Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alphabet Laughs-G Is For Giveaway Day Four

Back again, are you?
Is it the lure of the 
or my 
sparkling personality?
Yeah..yeah...I know...
it's the 

So, what's up for Day Four?
A Cup!
Not this is not just 
This is for those that love
Ha!  I KNOW there are a lot
of you out there that
Here she is!
She comes in this box.
Not such a hot photo, huh?
Quit complaining-do you want
the prize, or not?
Here's the cup itself
She is big-I think 16 ounces..
and she has an open/shut top.
It will look very cute on
your work table...or your desk..
or in your car.
So, today you must jump through 
some hoops.
First, you must stand up and shout
"I love Nana Diana".
Then, you must tell me your 
deepest, darkest secret...
which I will never repeat
(until I get the chance)
Oh- wait-
You must be a follower...
Just leave me a comment.
That's it...
That's all...
No FB- No Twitter-
No Tweeting-No Snickering-
Wait...that's not one of them...
anyhow- Leave a comment
and you are
Good To Go!

Happy Birthday Today
to our
Little Lulu.
She is TEN today.
I'll do a whole
birthday post later
this week.
Say a prayer that she
feels better for her big day!
I love you, Little Lulu!!!!!
your photo name


  1. Wishing Lulu a very Happy Tenth Birthday. I hope she is feeling much better now.

  2. Happy Birthday Lulu!! I would like to be included in your giveaway if you don't mind posting to the Uk? If not best wishes to whoever wins! Joan

  3. What a coincidence, I was just standing here shouting "I love Nana Diana, I love Nana Diana" and your post appeared in my Reader. Talk about Freaky!
    Happy Birthday to Little Lulu. Here's to an awesome day!

  4. Happy birthday to LuLu. I hope it is a fun filled day.


  5. Sending good thoughts for LuLu - hope she feels great for her big day.

  6. Big birthday wishes to LuLu!

    Me & chocolate go hand in hand indeed. I do hope Jetti will enjoy her cross stitch. She has great plans for it.

    Thanks for the support my dear

    with love,

    Cotton Peony

  7. Sweet Giveaway Diana but mostly I want to say Happy Birthday to Lulu and hoping she is feeling better and gets to celebrate in a big way. :)

  8. Hi Diana, I enjoyed your post this morning. It started my day with a chuckle. Happy Birthday to Lulu. I hope she is feeling better. Sinus infections sure aren't fun and that is what I got. Hugs and Prayers coming your way from your Missouri Friend.

  9. Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Girl this morning! Hope she is feeling better today.
    Hugs to Nana, and we do love you, you know.

  10. happy birthday to your grandaughter! know Italians don't have has been replaced by coffee! lol

  11. Happy Birthday to Lulu! I do pray she is feeling better. Love the coffee cup!

  12. I only come here for your sparkling personality....and to wish LuLu a happy birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday to your Grandaughter, today is one of my cousins bdays. August is a busy month for bdays in our family!

  14. Happy Birthday Beautiful, Sweet, Adorable LuLu! I hope you feel much better and have a great day!!!!! And I'm still praying!
    And I love the chocolate cup! Chocolate makes my clothes shrink, too, so I can totally relate to that! Enter me in that drawing!

  15. Happy bday little lu lu! do hope she is feeling better!!! course, i only came for the giveaway - never your personality!!! (kidding!!) Laura xx

  16. Happy 10th birthday, Lulu and prayers that you feel better soon.

    The cup is fantastic. I'd love to have it full of mocha frappe!

  17. Happy Birthday, Lulu, and I hope that you are feeling so much better today!
    Sign me up for that cup, and I ain't telling you nothing that dark and deep. I may look dumb, but I'm really not!

  18. My deep dark secret is that I absolutely positively love chocolate - the darker the better for me and your blog is one of my top three that I read every day.

  19. Definitely a Happy Birthday wish to Lulu!! What a special day!

    I must honestly say, Diana, that your personality is what definitely keeps me coming back to your blog! And - that's the truth!:)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    xo Nellie

  20. Happy Birthday to Lulu!

    And...I love nanaDiana!

  21. Happy Birthday Lulu! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy your special day!
    The cup is cute! That is what happened to ALL my clothes! For some reason Chocolate put a spell on all my clothes and they shrunk! That is my story and I am sticking to it. I didn't get way, nuh ha, didn't happen..

  22. Oh, you make me laugh. How refreshing to see a giveaway without all the hoops to jump through! The cup is so neat, I am always looking for something to use in my car and then the kids steal it!

    Happy Birthday to Lulu...what a doll!


  23. Happy Birthtday to Lulu. I am not proud. I will take the cup. Or any other giveaway.

  24. Hi Nana ~waving at the screen~

    Happy! Happy! Birthday Lulu!

    ~humming a snappy little birthday tune just for you~

  25. happy birthday, lulu--hope you are feeling better:)

  26. Happy birthday Lulu...what a sweet peach of a girl you are. Be well sweet girl:)
    I really really really want to win this cup...
    But most of all I want to say good morning, I like this Alphabet posting you are doin. Have a, hugs, Mary

  27. Happy Birthday to LULU...our grandson is 10 this week!
    You crack me up with your cross-outs...

  28. Happy Birthday sweet Lulu, it must be a lot of fun having a grammy like yours!!

  29. This is Diana popping in to say "Hi, Diana!" Happy birthday to Lulu.

  30. Happy Birthday! Feel better, Lulu.
    That's a great cup. :)

  31. Hi my fun friend, Happy Birthday to Lulu; praying she feels better tonight. You girl are just a hoot and I always smile and giggle here. Love the cup, let's see I am sitting and shouting "I love Nana Diana". Don't have any deep dark secrets except that it seems our new little grandson might be born way early. I hope he waits at least two more weeks.
    Hugs, Noreen

  32. Happy birthday to Lulu. Hope she feels better. And I truly just dropped by, but now I see you're having a Giveaway! Count me in (please). :-)

  33. I hope sweet LuLu is WELL for her birthday.
    "Get well and have a happy birthday, Lulu"!

    Gimeeeee! Gimeeeeeee! Gimeeeeeeee!
    that fancy cup!! Please.

  34. I hope your sweet granddaughter is feeling better, Diana! Love the cup...I never realized it's been the chocolate all this time lol...

  35. A little late wishing Lulu a very Happy Birthday. Internet issues yesterday. Off/On ~ Off/On ~ it was driving me crazy. '-)
    Can't wait to see the party celebration. ~ Sarah

  36. Lulu is such a cutie! Happy Birthday to her & best wishes for feeling better!

    Oh, please, no "squirrel soup!"

  37. I'm late AGAIN!~
    Hope Lulu had a wonderful birthday and was feeling good!
    I'm here for your sparkling personality...Really!!

  38. I am sure it is too late to enter this delightful giveaway, but I am still posting cuz it is DARLING!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Lulu! I have a slew of belated birthday cards for a reason - I am late...a lot!

  39. I am always a day late and a dollar short.

    Happy Belated Birthday sweet Lulu. I hope you are feeling better sweetie. I am praying for you.

    Now back to you, what's er name? Oh yeh, Diana, I love this, are you never gonna run out of prizes. I sure hope not.
    Yesterday was helping Bob buy groceries. He can no longer make the trek alone. The neuropothy is getting much worse and he still says he had "major surgery". teeth pulled for goodness sakes. Anywho, here I am for the giveaway. LOL!
    I sincerely hope that Lulu is doing better. Hugs, Ginger

  40. That cup is great. I have that saying in my laundry room. It's the best.

  41. I am a day late but happy birthday to dear Miss Lulu. I hope she is feeling much better and had a special day.


  42. Oh I'm here for the sparkle, winning the giveaway would just be a little pixie dust thrown in!

  43. Here's #4. I drink one huge cup of coffee every morning so this mug would be perfect. Happy Birthday, belated, to Miss Lulu.

  44. I am blog clueless and have no idea how to cross out words here! LOL! Always love visiting you.


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