Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alphabet Laughs- P Is For Places And Pickles

I try to meet my daughter, Mimi,
and her two little guys,
BigBoyE & CharlesInCharge,
for lunch in Sheboygan  every
so often.
This time we met at a great 
place on the waterfront
with a fantastic view of the
channel into Sheboygan.
The place we meet is usually
Brisco County Grill.
They are kid friendly and it is
reasonably priced.

Someone was good natured today...
and hungry...
And our BigBoyE was as busy
as usual.
As you can see he is already a 
He was quite excited to see one of these...
Listen to 
he thought the pickle was.
This little video is
Click on it and
WATCH how animated
he gets  over a PICKLE.

And has THIS QUESTION been
burning in your mind?
The End Of Silliness?
Probably not anytime soon....
at least on MY blog!
your photo name


  1. What fun to share lunch (and a pickle) with those sweeties!

  2. Diana, Those boys are growing !! the baby has changed. So nice to be able to be with our children, just for a visit and lunch.:):) I love all of my girls. I like to be with them sometimes one on one. Enjoy your babies, even the grown ones. :):) Smiles, Susie

  3. I'm guessing it was a BIG pickle,
    He has really grown, and so had Charles in Charge, who is so cute.

  4. Craziness runs in your family... too cute!

  5. We live in veggie land here! I think 6 seconds long is pretty long!

  6. I think all boys claim to have humongous pickles!!

  7. What we do without your humor?
    Charles in Charge has gotten so big. Tell him to slow down.
    Love the humongous pickle video.

  8. Charles in Charge is growing! I can't believe he is sitting in a high chair and being such a big boy already.
    And the pickle video is really cute. It sounds like Big Boy E has quite a vocabulary!

  9. I'm sure it's never a dull day being with your adorable grand kids!

  10. Oh my goodness, Sheboygan! My husband loves to go to Sheboygan. We never get to eat anywhere cute like that though. We have to go to the Charcoal Inn on S. 8th St. I have to admit, their bratwurst are really good, but the ambiance is strictly diner.

  11. That is so "humongously" cute!

  12. Hi, It wouldn't be your blog and uniquely you if there wasn't silliness. Love it girl.
    Have a great day!

  13. Cute blog, Diana! I am so over Isaac..... hope to be back "home" today. xo

  14. How fun,Diana! Wish everyone could get so easily excited! You are so lucky to be able to spend time with your grandkids! Oh, and I guess people on the wrong side of Lake Michigan only WISH that they had a town called Cheboygan (and they can't spell, either!), tee, hee!

  15. You have the cutest grandchildren (next to mine). Isn't it fun to get together and see how in such a short time they can change?

  16. I LOVE those pics of the grandkids and the video is so cute.

  17. I love it! Our Kate gets excited over pickles too. What a fantastic place to get to meet with your loved ones. You are blessed! Those boys are cuuuuttteee!
    Okay, now I am singing Veggie Tales! ;-)

  18. What a great outing! The boys look so cute!!! So nice that you get to do this with your daughter!

  19. Hubby here is called 'Pickles' in lieu of Grandpa or Grandfather so he's given 'pickle' gifts like teeshirts or a yodeling pickle which by the by is very ah.. annoying.

    But I love me some garlic pickles.. deep fried!


    with love,
    Cotton Peony

  20. Is there another SweetCheeks waiting in the wings - or does he watch her closely?:)

    Your "silliness" makes me smile, Diana. I hope it never leaves!

    xo Nellie

  21. Silly and sassy, that's what your blog is and why I love it so much! Guess what? I love pickles as much as your big boy does and I get just that excited when they give me a big one. Cute video, I must figure out how to do that.

  22. He's SUCH a pickle! TOTALLY LOVE IT!


  23. I think it sounds like you had a great time!! And that pickle looks "humongous" too me!!
    We LOVED the veggie tales!!
    "oh where is my hairbrush? oh where is my hairbrush? oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where......
    is my hairbrush.

  24. How nice to get together and have fun with your daughter and grandbabies. I cant think of anything Id rather do more!
    Have a great weekend!

  25. And your silliness is what makes your blog so charming and enjoyable! That place looks fantastic!

  26. How wonderful to meet with your daughter and her adorable boys from time to time for lunch, nothing better than this, lovely lady. What a fantastic place to be at too, I'm sure the boys enjoyed it, and you make me smile, always, with your happy posts, hon. Have a terrific weekend!

  27. You have the prettiest places to go to close by... I would love having lunch at the waterside... please don't ever stop being silly!... I love your blog and you, xoxo Julie Marie

  28. Adorable, a boy after my own heart...I loves a good pickle!!


  29. So funny that your grandson is so animated!! That is the wonderful thing about grandchildren! Yours are beautiful! Our little 2 year old grand daughter loves Veggie tales -- we have watched them all I think!!

    That looks like a beautiful place to have lunch or dinner -- I love being near the water. Sigh--- Id like to be there right now!

    SOOOO happy to meet you!


  30. Oh, for Pete's sake, how did I miss this one??? Love that little guy. Must have been a really big pickle! LOL- Boy, he's not a baby anymore, is he? Growing so fast and Charles is sitting up all by himself. When did that happen?

  31. So very very precious! My mother in law is always sad when we leave as well.


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