Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Lulu's French Themed Bedroom

As  you know,
if you are a regular follower,
(and by regular
 I am not talking bathroom
habits here if you get my drift)
we had a special French themed
birthday party for 
Lulu at my house last week.
If you missed it you can see
it here.

She had no idea about the 
party because the day before
her Mom surprised her
with a makeover for her room.
She moved into the guest room
across from her sisters' room.
It was all ready for her.
She went out for the afternoon
and when she came home
this is what she saw...
The colors are black and pink
and silver.
Three sweet little chandeliers
hang over this area.
Her bed was dressed with
some stenciling.
And decked in new bedding
in black and white and silver.
Are you awake, sleepy head?
A cube to hold  her treasures.
Mirrors and more~
Her Auntie Mimi painted this
special old window sash
using the Eiffel Tower
for the A in her name.
Lulu wrapped one of the boas
from her birthday party around it
to hold onto the memory
of a fun day.

Is she one lucky little girl...or what?
ha-made you tip your head sideways,
didn't I?
I knew I could!!!!

Ummm...just a reminder...
4 months until Christmas
your photo name


  1. What an original idea for a young lady! Like it that she can have this design for quite a while! Love the name plaque. Like the chandeliers the room, what the heck?

  2. That is so cool! I want that room! What a lucky girl...I know she is going to love that room for a long, long time. I think she might have some little visitors every now and then from across the hall...

  3. A surprise party and a surprise bedroom makeovr - what a wonderful birthday! The room looks amazing - so girly and sophisticated! Lulu must be thrilled!

  4. what a lucky girl, beautiful theme,

  5. How sweet is that room, she must be over the moon with such a great Birthday surprise

  6. Oh yes, she is very lucky! What a gorgeous room, I wouldn't mind one like that myself!

  7. She's very lucky to have such a creative family to make her world beautiful.

  8. How cute. I love the bed. I know she is proud of her room.

  9. Oh, she must have been so surprised, Diana! I'll bet she was thrilled.

    Christmas? Where the heck did that come from? I'm pushing off going up to the attic for Fall stuff, since we've been at almost 90 again, and you're mentioning Christmas! : )

  10. Oh I love Lulu's room! It's beautiful and fit for a French princess. I would feel like a princess waking up in that stunning bed!

  11. Her bed has of the most beautiful headboards I have ever seen!!!! The whole room is just perfect, great job! Hugs, Penny

  12. What a beautiful room! She is one lucky young lady!!!

  13. That is such a cute room.
    Wait......I just put my Christmas stuff back up.

  14. The room is just perfect for Lulu!

    Is it time for Christmas already?

  15. She is one lucky girl to have so much love spread her way! Her room is adorable. All little girls love to have a pretty room. And.....did you have to remind us of Christmas looming so soon? Yikes! Thanks a lot.

  16. What an adorable and grown-up room! LOVE it!!! I really like the silver. Too cute!

  17. What a wonderful bedroom-what a blessed girl! The decorations are perfect. Did you really have to bring up Christmas? I can't believe we already have Halloween decorations in the stores and it isn't even Sept. Well, I'll be planning Christmas now. Have a giggle filled weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. What an awesome surprise!! I LOVE her bed and those pretty little chandies!!

  19. Her room is absolutely fantastic!

  20. That bedroom is magnificent. I Love, Love, Love that bed! The little chandeliers are exquisite . . .she must be a happy young lady, and I'll bet that she is enjoying showing it to all of her girls friends. That is about the best birthday present ever!
    Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  21. Lulu is getting a head start on the joys of Paris. What a beautiful room makeover for this special young lady.
    Happy Birthday, Lulu! ~ Sarah

  22. Her room is adorable! I love the theme and all the little special details. And I'm sure all this attention has made little Lulu feel very loved! :-)

  23. What a beautiful room for a beautiful young lady... I want to live there!... love the Eiffel Tower with her name!... how fun!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Bite your tongue about Christmas already!!!

  24. This room is perfect in every detail! Lucky little laday! ~ Maureen

  25. Oh Di,
    I bet she feels all grown up in that room. I can just imagine all the day dreams she will be having in there! 2 precious, I love it!

  26. A special room for what I know is a special little lady!

  27. I love the room..So feminine..Is it still her Birthday:)

  28. Howdy Diana,

    Wow! Great room. She's one lucky girl. Happy Birthday Lulu.

    Anyway, I'm back, I'm back. :)

    Have a great day. Take care, Janet W

  29. What a fantastic surprise! Everything looks lovely!!

  30. A wonderful room for a ten year old young lady!

    Yes, four months until Christmas! I've already begun "building" my gift collection.:)

    xo Nellie

  31. Wow, what a gorgeous bedroom! I bet Lulu was more than surprised! Her headboard is gorgeous, and of course I love all of the Eiffel Towers, and those pretty chandeliers! What a pretty room for a sweet and pretty girl:)

  32. What a lucky girl! I am in love with her bed. The little birdies were a cute idea.

  33. ulala! so precious. we just had a watermelon birthday party this morning...I am wiped out!

  34. Gee! What's not to love about this beautiful room? I can't imagine never having had such a lovely room.

    (I am not allowed to mention around here that Christmas is only 4 months away! Dear Heart works himself up into a state that I am even thinking about it before September.)

  35. Oooh la la! What a pretty room. Just a little bit grown up. Very nice.

  36. What a sweet surprise for Lulu! I love it. The Paris theme is gorgeous! She must love it! :)


  37. I love Lulu's room makeover! The French theme is wonderful! I hope she will have many dreams of Paris!

    Flora Doora

  38. I'm so happy she is feeling better now! Her room is adorable! I don't know where to start! I love her chandeliers,the headboard is gorgeous and the window sash is lovely! A perfect room for a sweetie!

  39. Soooooo cute! I'm sure she loves it.


  40. Such a beautiful bedroom. She such a blessed little girl with such a sweet family.
    Her room is so girly but she can have this room til college. Her bed is fabulous.
    Hugs, Ginger

  41. What a cute bedroom. Love the frenchy decor.


  42. HI Diana! Oh, what a wonderful room for Lulu! I'm sure she is loving it! What a great job and love your little glass you painted for her.
    Thank you so much for the tip about the Pfaltzcraft site. I'll check it out!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. Oh, how gorgeous. She must have loved her new room! Only four months till christmas!!! thankyou for the reminder! I am looking forwardto it this year, i know it will be lovely and warm by then and I know for sure that I am not going to be working christmas eve and boxing day like last year. It was awful and i swore never again!!! Thankyou for showing us Lulus room! have a wonderful day diana!xxxx

  44. Such an adorable bedroom! Just what a little gal would love, and that bed, ohmygosh, totally wonderful!!!

  45. I love her bedroom....what a sweet surprise for a sweet girl! Thanks for the crick in my neck too. :)
    Oh, and you have a lot of nerve mentioning Christmas!!!! Yikes.

  46. Lulu is one blessed little girl...a fun birthday party & a bedroom makeover..WOW! What little girl wouldn't love a bedroom like this ... it's perfect in EVERY way!

  47. what a very lucky little girl to have so many creative women around her. Love the name sign, so clever using the Eiffel tower as the A in her name! kathysue

  48. Lovable Little Lulu...what a sweet birthday girl! And, what a perfect bedroom for sweet dreams...Maybe, spoken in French??
    How clever to see her name spelled with a capital A using the Eiffel Tower!
    Thank you for sharing this special day, Diana.
    Mon Ami, (With God my friend)
    Carolynn xo

  49. Wow, what a great birthday she had. Now how will they top that one next year? :)

  50. what a sweet, charming room for lulu! i'll bet she keeps that design for quite away:)

  51. I love her bed and that corner where the chandeliers are! Beautiful room!


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