Sunday, November 16, 2014

Prayer Request AGAIN For Linda & Update on Toby & Me

A few weeks ago I asked you to pray for 
Her best friend, Deb, posted this yesterday
and Linda has asked for extended prayer.
My bff, Linda is in the hospital.  She had another echocardiogram (Nov. 12th) and her heart was worse.  The doctors have NOT been listening to her complaints!  The cardiologist's office told her to go to St. Lukes in Milwaukee which is a much larger hospital and specializes in heart disease.  Already the IV Lasix is helping, or at least, working.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  You may put this on your blog.

Edited to Add:
I just received this at 8:30 am from Deb this morning:

Linda's condition is VERY serious.  I broke down yesterday when we went to visit.  I am so afraid for her, but she is being strong, and following all the medical advice, etc.  She knows me, and knows I cry.  Please spread the word on the blogs.  Not everyone reads mine.  Prayers for Linda and also prayers that I can be a good support to her.

If they cannot get her heart issue resolved
they will not be able to do the cancer surgery
that she desperately needs.

On another note-
Several months ago you prayed here for 
Toby, hubby of Teresa @ Magazine Your Home
He had some pretty serious cancer surgery.
I asked Teresa the other day and she
said he is recovering beautifully and is back to
his sassy self!
Prayers DO Work!

As for me and all you who thought I was 
Coconut Cream Pie.- LOL--

Let me just say----NOT SO!
The pie incident was over a week ago.
My granddaughter complained of 
her tummy hurting for a few days.
I think I might have picked up the bug
from her.
I AM feeling better this morning.
At least I can drink a cup of coffee
and THAT is a 
GOOD THING as Martha Stewart says!

I am going to lay low for one more day here
and hope to be completely fine by tomorrow~

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  1. Praying for Linda... Thanks, too, for the good report.

    Oh my! BJ posted the pie recipe...must snag. Are you sure that you didn't overdo? =D Our tummies are not made out of iron the way they once were. Feel better and lie low!

  2. Praying very hard for Linda. She is one pretty lady.
    I remember Toby and his handsome military photo. Happy to know he is better now.
    My upper respiratory illness started with a stomach bug so I hope you don't get that!

  3. Joining my prayers to yours. So much illness and pain and sadness in this world, but this world is not our home!

  4. Prayers for Linda. For her to become strong and her heart to heal. That her surgery can be done .That is good news of Toby. Diana, I did tease you about too much I feel badly about that. :( I Hope you get well soon. Maybe Hero will wait on you today and bring you some soup. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh my goodness. Linda is dealing with so much right now. My FIL was dealing with both heart issues and cancer at the same time and it was very difficult to treat one thing without it affecting the other. That just puts a double kink in things. I hope the doctors will be able to find the right solution to her problem. I hope you continue to get better too.

  6. I'm praying for Linda (and Deb)...great news about Toby! Glad you're feeling better-no more pie for you-lol :)

  7. Good Morning my friend. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Getting your coffee fix is a good thing and a sign of recovery lol! Praying for Deb and so happy Toby is doing so much better. Hoping to see a post soon that Deb has turned the corner for the better. So sorry she is going through this. Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

  8. I will keep these in my prayers and I hope you feel lots better soon, too my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. My prayers will be with Linda, as well as her dear concerned friend Deb. :-(
    Happy to hear that Toby is better as well as yourself.
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  10. oh so sad about Linda, prayers do work, I will keep them both in my prayers, I'm glad it wasn't the pie, lol,

  11. I will keep Linda and Deb in my prayers. Blessings for Toby who recovered. It's amazing how much prayers and healing thought can make a difference. xo

  12. Praying for you and Linda, prayers DO work!

  13. Diana,
    I hope you are feeling better today and over whatever tried making you sick. Our Eagles are in Green Bay and feeling the winterly blast! Now prayers are something I too know work. There is such powerful energy in collected prayer and I will continue my prayers for Linda. I think Linda realizes that Deb is a very special friend, like an earth angel.
    Be well, be happy!

  14. Keeping Linda in my prayers...sounds like a hard and scary time! Glad Toby is doing better and you are, too! (those grandchildren have a way of bringing around fun germs, don't they lol)

  15. I am so sad for your friend Linda - I can't really even imagine what she is going though. It must be such a scary time. I will pray that God is with her and she feels Him. sandie

  16. Praying for Linda! I'm thrilled to hear Toby is better! Continuing to lift both in prayer!

  17. Best wishes for Linda, hope she makes a full recovery.

  18. Saying prayers for Linda and so happy Toby is well...yes the power of prayer is strong!! Hoping you feel better my friend...stomach bugs are the worst :-(

  19. Praying for Linda . So hard when doctors aren't listening. We were so blessed with such fantastic and caring doctors.


  20. Glad to hear you are doing better and that Toby has recovered. Prayers for Linda!

  21. In Jesus' name, Diana. Prayers all around!


  22. I'm praying for your blog friend, Linda, and I hope you feel better soon. Yes, prayers DO work!

    My computer was not connecting this weekend, and finally got it up and running this morning. Just catching up on your posts. Have a peaceful Sunday, dear Diana.


  23. Thanks Diana, for getting the news out there about Linda! I am so glad that you are feeling better and that Toby is too! It is so encouraging to hear about answered prayer! I received much comfort at church today, and happy knowing that Linda's daughter and her husband are visiting today. It is such a long trip for so many, and now we have the snow too! Blessings to you, Diana and to all who are praying!

  24. oh nana diana.
    holding linda in His white light of calm and healing. and love. miracles can and do happen.
    and for you in that light as well.
    rest! you're a blonde dynamo. maybe it takes a tummy knock~down to make you rest!! :) love dear heart. xoxo♥

  25. I will be praying, my friend. Glad you are feeling better. xo Laura

  26. Good thoughts for Linda..Good that you are a little better..hope you continue in that direction..Take it easy if you know how...

  27. I'm so sorry about Linda's heart condition and will definitely continue prayers for her and her family, Deb and the medical team. Glad that Toby is better! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you my friend.


  28. Prayers in Jesus name. (I tried leaving a comment in Google and Wordpress, neither it is back to anonymous and emails, sorry)

  29. Hi Diana, I will continue to pray for Linda. Good news about Toby and I am so glad you are feeling a bit better. Rest up and don't push it.
    Hugs and Blessings

  30. So sorry to here about all the sickness.We have a loving,caring God.I know He hears Our prayers.I asked Him to heal all and that's including You-Hugs Denise

  31. I will pray for Linda, Diana. And that is wonderful about Toby. I believe in the power of prayer! Sorry to hear that you have been sick! Hope you are better soon!

  32. Thank you sweet Diana for asking about Toby, yes he is doing so much better and I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I am praying for Linda that they get her problems under control so they can take the next step in helping her. As for YOU Diana, I totally know what you mean about eating the goodies, I'm so guilty of overdoing it on more than one occasion for sure!

  33. Stomach bugs are just annoying!! Hope you are feeling better today! I'm sorry that Linda is not doing well, such a difficult situation for her and her family, definitely praying! So happy to hear Toby is doing better! Cancer is such a BEAST!!! Praying for all! Blessings, Cindy

  34. It bugs me to no end when dr.s don't listen!! I hope Linda can get the help she desperately needs. Thank goodness Teresa's husband is on the mend!! Such great news!

  35. I think it is a big issue that male doctors don't always listen to women. My thoughts are with her. Life is so precious and fleeting.

  36. I will continue to pray for Linda. Please add me to your prayer list, I lost my job without warning on Thursday. To say they blind sighted me is an understatement, I am sure it was my age and the fact that the doctors sister in law is filled with evil and hated me from the moment she met me. I have been praying about it all and hopeful he did not tell a fib and plans to give me a severance package, a small one. The law states I should have received my final pay check 24 hours after my dismissal. Nothing yet. Please pray.
    I know Linda has a serious situation but we have to trust the Lord. He is walking withher, I feel it. Blessings, Anne

  37. Saying prayers for Linda and Deb. Hope you are feeling better. I've been sick for this past week and still am not over whatever it is that my little grandson decided to share with me.

  38. Praying for Linda, Deb, Anne and many others. Thanks for sharing Diana & encouraging people to carry each others burdens through prayer, praise and thanksgiving.


  39. Prayers on the way.

    Annie v.

  40. Praying for Linda. She has gone through so much!
    I am so glad that Toby is doing better.
    Also praying for the people helping them in their struggles. It isn't easy. Prayers for them to stay strong and that they take care of themselves also.

  41. Prayers for your friend. Glad the other friends husband is better. That is good news. And glad YOU are feeling better.

  42. I am praying for her. I also pray for the friend who is so loving and concerned.

  43. So sorry that Linda is not doing well, but prayers will continue for her. So glad that Toby has done so well. I do believe that prayers do work. Thanks for the up dates on the people that are ill.
    Hope your feeling better, stay down one more day and you will be in tip top shape.
    Have a terrific week.

  44. I hope you start to really feel good very soon, Diana.
    Such good news about Toby!!
    Praying for a miracle for Linda. So sorry her news isn't good.
    The Power of Prayer is an amazing thing.

  45. Praying for Linda right now. Such good news about Toby!


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