses me
by mentioning me on her blog.
Like I said- Crazy.

A week or so ago she posted a recipe for
her mother-in-law's recipe for
She told a story that put a lump in my throat
his mom made coconut cream pie.

Now, I happen to LOVE Coconut Cream Pie.
Yes. I. Do.
(which is really funny because I don't like
coconut anything else-yes.I'm.weird)

So, I copied down bj's recipe from this card she posted.

Well, you know me-
I had to change it up JUST A BIT.
Here is my version of bj's pie.

Coconut Cream Pie
3 tablespoons flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups milk (I used 1-1/2 cups milk & 1-1/2 cups half & half)
2 LARGE eggs (3 small ones)
1 Tablespoon butter
1 Tablespoon Vanilla (I use real vanilla)
1-1/2 to 2 cups coconut~ I used Bakers from the bag in the baking aisle (we don't like it toasted like some do)

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, flour and salt. Stir in milk; cook and stir over medium-high heat until thickened and bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat; gradually stir about 1 cup of hot mixture into beaten eggs. Return all to saucepan; cook and stir over medium heat until nearly boiling. Reduce heat; cook and stir about 2 minutes more (do not boil). Remove from the heat; stir in the coconut, butter and vanilla. Pour into pre-baked pie shell.  Chill for several hours before serving and top with whipped cream and sprinkle with more coconut if desired.. Refrigerate leftovers.
 Yield: 6-8 servings.
Do NOT believe anyone that tells you 
I ate the whole pie by myself over
the course of a day week.
There are SUCH liars in this world.

AND-if they tell you I made a
to serve as pudding?
Big lie!  BIG LIE!

I feel a trip to the confessional coming on.........sigh......

ps.  I have the chills and a stomach virus, I think.
I never get sick.  
I am into it about 36 hours this morning.
I have things to do.
IF I am not around today you will know why!

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Sylvia said...

why? You ate too much Pie! Feel better soon Diana!

Laura @ Top This Top That said...

stomach virus??? try stuffing yourself with too much pie! feel better.

Kathy said...

Oh my! So sorry about your stomach. I'm sure it has nothing to do with that lucious pie. Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to have to try it. My husband loves coconut pie.

boopnut said...

Coconut will upset your stomach, my dear! Feel better soon!

JoAnne said...

Oh no! Hope you are feeling better soon. That pie looks so yummy. I love that BJ's recipe is hand written on the stained page of the notebook - a sign of a well loved recipe!

My Garden Diaries said...

This pie looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing friend! And I hope you feel better soon...that nasty bug has been circling around this area too! Now take care and get some rest!!! Nicole xo

Susan Newbigging said...

Oh that pie looks so good. I am sorry your sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Susie said...

Diana, Are you really feeling sick...or do you have a big old coconut cream pie belly ache?? I like visiting BJ's blog...she's fun. I hope you are feeling better soon. We do not like it when you are missing from blogland. Stay warm, I saw all that cold and snow in Wisconsin. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Zoey said...

I am a coconut lover and this looks delish! I am copying the recipe. Hope you feel better!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

The pie looks so yummy!! Hope you feel better!!

thanks for stopping by!!


Feral Turtle said...

I hope you are feeling better soon and it's just a 24 hour bug....hmmmm maybe you ate too much pie????? The 24 hour pie virus!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I love coconut cream pie, Diana. I am really picky about it, too. Since you ate the whole thing and all the pudding that was leftover, I'm going to take your good word that it is irresistable. I'll eat the whole thing when I make it....just to make sure.
Feel better soon, little piggy pie eater. xxx

Thistle Cove Farm said...

My favorite coconut is cake...pie, not so much but sure glad you enjoyed yours; be well soon.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That pie looks soooo good, Diana! I love coconut cream pie, too, and most things coconut (like Almond Joys). I found a gluten free recipe so, thankfully, I am still able to enjoy this delicious dessert. Hmmm, a stomach virus, eh? : )

Junkchiccottage said...

Cream pies of any kind I love. I have never met one yet that I did not like. This one sounds so yummy. I hope you feel better. Stomach stuff is the worse. Take care my friend.

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

A coconut pie is a sure cure for a stomach virus.....maybe your hero will make you!

Victoria's Vintage Designs said...


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Now this is a fun blogging idea!!! Having a fun back-and-forth with another blogger!!!! Way to jazzz up Pretty Blog Land!!!!

Go take care of yourself! You aren't 21 any more, and you need more TLC, when sick, than you used to. I know! This is a terrible shock to you! All this needing-more-rest... And not being as young as you were... All that icky stuff! But it's so ya' know. -evil giggles-


Kelly said...

Gosh that pie really looks decadent! And..........fattening. But that doesn't count this time of year. LOL! So sorry that you're sick. Sounds AWFUL! I hope you get well soon. 36 hrs is long enough!

Karen L. Bates said...

Yummy for the tummy...looks so good.

Sorry to hear you are under the weather....take care.

Nellie said...

Hubby loves Coconut Cream Pie! I'm sending along healthy vibes for a quick recovery for you! So sorry you are sick! xo Nellie

bj said...

HAHHHAA...You are such a ya lots.
Hope you are feeling better.

Nonnie said...

Coconut cream pie is one of my all time favs. I am so sorry you are feeling yucky. Get well. Xoxo

Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable said...

Oh no, feel better! Pie looks great!

Connie said...

Poor poor girl, I am sorry that you are not feeling well. I know all about eating the whole thing. My hubby gets hungry for pie or cake and then only eats one piece . . . well, what's a girl suppose to do, my Momma always said to never waste food, LOL.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Oh my word, that pie sounds good!!! Hope you start feeling better very soon! I remember my mom always giving me Sprite or Ginger Ale with a straw when my stomach was upset. Sending lots of hugs!!

Richella Parham said...

Oh, Diana, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! At least you don't have to worry about having eaten too much pie, huh? God bless you with a speedy recovery!

(BTW, I LOVE coconut cream pie, but in my world that means coconut meringue, just BJ's mother-in-law made. Is pudding pie with whipped cream a Midwestern preference or just a Diana preference?)

Anonymous said...

I think both pies sound super!!! I love coconut cream pie!! I sure hope you feel better soon,

The Refeathered Roost said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Diana. When my husband and I were only married a few months I decided to make a cake for him. I ate a piece just to make sure it was good.. It was so I ate another and another.. Before I knew it, it was 3/4 gone.. I was embarrassed and couldn't let my newlywed see how much I had I ate the whole thing! Looking back on it...I'm not ashamed at all. The coconut pie recipes are yummy.

Bethany Carson said...

That pie looks absolutely scrumptious--and your remarks about it made me smile (even laugh!). Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Get well soon!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Oh my!!! This looks so good Diana! I don't blame you for eating the whole pie. It looks like a pie that's worth the calories!

Carla from The River said...

Oh that pie! Next time invite me over. :-)))
xx oo
Get Well Soon!

Missy George said...

That pie looks wonderful..I hope it's only a virus..Push the fluids!! I know you didn't eat the whole pie!!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh you poor thing! Too much of a good thing is never good! lol Hope that you're feeling better soon, my friend. And next a slice for me. lol

xoxo laurie

Consider It All Joy said...

Maybe it's all that coconut cream goodness you (didn't) eat!!! I'm NOT a fan of coconut at all, don't even like the smell, so I'm sure I didn't eat any of that beauty! Hope you are feeling better this evening! Blessings, Cindy

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I would NEVER eat a whole by myself * wink wink*:) I had what you have a few weeks ago. Hang in there!

Chatty Crone said...

Girl there is nothing fun about the stomach flu - I hate that and I hate it for you. And I have to be honest - I don't like coconut either - lol! Get well.

Gypsy Heart said...

We have Coconut Pie on the brain lately don't we? :)

Sure hope you're feeling better tonight. Rest ~

Debbie Harris said...

That pie is as beautiful as pie gets!!
Coconut cream pie is my husbands all time favorite and I know he would love this. I must give it a try.
You know Dianna ~ too much cream mixed with coconut creates a tummy laxative. :-) I have news for you ~ its likely not a virus. ;-)
You always make me chuckle.
Get well soon, friend.
Blessings, Debbie

Tete said...

My mom made the best pies ever. She had that crust thing down to an art. She didn't have a recipe. Did it by feel. I haven't had coconut cream pie in a long, long time. May have to head north if you promise to leave me half a pie.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Do you think you had to much pie and that made you sick? That pie is to die for and it looks sooooooooooo good. Right now I could sure use a BIG piece of pie after all the garlic noodles and cajon shrimp I had today. LOL
Have a good one.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Oh boy I love coconut cream pie! Sounds and looks delicious! Sorry you aren't feeling well- I hope you get better quickly. Stay warm.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Oh Wow this looks so good. Hope you are feeling better today.
Hugs and Get Well Wishes

Jean | said...

Diana, I hope you are all better. Love this pie! Must make one soon. And I'm inclined to eat pie for breakfast whenever there's pie in the house!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Aww, feel better soon; so sorry you're sick! The pie looks so yummy; I do love coconut pie! Sending a big get well soon hug your way!

Ramblingon said...

Honey I hope you are over that now. And that to make that. OH yummy!

bj said...

...just so you know, I am making YOUR coconut pie, along with a cherry pie and a strawberry pie, for my girl's birthday dinner tomorrow night....
anyone that make chocolate gravy like you is bound to do a killer coconut pie, too. :) I'm trusting you that this will be her favorite of the 3....:)