Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Friend Jettie Is Having Surgery Today-Prayer Request

This is not my usual prayer request.
I am usually crying when I write most of them.
However, this one is close to my heart.

This surgery has been a long time coming.
Jettie is the reason I am blogging today.
She started a blog called
where she blogged for books.
I had never heard of a BLOG before that.
I thought that was pretty cool and,
I thought I would blog for books, too.
(I never did because I got
sidetracked writing nonsense).
After emailing back and forth a whole lotta times,
she led me through the process of 
setting up my blog 
and here I am today-maybe paying
her back just a bit for all she has
done for me.
I hope she is down for a couple of days
cuz she is gonna kill me when she sees this picture.

Of course, I like THIS picture, too.
Now I am REALLY in for it.
But while I am on the subject-
Anyone else think her hubby 
looks like Conway Twitty?
Just sayin'

Jettie and I have shared laughs and sorrows,
ups and downs,
health scares and family problems
for about 10 years.

For the last few years she has been in constant pain.
She has had a hard time walking and
in the last year or so it has been REALLY BAD.
After agonizing over it and waiting "to see"
she has decided to have hip surgery.

I know hip surgery is pretty routine today
but it is still scary when it is happening to you.
Please say a prayer for her today.
Her surgery is early in the afternoon.
I am praying the doctor has a great lunch
and is feeling good overall when he operates.

Thank you so much
for your prayers for a successful surgery,
no complications and a quick recovery.
Jettie will read your comments here in a day or so

Pray for her cats, too.
Conway Her hubby has to take care of them and he
pretends he doesn't like cats.
(although he has been known to pet them 
when he thinks no one is looking).
your photo name


  1. Of course, I'll be praying for Jettie and her cats. I'll pray that her husband takes good care of the cats. I'll pray too, for you so that she's not mad enough to kill you for sharing the cute photos. Oh, oh...do you think now that he'll be mad at me for saying they're cute? LOL!! ♥

    1. Also added her to my Blog Prayer List...Hugs

  2. My prayers go out this morning for your lovely friend and her furry family and, of course, Conway Hubby too!

  3. Sending prayers for Jettie.

    Guess what?!? We're getting *snow* today! :/

  4. Prayers for Jettie's surgery! and her precious kitties! Great oldie pics too.
    Stay warm. Hugs

  5. Sending prayers for Jettie's surgery and her quick recovery! xo Nellie

  6. Prayer said for Jettie that her surgery goes well! I was a big Conway fan. I saw him in person quite a few times and her husband does look a bit like him.

  7. Pretty lady and I will pray for a successful surgery. It will be wonderful when she is recovered and not dealing with pain like that! You are a good friend to champion her cause, even if she does kill you.

  8. I will certainly keep her in my prayers. We know that prayer makes a difference and we want her to heal up and not suffer any more. Thanks for this post, my friend! And thanks for all the prayers you've made for me! What a good friend you are....I'm glad you're on my side! Sweet hugs!

  9. Praying for your sweet friend (and the cats too, LOL). Prayers for her surgical team as well. May the surgery be successful and she be pain free after healing.

  10. Oh my Dear, I recently met her! Because of photos she posted, of the beautiful guitars, which her husband makes.

    My husband is a wood worker and things like this, catch my eye too. Showed him the pics,and he of course, appreciated them. I just commented on the latest guitar he made....

    Guess I'd better not go back over there, and wish her well, though..... Since she herself didn't post about the operation... Hmmmmmmmm........ Not sure.... Decision. Correct. Just mention it here, in your comments. Best of wishes to you, Dear Jettie!!! And many warm gentle hugs...


  11. Prayers will be said for Jettie (and the kitties)! Hope she is soon dancing with no pain! You are a sweet friend to her, Diana. Take care!

  12. Praying for your friend, Jettie! Cute snaps of her and Conway! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shleia ;)

  13. Prayers for Jettie......and hugs for those adorable kitties! Have a wonderful day...hugs, Penny

  14. Will be praying for Jettie today.... I didn't see her post about it?? Thanks for letting us know...

  15. Diana, I'll pray for Jettie. Hope she does well and recovers fast. Take care and stay warm....Spring is slowly trying to get here. xoxo,Susie

  16. Praying for a very successful surgery and recovery for Jettie. Also sending prayers and hugs to those sweet kitties. :) I always had orange tabbies growing up. Stay warm!

  17. I'm praying all goes well for Jettie and she is back on her feet again very soon!

  18. Saying a prayer for Jettie. I know it is scary, but she will be so happy when it is done. I know that getting out of that horrible pain in my knees was the best thing I ever did. xoxo Laura

  19. Hi there, Lifting up Jettie right now-sounds like the perfect friend! Hopefully the hip surgery will give her mobility and stamina again.
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. Oh Diana, she's in my prayers as I type this! Bless her heart, I know she'll be out of pain soon! Praying for her cats and yes, he does look like Conway Twitty!

  21. Saying prayers for Jettie. You are such a sweet and loving friend to start a prayer chain for your dear friend. Hope she will recover and be feeling better and have a spring in her step real soon. She will be amazed how much better she will feel after the surgery. Being in pain that long and then having the surgery it will be a world of difference. She will feel so good she probably will run off and join the Rockette's Just Sayin it has been known to happen! Good Luck Jettie Hugs!

  22. I hope all goes well with your friend's surgery. I have sent a prayer for her. Her husband does look a bit like Conway but he would look more like him if his hair was higher. The cats are lovely and look so affectionate!

  23. Prayers said for the surgery, complete recovery and also a pain free life after so many years! She is going to feel like a new woman!

  24. Praying for Jettie and her doctors. Give the doctors wisdom. I can attest to the fact that prayer really does work! God is still in the miracle business.

    Blessings to her and her family.


  25. I trust Jettie comes through with flying colors!! Friendship is such a blessing!
    Mary Alice

  26. Praying for your wonderful friend Jettie…and I am sure she will not be mad at those photos…they are beautiful ones!…please keep us informed on her progress...

  27. I have had my hip replaced and it was the best thing I EVER did! I hope she will make it through the surgery - she will - and after a couple months - she will be so happy! sandie

  28. I was in a rush this morning when I first saw this, but have been praying through out the day. Now, things are caught up and I am finally commenting. I was really hoping for an update, but it's probably too soon for that. I hope to see good news posted soon. And I hope and pray that Jettie will have a speedy recovery and no more hip pain.

  29. My thoughts are with Jettie.

    I will share that EVERYONE I know who has had hip surgery is doing great and back in action. My cousin went on a family bicycle ride through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge just 6 months after her surgery. My 89 year old aunt was back in her kayak several months after her hip surgery. A neighbor down the street is back to his daily walks around town. It is scary to go through, but Jettie will feel so much better after so much pain.

  30. Love her pictures...so pretty! Praying all goes well...

  31. Diana,
    Just said a prayer for your friend, Jettie. And I don't think she'll mind if you put this picture up - she's a real beauty.


  32. sending love, light and prayers for Jette and her family...cats included..;j

  33. Praying for your dear friend Jettie. Wishing her a successful surgery and a very quick recovery. She is lucky to have such a sweet friend like you. Jane

  34. Tell her that she will be FINE!!! My ex ( we are friends now due to common grandchildren, lol ) had one of these surgeries done a few years back and then another one last year and only missed a wee bit of time babysitting ....:) It's hard at first...not saying it is easy but it will all come out right in the end and of course with all of this prayer she'll get better faster BUT I would MILK It for awhile and not tell the new cat caregiver about that...Let him have the joys of cat litter box emptying for a good long time! :)

  35. I will be honored to keep her and her family in prayer! I do realize how daunting this surgery can feel...a bit similar to my back issues maybe. She will do beautifully and soon be out of pain and very active again! So many people are up and going so soon after surgery and feeling great. Please keep us posted! You're a sweetheart for doing this....we all need prayer at some point. :)


  36. I will keep her in my prayers. I had this surgery about 6 years ago. I was in such horrible pain for so long. When I woke up after the surgery the pain was gone!! It was amazing. Certainly there is pain from the surgery for a couple of weeks afterwards, but it is absolutely NOTHING like the chronic pain I had been enduring. She will be so happy she had it done, and I bet that, like me, she will wonder why in the world she waited so long when she could have been out of pain sooner. She likely will become an advocate like I am for anyone who is going through that pain and wondering if they should have the surgery or not. I hope you will let us know how she is doing.

  37. Diana, Jettie will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know Jettie will feel the love from the prayers for a successful surgery and her rapid recovery.

  38. I just read your post and hopefully, by now you've heard that Jettie's surgery went well and she's in recovery. I'll be sure to keep her in my prayers for a complete recovery.

  39. I'm praying that Jettie's surgery went well, and that she has a quick recovery. Hope she starts to feel better soon, no more hip pain!!

  40. Saying a prayer for Jettie. I hope all went well and she's comfortable this evening.

  41. Prayers for your dear friend and her critters. Lovely post.

  42. wishing her a a quick recovery, diana:)

  43. Praying for your precious friend, Diana. By now she is probably through with surgery, but I will certainly be praying her her recovery. There is a lady in my church who is only 50 and she just had hip surgery and is doing well :) Much love to you!

  44. Praying that Jettie had a successful surgery and that her recovery will be fast and painless! Hugs, Leena

  45. just saw this. How did it go? hope all went well and the cats are fed

  46. I just opened up your post but you know I will be praying for Jettie and for a speedy recovery and you know her husband is feeding the kitties or he will be in HOT water.

  47. I trust all went well and I'll keep praying for the poor cats until she is up and around to take over again as their mommy!

  48. Hi Diana, Your post always shows up late in my feed. Don't know why. I am praying for a speedy recovery for Jettie as I am sure the operation went well and there were so many prayers going up for her. She will do fine and will be so surprised. This will be one of those procedures where you end up saying "Why didn't I do this sooner?". Jettie will be coming home to some sassy cats, not fat and sassy cuz surely they can't get any fatter.
    Jettie, I know you will do your therapy and you will be feeling great soon. You have a special friend in Diana to stand by you.
    Love to you both, Ginger

  49. I hope Jettie came through the surgery well.

  50. I am doing well, home and walking a bit on my own, and with walker. I did it now, because this was the soonest I could get it done.


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