Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Am On My Way To Africa? Well-To Somewhere!

Yes!  It's true!
I received the following notification
from my new friend,
Mathew Agala
notice the spelling on Mathew/Matthew

We have deposited the check of your fund ($2.700`000`00USD) through western union department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact western union driector via E-mail: (,

Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive a part-payment of $1.8 Million and has been approved already as concluded by the (IMF) Chapter based on the agreement reached by the European Union and the World Bank Audit Unit and United Nations Policy Maker Unit under World Bank payment constitution and the World Economic Development Forum Annual Meeting held in London to erase debt of up to $3.5billion owed by African banks and other several international banks world wide:

Director Mathew Agala
Email :(

Here is what I am expecting to see when 
I get there.

After I am set up in my new beach front home
I will send each of you
$10,000. so that you can join
me for a week.
I will set up a spa hut for each of you!
I am SO sad that YOU did not get a 
letter like the one above....
so sad.....
Wish me luck!!!!

ps.  I spent all day yesterday
it's not nearly as much fun putting
it away as it is setting it up!
Of course, winning all this money
makes me feel a whole lot happier.

your photo name


  1. Oh boy, I received that letter, too. That means we can sit next to each other in first class. :)
    xo Laura

  2. Unfortunately, there are people out there still falling for this

  3. Lol you're a nut! Aren't those kinds of letters a hoot! All you have to do is send them some money so they a can send you their money! Yeah right! I finally got my de-Christmasing done. Now what to do!

  4. lol! ive not received that particular letter, but I have received some similar ones! lol!
    if only they were real!
    I put my money in every week at work though to win the lottery. one of these days we're going to win and then half of the employees at DSS will leave! woohoo! I cant wait!
    but til then, I shall keep trudging on!
    oh wouldnt it be nice!

  5. I have received one too! Well, not from Mathew per se but one of his constituents perhaps! But wait! He addressed me as his Dearly Beloved. I was expecting to be married to him by the time I had finished his exciting missive!

    Thank you for visiting Katie Isabella. This is her momma, Ramblingon. When I left my comment to you yesterday I did not realize that I was still logged into Katie's account. I must have been helping her reply to her furriends.

    I have a dear friend in Green Bay so she keeps me apprised of the weather in WI. Here we will reach 0 or below tonight and tomorrow plus some snow...amount unknown. Brrr.

  6. wow, you're in the money now, Blogger restored my bog!

  7. Oh, Diana, you are SO lucky! I can't wait for my very own 'spa hut'! ;)

  8. Take me with you, Diana! I will not take up much room!:-) I hope you are staying safe and warm! xo Nellie

  9. we can have twin beach houses.....I got the same letter (s). Happy Weekend. PS- quit dreaming! :)

  10. Ah man, I wish I'd gotten that email :)

  11. LOL The sad thing is some people actually believe those things!!!
    Enjoy your trip....I am looking forward to joining you at the spa hut!!!

  12. I am so sad that I was not chosen to receive a similar letter. :( Please remember me when you come into your fortune.

  13. LOL!! But I do get a letter like that once or twice a year. So you see, the money really belongs to me.

  14. I look forward to my stay in that cute little hut. LOL I'll bring my good camera.

  15. Oh, Iv'e been soooo busy returning my personal information to the Costco, and Staples deliveries that I missed, because I didn't give them my bank account info. And then I had the winnings to count from the final judgement in the will that awarded me all those $$$$'s in some oddly named country, but I had to send them a few thousand first. That along with sending off mega bucks to members of my family who are stuck in England, and Australia, and VEGAS BABY!!! even though I could have sworn I just talked to them the day before...has kept me kind of busy.

    I would like my spa hut decorated in all creamy white decor please...and floating tropical fruit in my water.


  16. Diana, I Love your sense of humor. We get letters similar to that one too, I always forward them to my local police, it is a shame that these hoodlums can go away unnoticed. In our business we meet many people who actually fall prey to these criminals and then find themselves in a mess. If you win that lottery, please save me a place on the beach, and if I win, I will host a bloggers getaway in Hawaii!

  17. I get these notices all the time.
    We could have a bloggy retreat, yeah. Love the huts.

  18. Diana, Thank you for my chuckle before I go to run my errands. Everybody has probably received one at one point in time and yes unfortunately there a few people that get sucked in. You have a lot of snow. The sun is shining, but we are suppose to get snow later in the day. I enjoyed your previous post, I think I will pass though for a while to sit on your porch. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  19. Got to tell you a sad tale my friend-(of course you made me laugh); when I was in banking in Ca. there was the sweetest senior lady. Well some scammers got ahold of her and she kept wiring her money-seriously. We finally got senior advocates involved, she had given away over $100,000. So you send me that cashiers check and I'd love to come out to see you but til then you have fun taking down all the decorations. Mine has been done for three days and I'm pretty happy-remember though I have to start packing.
    Hugs today, stay warm-it is snowing here.

  20. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Do some people actually fall for these things? -sigh- I'm sure they do.

    Bits of editing Christmas here. Not ready for the whole thing. Yet. :-)

    Today, I got books from the library and am going to read, read, read, read, read...

  21. i get those crazy e-mails all the time! do you think anyone really falls for that?

  22. I used to wonder what kind of people got caught in those nets. Now I know! LOL! You nut! I'll be waiting for my check.

  23. Thanks for the LOL today....I have gotten a few of those emails, I don't know, the least they could do is a spell check and get the english right, that is a big hint that it's all a big scam!!! When things sound too good to be true they usually are.

    Oh well, I guess we can only dream of warm me a place at the spa too, sounds heavenly :)

  24. hahahahaa! Glad that you will be sharing your windfall with us, Diana! We've received similar notices. Hubby got an email saying that a relative of his had died in England, and had willed him a bunch of money. Too bad he doesn't actually have any relatives in England!! I am De-Christmasing today too. And you are right, it isn't nearly as fun as getting it all out:)

  25. Wait a minute here!
    I think it was addressed to a Mrs Jones or wait maybe it was Mrs. Smith!
    But I thank you so much for my portion of 10 Grand (sounds like a candy bar!) My Hut is lovely..
    See Ya, Soon Roxy

  26. Yep. I'm officially jealous...either of the letter or of the fact you are all put away! Guess which one! Lol.

  27. What great news! I will start checking the mail for my 10,000 check from you, can't wait to get! Hugs, Penny

  28. I see that I have returned from my blogging break at a very good time!!!!!
    Wishing you many blessings in the new year.

  29. Maybe... because it is supposed to be -55* windchills by Monday morning, those of us in Wisconsin were lucky enough to be "the winners!!" as we received the same email!!! Matthew/Mathew wouldn't lie to us, would he?? STAY WARM... DREAM BIG! Go Pack!!

  30. You are Soooo lucky..and how nice of you to include all your friends..Only you :)..I'll pack my bags..

  31. Looks like the spammers are starting the new year in full force. I have received the same. Mathew has been busy. LoL.
    I know the Christmas take down is not much fun. All done here and so glad.
    Stay warm.

  32. Ha Ha, if only it were true, I could go with a little warmer weather about right now. Maybe someday...keeping my fingers crossed.

  33. Oh I get someone has died and left me money.


    Are we stupid they think.

    No,No not us.

    We are no ding, dongs.

  34. You are just too much!!!! At least you have the good sense to know a scam when you see one. I feel sorry for those that fall for it. Too bad. It looked like a fun trip too!

  35. Wow! Lucky you! LOL These people must think we're all idiots or something. Unfortunately, there are people who fall for this stuff! Can't imagine! Hugs, Leena

  36. Well, my letters seem to come from Nigeria but I think the ones that promise a certain part of the anatomy would change significantly are the most promising. :) Of course, those should go to males.

    Amazing that these things keep going and some people fall for them. I so would love a beach trip though so if you win the lottery, remember what you promised! LOL


  37. I did get the letter, but I asked them to deliver my money. I'm still waiting.

  38. And here I thought these letters and emails were scams...silly me! ;) I will await your $10k check so that I can join you and be your personal photographer! :)

    I've been putting away Christmas decor all day, and I now know why we only do this once a year! Maybe next year we'll just have to decorate our beach huts...that would be nice wouldn't it?!

    xo Kat

  39. :D You lucky girl! I'm also putting things away, not fun :(

  40. Hey Diana I received that same letter...let's go together LOL!!

  41. I get calls evey week about winning all this cuises!! Am I lucky or what? But I hear that the rain is down in Africa. LOL

  42. BAH! I think I got invited to the same place from his cousin! Maybe I'll see you there! :)

    I have yet to put a single Christmas decoration away and I am SOOOO ready!!!!! Gad. Tomorrow. Hopefully.

  43. Geez, I feel left out...I never got a letter offering quite that much, so I'll keep checking the mail :) But, I'll look forward to visiting you in your new home! Thanks for the chuckle.

  44. Ohh...I am SO excited and can hardly wait to hear from you and to visit you. What fun we will all have! :)
    The problem is and I was wondering if you would help a relative of mine that was mugged in Burmuda and is waiting for money from me to help her get home! Bless her heart. I told her to go to Western Union and wait for the police there. I could not send money but the police had promised to help her find a way back to the states! Your letter is WAY better. At least they are giving and not wanting money from you!
    My poor mother in her old age stayed up all night one night waiting for Publisher's Clearing house to deliver her check for (forget how much but it was a lot!) She was so disappointed. One of our cousins came and sat and waited with her!

  45. :) I went on to read your earlier post and had to smile. It's actually in the 70's here..and we DID have coffee on the front porch yesterday morning. :) Sunny and bright and everything growing. Wierd weather...

  46. Don't you just LOVE those letters?? You are going to have so much fun, girlfriend!! Glad you de-Christmased your house just in time. ;) LOL! XOXO

  47. Those emails crack me up! Does anyone REALLY fall for them?!

  48. Oh goody, I will use that $10,000 you send me to help my relative, who was mugged in Europe.
    I will just tell her that as soon as you get your money, I will get that money & then I can send it off to her....
    Thanks for the chuckle....
    stay warm... looks like it is colder by you than across the lake here in Mi. ( & it is plenty cold here : )


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