Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Life Is Never Boring-We Celebrate Everything!

I worked in the basement 
I got tons done but didn't have much time to
prepare a post for today.

So--- I thought I would show you
what is normal for the course around here
on a busy day.

Even small things are celebrated
at this house.

For evidence I submit these pictures.
Waiting for the timer on the microwave
to go off to signal that the 
is done.
Look at the curls on 
SweetCheeks and Sweet Ria.
The countdown is almost over!
Whoo Hooo!
Hooray- Hooray!
It's time to eat today!
That last photo is what I like to fondly call an 

Life is a little slow in Wisconsin
when the temperatures are 
40 below zero.
We will celebrate anything!
Almost too much excitement to bear,
isn't it?;>)

I MIGHT have a project to 
share tomorrow----or---
maybe not~
your photo name


  1. The life of a child is worth celebrating anything and anytime! Have a great day!

  2. mac-n-cheese is definitely worth celebrating at our house! Happy Friday!

  3. Seems like all kids love mac and cheese! The girls' curls are sweet as can be!

  4. At 40 below, anything that happens, especially if it is inside, is worth celebrating. Love the curls. xo Laura

  5. This is the sweetest post, Diana. I'm with the girls. There are just some foods that are worth jumping up and down for.

    Stay warm, my friend.

  6. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one doing the cleaning/purging/organizing thing.

  7. Too cute Diana!... everyday pleasures are the very best celebrations... love those curls!... and I get excited for macaroni and cheese too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Wonder how it's coming along with your basement. Hope I inspired you!

  9. I consider each morning I am able to be up and moving cause for celebration!:-) Cute how much focus there was on that microwave! Love those curls, too! xo Nellie

  10. Yea! For macaroni and cheese! 40 below? Burrrrrrr.... Little girls are so much fun!

  11. I always enjoy seeing the funny peeps into your life with the grands! I also enjoy getting to see little bits and pieces of your home (which you've been so private about!). Can't help myself- that's the kind of stuff I always enjoy seeing! The girls have gorgeous hair! Looks like Nana was dolling them up with a curling iron!

  12. Yay! Mac and cheese! I totally understand their excitement! I shall celebrate by making my own for lunch today. Seriously.

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  14. Those curls!!! I'm jumping up and down for cute hair!

  15. Who needs a project when you have grandchildren and mac and cheese!

  16. You are one of the most creative bloggers I know and it is all because you have learned that anything can be blog fodder!

  17. Grrr..... Blogger just lost my comment. ok, step back and punt.

    Oh those curls. I love curls on little girls. Love 'em. Oh oh oh, they are gorgeous.

    And it's good to celebrate whatever we can. It keeps us sane, especially in awful weather.

    Temps coming down, any time soon????

  18. The curls on those two are just beautiful. And I've never seen anyone so excited over mac and cheese.

  19. beautiful curls, really nice!
    I still jump and cheer for mac and cheese!

  20. It is always an exciting day with Mac N Cheese!!

  21. Hey Mac and Cheese is a very loved commodity here in GA too! sandie

  22. Love those spirals in the girls hair. Did you use rags?
    Where would we be without micro nukes today? We would actually have to boil water and cook! The we would not have time for all the fun stuff, like cleaning our basements...

  23. Is school out due to the weather? If so, that's a reason to celebrate in itself. Not so much, since your girls are in private school - but one less day in a public school would be a great thing for anyone. LOL

  24. I think that those children have cabin fever! HA

  25. I have often wonder WHY kids love mac and cheese so much. My Kelly would eat it at every meal if she could.
    The girls are so excited LOL to get their mac and cheese. I think that it is great that you celebrate many things - its better than being cranky. Laughter is so much better.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. So cute.
    Are those natural curls. I love the shine.
    Do you have those "ice balls" they are showing from the Great Lakes. Now, don't take that comment and make it into something it isn't, hah.
    It is thawing here but bad fog all day.
    Have a great week-end. xo

  27. Being warm and dry is a reason to celebrate at that temp. Nothing beats mac and cheese to warm a belly on a cold day.

  28. Your granddaughter are precious. I kind of get that way too when I am waiting for a TV dinner to be done in the mic. LOL!!

  29. i know
    some warm mac-n-cheese
    would help me survive 40 below!

    Fridays Unfolded is back
    for 2014 and i would love for you
    to stop by and share!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

  30. My grandkids always say that mac and cheese takes too long to cook even in the microwave.

  31. LOL..this is such a cute post! Love the curls on the girls.

  32. Ah yes, I'm very familiar with the microwaved mac and cheese. LOL! It's one of my son's favorites. Their hair is beautiful! Lucky girls. I still can't believe how cold it is there. I would stay inside too. It is rainy and cold here. I'm tired of being inside myself. Sunshine is coming back our way on Sunday and the temps will be in the mid 50's. I know that sounds like a heat wave to you. LOL.

  33. Oh, I love SweetCheek's and Ria's curls! Sometimes it's nice not doing much of anything, just being with the ones we love. YUM, Mac and Cheese - a favorite of Jess'.

    Stay warm in that cold weather of yours, Diana.


  34. What precious little girls! I so wish I was nearer to mine. We are expecting a girl in March. Our big boy will be a big brother.

    My daughter is in the process of invetro. Her husband got a job interview in Nebraska. Can't bear that! Nashville is far enough.

    Celebrate everything!

  35. Wow..are those curls natural?? Beautiful hair...Glad you got so much done today...Did you have any helpers??

  36. Did you get curls, too?
    I can't even imagine what 40 below feels like. We warmed up to 73 and rain, so it's humid and hot. Big swing from 25 last week!
    Bring on the mac and cheese, please!

  37. Children just make the world go round! I love this! Celebrating Mac and Cheese; yummy! Love your gorgeous cabinets and granite! Have a fabulous weekend!

  38. Diana I have to say 40 below or not I do the happy dance like the girls when the microwave goes off and my mac and cheese is ready! Just sayin!!!
    Kris :)

  39. You're creating precious memories! I love it!


  40. We celebrate when it's time to eat at our house, too...doesn't everyone? heehee! Love their curls. Did you have some curling iron time today? Happy weekend my friend!

  41. I'm all for celebrating...lets have popcorn next.


  42. What a cute idea sharing your girls waiting on mac and cheese to cook. Never would have thought of it. When you are shut in, you will do most anything to pass time.

  43. They look like my grands when Mac and Cheese is done! Great shots of your sweet ones-

    Oh girl, working in the basement, that's huge! Get some rest tonight!

  44. Oh those curls are gorgeous on the girls!…Stay warm and have fun with your grands..what joy they bring!
    Have a great weekend!

  45. Movie star curls! Sometimes the best posts are the spontaneous ones! Hope your big freeze thaws soon!

  46. When it gets to Jan. in these parts, just about anything that doesn't involve a snow shovel is exciting. I'll have to try set the microwave timer and see if I'm as thrilled as the girls.

  47. Sweet girls and pretty curls! I love mac & cheese...

  48. You always make me smile and love those curls!!

  49. What sweeties!! Such precious memories!! I love that you all celebrate mac-n-cheese! It should be a national holiday....I love it too!!!~~Ang

  50. The picture made me laugh! Kids are so much fun. It may seem like a not so exciting moment, but you are creating fun memories that will go with these precious girls all of their lives! These are lucky girls!


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